Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It is hot here today.  Possible showers too, smells like it.  I don't mind the rain if it brings down the humidity.  Pain level is very high right now.  I have two students later today, so I am excited about that.  I need to get some new songs for Charlie, Frank usually brings new music to his lesson so I don't really worry about him and music.  I loved the music in Harry Potter number 6, so I am going to get that book soon.  Probably next month when my disability check comes in.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with my stomach doctor.  However, I haven't figured out how to pay for the appointment, we are short on cash this month.  I didn't know we would be so short so fast.  I thought I kept better track, but apparently I didn't.  I did make a teaching deposit, so that will help.  Next week I will have one less student, he will be on vacation.  I hope he has a great trip.  He and his wife are the nicest people ever.  One of my girls changed her day next week only so she wouldn't miss a lesson, I'd rather make up a lesson than miss one!  Also, I had a new call for 2, yes, 2 new lessons!  So things are looking up.  I am just still nervous.  I hope it passes soon.

I hope your having a better day than me!!  Have a great afternoon.

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