Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not much happening here today.  I went to pick up my new prescription for coumiden (spelling?) and because I actually missed my last blood test (accidentally slept in!) I got it today.  Right away too.  I figured I would need to go back later this week, so it was a nice surprise.  The receptionist said if I still am short on my medicine to call the office and I probably can get some from there.  The doctor is not happy that I may have 2 weeks of no blood thinner, not with my blood disorder!  Nice to know that they may be able to help.  I am almost completely caught up on my car payments!  Yeah, finally.  When I get the rest of my back disability, I should be able to catch up completely and get caught up on the house.  I still am afraid we may lose the house some time this year, but so far we are okay.  We are doing much better at eating at home and not out so much.  I am not really interested in going out to eat right now.  So it is a good place to be.

After Mom is done eating we are going out for a scooter, it is so beautiful out.  Not to hot or cold.  It will be colder this weekend, but I don't mind.  I ache less around 65 to 80 degrees, anything above or below causes much more pain.  I hope this finds you doing well and planning to go see Harry Potter, definitely the movie to see this summer!

Have a great night!

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