Friday, July 3, 2009

I went to the Muglia's for sewing today.  The three oldest (there are eight total!) Lydia, Natalie, and Hannah are learning how to sew.  They picked out skirt patterns for the first outfit.  We all learned a new lesson, READ the pattern to see how many you need to cut out.  I don't know how I missed this last week, but I blew it.  Fortunately, we still had enough material to cut the needed material!  Today, we pinned and basted.  Natalie and Hannah got to sew with the machine their 2 basic seams.  Lydia had six panels to pin and baste, so we ran out of time.  I love going there to sew and to teach.  They  (and their brother Peter) are so eager to learn.  How exciting!  I love it when students want to learn.  Apparently the girls have to be told to STOP practicing!  How refreshing!  

On another happy note, Stargate Atlantis season 5 (the final season) is out on DVD and apparently Murder She Wrote season 10 is out also!  Yeah!  I love these shows.  All mom's fault of course as she got me into both.  It is nice to be able to watch shows that she loves too.  She started off having a bad morning, but once we got to Muglia's she perked up and since then, has had a good day.  Thank God for that!!  It breaks my heart when she is having a rough day.  There isn't anything I can do about, and that makes me feel worse.  Soon I will need help with her, but I am able to help her now.  Truth be told, I need her as much as she needs me.  I have a hard time dressing myself these days due to pain.  I can't put my own socks on and she also helps me with my pants.  I can put those on, but she likes to help, so I let her.  The socks are beyond me though.

Have a happy pre-4th of July!  Embrace your freedoms!  We are so blessed to live in this greatest country in the world!

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