Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We saw harry potter number 6 today.  Good movie.  I will probably see it again (dragging Mom of course, like she'd really mind!)  I saw some pictures of the first movies, and boy do they look so young!  I feel rather old now.  Must keep reminding myself I am only 41.  In the middle of the movie, of course my arm started hurting really bad.  Mom got a cramp in her leg during the movie too.  Naturally, we couldn't movie because we were in the middle of the top row.  Poor mom.  I felt so bad, but she didn't want to leave either.  It finally went away near the end.  The movie stayed a little closer to the movie than the last few.  They did add a couple of scenes that weren't in the book.  You would think that movie makers would realize why the books are so popular and stay closer to them, but no, they want to make their mark.

It is going to rain again and cool down.  I am glad that it has been much cooler than usual.  Hot weather (and cold) make me ache so much more than what we have been having.

Have a great night!

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