Monday, July 23, 2012

an interesting day - 7-23

Well, I woke up today and came downstairs as usual.  I sat down at the dining room table and look up to the window.  Well, wow, I thought at first it was a bug.  A really, really, really big bug.  Then I looked again and realized it was a bat!  Yes, a bat!  I freaked, quietly though because I didn't want to wake the little thing and have it fly around the house.  I called my neighbors and asked what to do.  They were at the dentist so I wouldn't see them for a while.  Then I posted a post about the bat hanging in my dining room on face book.  I called the non-emergency number of the police to find out what to do.  They gave me animal control's number.  I called them and they sent someone to come and take care of the little bat.  It was only about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.  This is the second time in my life a bat has been in the house.  I think it came in the house on Friday night when we were moving tables out of the house for the party on Saturday in the neighborhood.  It completely freaked me out.  The last time we had a bat, Momma as here so she helped me corral the bat to the door.  This time, I was all by myself.  Well, the bat is gone and with animal control, thank goodness for that!!!

Other than that, it has been a quiet day.  I had a few lessons and that is about it.  I am rather tired today or at least I am right now.  I will probably head for bed early since I have occupational therapy tomorrow morning.  Heather B-T will pick me up about 11:15 am for it.  I think Bill's car will be fixed tomorrow.  We are all hoping so that is for sure.  I am sure he would like his car back.

I go see Dr. Aloot on Wednesday next week.  I have the x-rays done so that is good and she should have the results either today or tomorrow.  It will be just in time for the Doctor appointment.

This, I think, is my last week of occupational therapy.  I do like this therapist better than the physical therapist.  He was okay but he didn't stay with me while I did my exercises like all the other therapists do.  That kind of bothered me.  He would go and stand at a table looking at paper work while I had to wait for him to realize I was done.  He also didn't have me try a tens unit which was something my doctor wanted me to try so I still don't know if a unit would help with the pain or not.  Although I am not in as much pain as I used to be since I do my exercises so the physical therapy did help, which I am thankful for.  I am hopeful that the occupational therapy will be as helpful.  So far, it is.  I do have to get a reacher though.  I haven't done it yet.  I will in the next couple of weeks.  I don't usually go to target and that is where they have them.

I am going to read for a while before bed.

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