Saturday, July 28, 2012

Movie Day 7-28

I took the girls, Sarah, Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie to see Brave this afternoon.  We had such a good time.  After the movie we went to get the girls ice cream.  I brought my drink in because I didn't want any ice cream.  I really liked the movie although it was different than I expected.  It had such good music too.  I really must get the piano music for my students.  I can't seem to find it at pepper's music.  I will have to call and see if it available.  The music was just so awesome!

I am watching this show on National Geographic channel.  It is interesting.  This couple was accused of   passing false papers and human trafficking.  They weren't, they were foster parents of a young baby.  I missed the first 15 or so minutes so I am not sure what started all of this.  I can't even imagine spending over 2 years in an Egyptian prison.  I hope to never find out what it is like in ANY countries' (including ours) prison.

The Olympics have started.  I went over to Kelly Lynn's house to watch the movie Tangled, but we ended up watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  It was very fun.  We are going to watch the movie another time.

I have a bad headache tonight.  I am hoping it will go away in time for church tomorrow.  I have missed 4 weeks in a row because of bad headaches.  I do hope to attend tomorrow.  I can take a wee nap after church so that will be good.  I do have 2 lessons tomorrow.  I have Rick's voice lesson and Minh's piano lesson.  I am glad I have them because they will give me something to do tomorrow.  Sundays can be very quiet without lessons so I am glad that I am doing some teaching.

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  1. Hi Heather, glad you enjoyed the movie and spent time with your girls! How fun! Thank you for always stopping by when I post on my blog, I am really going to try to do some posting on a regular basis, its been a rough year but every day I try..You and I wake up every day and we try don't we??
    Thank you for the sweet comments on Gracie and Jack..they are indeed the light of our lives..we never thought we would be blessed with grandbabies as the boys got older and older, then wham! All at once..the hardest part is living so far, but I am pretty confident that at this point Gracie is remembering us and hopfully building memories with us..
    hugs and love,