Monday, July 2, 2012

physical therapy day 7-2

Next week will be my last week at physical therapy.  I thought it was today, but I have two visits left.  I found that out this afternoon.  I start occupational therapy tomorrow.  I am not sure what that is going to entail so I will find out tomorrow.  I am not sure what other days I will be going to occupational therapy.  I have it for one week, 3 times a week and with this week being a holiday in the middle of it, I am not sure what that is going to mean.

I saw my girls this morning.  They are doing really well.  Sarah is learning about sharps this week.  We did some of her theory book and note speller book together.  She was a bit confused about her assignment so we finished the assignment together.  Natalie and Hannah are both working on a Clementi Sonatina.  Hannah is also working on Knight Rupert by Schumann and Natalie has a song by Chopin.  For some reason, the name of the song escapes me tonight.  Lydia is also playing a different sonatina by Clementi.  She is playing another piece too besides another Harry Potter song.  All three of the older girls picked their summer concert songs.  Sarah will pick next month so I am not worried about it.  Hannah picked a Tangled song while Natalie picked a Lord of the Rings song.  It is one of my favorite from Lord of the Rings movies.  The girls are currently borrowing my Lord of the Rings movies extended versions.  They are in the middle of Two Towers.  I told them they really need to watch some of the extras on it especially the commentary.  The cast commentary of Fellowship of the Ring is just simply awesome!  I get a good giggle every time I hear it.  I hadn't heard it in years until just recently.  It was really interesting to hear how they created some of the scenes.  I find that stuff interesting.  Not interesting enough to be a part of the entertainment industry, but interesting in general.

I didn't have any other lessons for the day.  Selma is on vacation this week so no Selma tonight.  I do have 3 lessons tomorrow so that is good.  I also think I have 3 on the 4th.  I believe my little ones are coming for their lessons on Wednesday.  Antoinette is having hers on Tuesday instead.  David is absent too.

I finished the 50 shades of grey books.  I am not sure exactly what I think about them outside of the main characters remind me of Bella and Edward in the Twilight books.  He has the same colored hair, same type hair style and is a control freak.  She has long dark hair like Bella and doesn't argue too much about the control freakiness.  It just has a lot of the same feel of the twilight books only it is for adults and has very much adult themes.  I am reading Harry Potter number 6 right now again.  I had put it down to read the 50 shades books.  I just needed to read something different that is all.

I am going to read for a while then head to bed.  I have to be up a bit earlier for occupational therapy.

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