Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday 7-8

It has been a good weekend.  Yesterday, I didn't have any lessons and I had no plans for the day.  In the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from my uncle asking if I would be home later.  They wanted to come and visit and pick up their packages that had come for them.  My aunt, uncle, cousin, and I had a very nice visit.  We caught up on what was going on.  Then we went to Target to get some shorts for Jayson, my cousin.  My aunt and uncle took me to dinner too so that was really good.  We went to Olive Garden.  I got my usual soup and salad, keeping up with the healthy eating I have been working on.  I did take a bit of my Aunt Michelle's stuffed chicken.  It was rather good.  I may try it in the future.  We'll see.  I do love Olive Garden though.  It is one of my favorite restaurants.  I am really glad they came over.

I had 2 lessons today, a voice lesson and a piano lesson.  I missed church this morning because I wasn't feeling too well at 6:30 this morning.  When I got up later, I was feeling much better.  Tomorrow I have about 4 lessons.  I have Isaac earlier than usual because it is summer.  So far this summer I have not had anyone quit for the summer.  That is a rare thing, but I am very thankful for it.  The students do take time off for when they are on vacation, but that is only for a week or two.  I am just glad my students are having lessons during the summer.

I bought the series of Missing.  They are supposedly only doing 1 season although the way they ended it, they could do a second season.  I wouldn't mind.  It was so awesome, well, the few episodes I saw.  I like Ashley Judd.  She is a good actress.  I have seen her in a few films.

Right now there is a Law and Order SVU marathon on the USA channel.  Army Wives comes on next.  I like that show too.  With Mom in the air force and then the army, I grew up in a Military family.  My dad was also in the army.  I remember going to events and parades with my parents, and then just with mom.  Sometimes, we three (Richard, Andrew, and I) had to wait for a long time outside of the officers mess.  We usually didn't have toys with us to play with on these days.  Mom would talk to everyone for so long.  It seem like forever to us while we waited.  I will admit, I hated waiting for her.  It was so boring waiting while she would have something to drink and talk.  I was relieved when I was finally old enough to stay home and not go.

We finally have cooler weather today.  Thank goodness!  The highest temperature was only 82 degrees today.  Now it is about 75 degrees.  It is a nice break from the 98 to 101 degrees we had ALL last week.  It is supposed to only be in the 80s this week.  I am so glad for the break as, like so many of us, I ache more in the extremes in temperature.  It doesn't seem to matter if it is extreme heat or extreme cold, I just ache.  I also had 3 days of a bad headache because of the heat.  I am glad that it too, is back to the normal, everyday headache.  I finally am going to see the new neurologist next Tuesday.  I have filled out much of the information I have to but I do have finish the rest of it.  I also have the paperwork for the occupational therapist.  I have Physical Therapy tomorrow.  This is the last week.  Wednesday, I will be finished with it.  I do have to change my day for Occupational Therapy because it will conflict with the doctor's appointment.  I also have to get X-rays on my hands next week sometime.  I need to get this done before August 1 when I have another appointment with my arthritis doctor.  I also have to do another test for the Gastro doctor this week too.  I should have done them last week, but I forgot.  I didn't write it down in my planner so I have it listed on my things to do this week.

I am reading a good book right now called "Home Again".  It is by Kristin Hannah.  I love her books so much.  So far, my absolute favorite Kristin Hannah book is "Magic Hour".  It is just such a good book.  I love reading.  I read something everyday.

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  1. Ugh, all the medical appointments must be getting you down. Hope they go well :)