Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Occupational Therapy Day 7-10

I had occupational therapy this morning.  I was not as tired today as I was yesterday so I was able to do everything that I needed to do.  One of the things I did was a dry heat machine for my hands.  Inside the machine was chopped up corn husks and hot air.  I did one hand at a time.  Then I had a hand massage on each hand.  There were a couple of other exercises I did too.  All in all, it was interesting.

Tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy.  I have the exercises I need to do here at home so I can continue them.  Some of them are easy and some are hard so a few I am supposed to do every other day and the rest every day.  I do need to buy a band for some of the exercises.  I will get it tomorrow after therapy.

It is dance moms night and Rizzoli and Isles too.  I watching the 10 worst to best dances of both seasons.  It is sure entertaining!

Next weekend is our subdivision's block party.  I have to get the tables ready for the party on the weekend.  As long as I have lived here, I have never attended the block party.  I am going this year.  I will scooter myself down to the block to attend for the first time.  I know some of my neighbors now so that is why I am going.  I don't plan on staying too long but I do plan on attending.

This Saturday after teaching I am going to get my x-rays for Dr. A.  She is my arthritis doctor.  She is the one who sent me to both Physical and Occupational Therapy.  I would say that the Physical Therapy has helped with the pain level.  I can roll over better at night and it doesn't hurt as much.  I do hope that by the time I am done with Occupational Therapy that I can wash and dry my own hair instead of always having to go and get it done.  I want to be more independent with these type things.  I have learned to be more independent this last couple of years since I had to take care of my mother.  I had to relearn how do to some things since she couldn't help me anymore and well, now she is in Heaven so I don't have a helper anymore.  I have been able to adjust the way I do certain stuff now.  I am able to some things I never thought I would ever do on my own but I can.  That is why being able to do my own hair is important to me.  I know it is such a small thing, but when you can't even wash your own hair and dry it, it is hard.  I want to do this myself and not depend on the ladies at the salon.  I also want to be able to braid my hair.  I have nice and long hair.  It is just below the middle of my back now.  I am growing it out so it will eventually be to my waist.  That is my goal, to have hair that long again.  I figure by next summer it will be the length I want.  I am debating on what to do with the bangs.  I will keep them for now.  Maybe I will grow them out later.

I am hoping this weekend to see the movie Brave.  It looks so good.  I have two lessons on Saturday afternoon and then the x-rays so maybe after all that I can go and see the movie.  I finally got the movie Mirror Mirror and the series Missing with Ashley Judd.  I have only seen a couple episodes but it looks really good.  I love the ending.  It was such a good one.  I wish they would run it again for another season though.  That would be cool.  I don't know if they will or not because the network did say it was for one season only although the way they left the ending means there could be another season.

Well, time to read a bit before bed tonight.  I need to read something new.  I think I will go to the used bookstore tomorrow and see what they have I haven't read yet.  The downfall of reading really fast, you finish books fast and need more to read sooner.  Sometimes, I wish I read slower.

We have had a break in the super high temps today.  It was only 82 degrees.  I can't believe I said only but compared to 101 degrees, 82 is a nicer temperature.  It is supposed to get warmer as the week goes by.  I think we hit 90 again on Sunday.  Ugh, that is just really hot and the humidity is supposed to be high at the end of the week too.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that pt/ot is helping. That hand thing with the massage sounds sooo good. Maybe I need one of those for my whole body! take care, I've been having trouble commenting lately so I hope you get this one..;j

  2. I can't wait to see Brave! Kelly MacDonald is one of my favourite actresses, and it looks hilarious! Can't wait :)