Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A better Wednesday this week than last! 9-26

This Wednesday was definitely better than last week when I was rather ill.  Thank goodness I feel almost back to my normal.  My nose is doing better and the chapping is getting healed so I don't look so scary or at least I think I don't look so scary to me.

I had a few lessons this evening.  I also met my new student, Sarah (age 9).  She is a very sweet young lady that I really like.  She seems very sweet.  Sarah hasn't had a lesson for about a year so we will need to review a few things for her.  I think we can work well together.  Oh, and like me, she loves Christmas music!  I am very excited about that since it is almost time to start working on the music for the concert.

Rahul and Sammy had their lessons.  Rahul is a bundle of extreme energy.  Trying to get him to focus on his music instead of what is on the other piano is very difficult at times.  Sam is starting to remember his notes better.  It is hard with the two boys because they don't practice at all so we do review notes and things a lot.  They are so cute though.

I called my neurologist's office yesterday, I think and they called me back today.  I was expecting it tomorrow, but it came today.  I am to double the amount of the nighttime medicine starting tonight.  I am really hoping this works because I am tired of bad headaches and everyday headaches.  The everyday ones aren't as bad as the others because I am used to the everyday headaches.

I am a bit more tired tonight than usual.  I think it is because I am just getting over a cold.  I am so glad that is almost gone.  I think by the weekend, I will be just fine.

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