Tuesday, September 11, 2012

another tuesday

It has been a quiet day.  I had a few lessons and I had a bad headache this morning.  I woke up at about 6 and went to take some medicine for it.  I still had it when I woke up later that morning.  I had to take medicine again.  Finally, by the time I had to teach, it was back to the normal everyday headache.  I had a new student for piano this afternoon.  She did very well for the first lesson.  Dan was excited to get the CD for the music computer game.  He is borrowing it this week so he can play it this week.  I think he will like it a lot or least it seemed that way this afternoon when I showed him which games I wanted him to play.

I saw the trailer for the Les Miserables movie.  Oh my, I cannot wait to see this movie.  I really can't.  I have seen the musical on stage 5 times.  The last time I saw it we had 5 row center seats.  Oh my, it was so amazingly beautiful.  I had gotten group tickets for my students and their families to go.  It has been several years since I have seen it.  I think it is my absolute favorite musical ever.  My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast but this is my favorite live musical so I am so excited about the movie.  Not to mention, one of my favorite actresses is in it, Anne Hathaway.  I have seen several movies with her in it and I have liked them all.  She is so good.  I also have heard her sing in another movie and she sings beautifully.  She is also an awesome dancer too.  I am glad that the movie people pick actors that actually can sing instead of just for acting as the entire play is sung, not one spoken word unlike Phantom that has both singing and spoken parts.  Allison loves this musical too.  I loaned her the 25th anniversary DVD and she loved.  She is also working on "On My Own" from the play.  She is doing well with it and I can tell she really loves the song.

Tomorrow, my friend, Julie will be here to help me figure out my budget.  I am so lost with it right now.  I know that I am missing bills that need to be added.  She is very good with numbers, so I know she will be a big help.  I am anxious about this though.  I just don't know why either.  I had a rough summer money wise so that must be why I am so anxious.  Julie will help though.  She is very good at this so I am looking forward to having a strong plan.

I am getting tired now so it is time for bed.  No reading tonight for me unless I wake up super early (like it often happens) and then go back to bed.

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