Wednesday, September 5, 2012

midweek 9-5

The bad headache is gone still today.  That is a really good thing.  I still have the everyday normal headache.  I am looking forward to not having a headache at all.  I hope someday to have that happen.

I had several lesson this afternoon and evening so I am a bit tired tonight.  Tomorrow Tillie will be here rather early in the morning so I have to go to bed early.  I can go back to sleep for a nap after they leave since they will not be here very long.  They are just picking up something from here.  I will see them again on Sunday for the birthday BBQ at Tillie's.  It should be fun.  My aunt and uncle will be there too so that is good.  I love visiting with them too.  Andrew isn't sure whether or not he will be able to be there.  I do hope so though.  I have some paperwork for him to sign.

So far, all my students who have started school this week like it.  Mind you, most of them are small, only 1 teenager so far and she liked that she saw her friends.

I have decided that I will be giving up pop by the end of the month.  It is time to do this.  I like diet pop or regular pop.  The regular pop upsets my stomach but the diet stuff is so bad for you so I am giving it up.  I haven't lost as much weight as I had hope at this time, but I am eating much healthier and I am continuing to work on eating healthy.  I like that I am eating healthier because I feel better about myself.  I do, very occasionally, have a treat.  I don't feel bad about that because I do eat healthy everyday.  I hope that by next summer to be 1/2 my size.  I think I can do this.  I am working very hard at it.

Well, I am going to read for a bit before heading to bed.  I sure hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night when I fell asleep at about 4:30 in the morning.  I just couldn't sleep and my tummy was upset a lot last night.  So, not a great night but I am not super tired like I expected to be.

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