Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midweek 9-19

I ended up canceling lessons today because I just don't feel so well.  I think I will be okay by tomorrow because I really love teaching and I don't like it when I need to cancel lessons due to illness.  I am not liking this cold at all.  It should be almost over.  I think by the end of the week I should be healthy again (well, as healthy as I get).  I pretty much slept the entire day away.  I am so tired from this cold.  I do hope that I will feel better tomorrow.  I think I will.  Usually, after sleeping a day away with a cold, the next day is better.

I am thankful that it is the fall season.  The weather is a bit cooler than it is in the summer.  It is hoodie and light jacket weather.  Saturday is the first day of fall already.  I am planning to go see "finding nemo" with the students and their families, but I am not sure who will be able to go with me.  I will find out next week when I send the flyer around.

I am working on getting out the Christmas Music so it is ready for when we start working on this music.  I also am working on Competition music for those who want to go to competition in March.  I am rather glad that it is in this area this year.  I think more students will be able to go because it is so nearby.  So far, Becca and Natalie are the only ones who are going for sure.  I am not sure who else yet.  I will start asking about November as this is when we start working on the music.  A few of the piano students will be starting Christmas Music in the beginning of October because their music is much more difficult and takes longer to work on.  I have their books already out and ready to go to their October lesson.

I think I am going to read for a bit more and then go back to bed for the 3rd time today.  Good thing I like naps.

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