Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday 9-20

Wow, what a difference a day can make.  I am definitely feeling better today after totally sleeping most of the day away yesterday.  I think I slept a total of about 20 hours between getting up at 2:30 yesterday and getting up today.  I just couldn't stay awake.  I am much better now, thankfully.

Maia and Tillie are coming over tomorrow.  Elizabeth's birthday present is in.  I will be picking up her present tomorrow.  I think I know exactly what I am going to get her.  It is hard to believe that that adorable girl is 4 today.  She started junior kindergarten last week.  I saw a picture of her on the first day of school and boy was it super cute one.

Breanna had her lesson earlier this afternoon.  She is currently an every other week student so it has been 2 weeks since her last lesson.  Breanna also plays guitar and for the Christmas Concert I want her to pick a song that she will have to play the guitar and sing to.  I really like it when she does this and so does everyone else.  I will not make the same mistake I did last year, each student can only do one solo.  Last year, I didn't realize how many new students I had and so I had each of them doing two songs each.  Well, that was a rather long concert.  I did have an intermission, but it was still way too long so we are back to only 1 solo per student.

I had a lovely Fibro Fog moment this week.  It is actually kind of funny.  On Sunday, I looked up one song in my music catalogue because I wanted Becca to sing it.  I found the book number and went to the filing cabinet to find it.  Somehow, it is missing and I can't remember the last time I actually used this book.  I was upset to find that this really cool book is missing so on Monday I call Pepper Music, which is where I get a lot of my music from.  I am on the phone asking the representative to find the book in which this song "Love Will Find Out the Way" is in.  At this point I don't even think I have the title of the book.  He can't find the song except in Broadway Books which it is not because it is a very old English Piece.  I was not a happy camper because the book has disappeared.  My little Rachel then arrives and I have to get off the phone.  The next day I sit down to call them again when it hits me, I have the name of the book!  Every song in each book is catalogued.  Well, I had to look up the name to find the number of the book.  All I had to do was put the book number in find and the name of the book pops up!!!!!  Talk about fog!!!!  I had the name of the book the whole time I was talking to the man from Pepper Music.  Can you imagine?  All I had to do was look up the song for the book number and then place the book number in the find and it would have popped out!  Well, what can I say?  Fibro Fog is such a beautiful thing and well, it gave me a good giggle when I realized what I had done.  Silly me!!!!

We celebrated little Lulu's 5th birthday today.  Her mom brought cake so we all had some.  It was a very good cake.  Lulu is in kindergarten right now and is very excited about it.  Her older sisters, Koki and Dede had their lessons tonight.  Both girls are doing very well.  They are really sweet too.  I really like them and their mom and aunt too.  Their aunt is visiting them and the girls seem to be enjoying themselves with her.

I have been on a reading frenzy with the Danielle Steel's books.  The one I just finished was an okay book.  It was called "Big Girl" and you can tell it was written by a skinny woman because not every overweight person does what the main character does with her weight.  Most of her books are really good but there are a few that are just okay.  There is only 1 that I didn't like at all but I can't remember the name of the book.  Well, time to read for a bit.

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