Thursday, June 27, 2013

A lovely day 6-27

I can see the beautiful carpet rose bush my mother planted when I graduated with my master's degree from the dining room window.  It is the one bush (besides the Japanese Maple Tree in the front yard) that will be staying in the landscape.  The others will come and go as Heather B-T pleases.  She said that that one will stay as a memory of my mother.  Not too mention it blooms every year and it is simply gorgeous.  I love roses best of all.  I love pink roses best but it is fitting that this particular plant is red as that was Momma's favorite type of roses.

I am hoping that the results of the biopsy would have been posted today but no such luck.  It is the wait and see mode.  Kathy is coming in from Kalamazoo this weekend to come with me on Monday.  I am so lucky and blessed that she is missing work to come to such an important appointment with me.  How cool is that?  Heather B-T will, of course, be there too.  I will need the support of the two of them to hear the results.  If it is not cancer, we will all sigh a sigh of relief and if it is, I will need the 3 of us to hear what to do next.  With me being partially deaf, I am nervous that I will not hear everything I need to hear when it is said.  This is too important to miss anything.  I am not nervous or worried too much because at this point it is either cancer or it isn't.  If it is, I just want to know the plan and get going on it.

Shelly had her lesson today.  She is from India and has a doctorate in Eastern Music.  She is applying for music at Oakland University.  Personally, she shouldn't have to audition, I mean she has a doctorate already but I am not in charge so we are working on preparing her.  She has a lovely voice and is such a sweet woman!  We had a brief chat about dance as she also does Eastern Dance.  I loved dance so much.  It is my dream to dance again someday.

I have been losing weight this past few months.  I am down 22 pounds since about April.  I am no longer on the Amitriptilin medicine (sorry - I can't spell it properly) for headaches so I am not gaining anymore weight.  The new medicine doesn't make you gain weight, it helps you lose weight and as I have about 165 more pounds to go, I am happy with this new trend.  It also curbs your appetite, which I find very, very useful.  I don't crave things very often so that is good.  It also is helping me with portion control, which is something I have been working on for a year now.  I am doing pretty well overall with the food cravings and portions control.  I am glad that for once, the medicine I am taking is helping me to lose weight as oppose to gaining weight, which is what Lyrica and the Amitryptilin caused me to do.  Yes, I was overweight to begin with but I gained 80 pounds on Lyrica and 20 on Amitryptilin so that is an extra 100 pounds that I really didn't need to gain.  Now, however, I am on the proper track.  The new headache medicine seems to be working better too.  My bad headaches aren't as many during the week as they were and they don't seem to last as long.  I am hoping that they will continue to improve this summer so that I can be able to go back to singing in the choir at church.  I do so miss it.

Saturday will be a tea for one of my friend's mom's birthday.  I want to get her a gift card and meet my friend for tea.  I like seeing her every few weeks.  I know that Calli and Acer really like her too.  Star is a very nice young lady.  She is 26 now and on her birthday said that I have officially have known her for 20 years now, which is true.  I met Star when she was 6 years old and was starting piano lessons.  I didn't see her during her later teen years and early 20s but we reconnected a couple of years ago.  I am so glad for face book for that because that is how I reconnected with her.  One of Natalie and Hannah Muglia's friend, Gabrielle, was friends with Star and I recognized her name so I clicked on her name and sure enough, it was the same girl!!!!!  Anyways, we are friends again and that is a good thing.

Acer and I are having tea while I am about to read "the Mouse and the Motorcycle".  It is his favorite book.

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