Saturday, June 8, 2013

a lovely June evening 6-8

Maisy was not feeling too well this morning.  She also had a bit of a mishap this evening as Heather B-T and crew were getting ready to leave.  She seems to be much better now.  Maisy has learned to get herself up onto the princess table and stare out the music room window and watch the world go by.  I simply adore that little dog.  We had a bit of a snuggle this evening.  We both needed it.  She is in the music room right now, I think.  I am going to check.  Yup, that is where she was.

Heather B-T and crew have arrived home.  Maisy is happiest when we are all home.  She is going up to  Heather B-T's room now for her nighttime snuggles.  She sleeps in Heather B-T and Bill's room.  Maisy does come into my room when Heather B-T and Bill are gone.  Then she gets helped into my bed and we snuggle.  Her favorite place to sleep in my room is directly behind knees.  I don't mind though.

I was watching more of the Rizzoli and Isles again tonight.  Calli is exercising right now before her shower.  I am almost ready to go up and read before bed.  I was so tired this afternoon that I had to take a nap after Rick's lesson.  Sometimes, I think on days that I don't have as much planned and I finish things I need to do early, I get more tired.  I wonder why?  Maybe because I don't have as much planned?  I don't know.

Tomorrow Calli and I are going to pick up a container for the Easter Decorations that are still on the piano.  I think that I also want to look at the stuff on top of the china cabinet and maybe in the display cabinet too.  I will see.

Well, time to go up for reading.  I am reading "an Amish Christmas".  I have read it before and it is really good.  I have so many books on my nook to read.

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