Sunday, June 23, 2013

One of the Best Blogs for Fibro Award!

I am so excited!  My blog has been named one of the top Fibro Blogs.  I am very excited about this.  It is such an honor.

Today is a Maisy and I day.  We are enjoying hanging out together.  Acer comes home from camp today.  I sure miss that Little Man.  Heather B-T and Bill have gone to pick him up.  It has been super quiet this week without Acer here.  I can't wait to hear how camp was.  Since no one heard from him, we are under the belief that he had a good time and was very busy.  I will find out tonight, unless they arrive too late and he has to go right to bed.

I am watching Rizzoli and Isles.  I am on Disc 3, season 2 so I will be ready for the new season.  I have seen this episode before but it is a good one and I can't remember how it ends.

This coming week is going to be an interesting one.  I have a test tomorrow that I am not sure what will happen after.  I hate being in limbo.  I just need to know so I can plan.  ugh, it is the limbo that is hard.  Well, there isn't much I can do about waiting so I guess I will just learn to be more patient.

Well, not much is going on so I don't have much to write today.  My left arm is sore today.  I am not sure why.  I hope it isn't too sore tomorrow because i will have to hold it over my head for the CT scan biopsy.  They did say they would give pain medicine so I am glad about that.  I also hope they give me some relaxation medicine too because I am really nervous since I have never been through this before.

Star will be coming over this evening for tea.  Maisy loves Star.  She is such a sweet girl.  She will be teaching dance this fall at a dance studio near her house!  I am very excited about this for her.  Star is a wonderful dancer.  I miss dance so much but trust me, I am sooooo not in shape for dance.  I have lost weight but not enough for dance yet.  I am glad that I am finally losing weight.  It is nice to have the scale is going the proper direction instead of up and up and up.  I hope that it won't take super long to lose all the weight i need to lose.  I figure about a year or so.  I don't expect that it will stop the pain or anything from Fibro completely, but I do think it will help or that is my hope.  I know that losing all the weight will not cure my fibro and anything else that is wrong with me.  But I do know that it will help with the arthritis pain and pressure.

I am waiting for Star to text so I am just going to watch an episode right now.

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  1. Congratulations! do you have a blog dedicated to the fibro? Have a nice quiet evening and catch up on your soon.