Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afternoon Tea 6-29

I went to a surprise birthday tea party this afternoon.  It was a lot of fun.  It was for my friend, Star's mom, Paula, who is also my friend.  3 of her friends were there as well as another friend of both Star and Paula.  We had many good giggles all afternoon and into the evening.  It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon/early evening.  Paula was completely surprised by this.  Star really surprised her mom with this one.  I am so glad that she did.  It really put a smile on her mother's face.  Star's grandmother passed away last month and both Star and Paula are still in the beginning steps of grieving so to have a little celebration of Paula's birthday was a good thing for Paula.  It is hard to have a birthday so close to the death of a loved one.  We both are so proud that we are Momma's girls.  Star is a momma's girl too.  Neither one of us regret any of the time we spent with our mothers, not one moment.  We also spent most of our lives living with our mothers too so both of us (and Star too) are very close to our moms.  Star is very close to Paula just like Paula was to Marion.  Marion was a wonderful woman.  She really was.  I had lost touch with the family for a few years and it was right after Momma died that I got back into touch with them.  They were very sad to hear about Momma's passing and that she had Alzheimer's.  Marion and Momma always got along so well.  I really enjoyed meeting 2 of Paula's friends who I had never met before.  Colette, Paula's best friend and Star's Godmother, I had met many years ago.  She is a beautiful woman.  Annette and Marguerite were very nice too.  Like I said, we share many a good laugh and a wonderful afternoon/evening.  Now it is nighttime and I am getting more tired.  I think it is almost time for bed.  This day was good.  Nina had her lesson and then Maisy and I ran a few errands.  I had to go to the bank, get something to eat and drink and also a gift certificate for Paula's birthday, all this through drive thrus, otherwise, I wouldn't haven't taken Maisy.  It is just too warm to leave her in the car plus I am not comfortable doing that whether or not it is too warm.  She is just too precious.  If I have to get out of the car, I won't bring her. She was not too happy with me because I wasn't bringing her until Brandon came up and played with her while I escaped.  Maisy then went happily downstairs with Brandon and spent the afternoon with him until Heather B-T and Calli came home.  She seemed happy to see me too when I came home.  She was at the groomer's yesterday and her coat is so smooth and soft now.  It was pretty soft before but now it is super duper soft.  She looks so sweet with the little red, white, and blue bow in her hair.  They took a picture of her there and Heather B-T gave it to me.  I am going to get a frame for it and put it on the piano.  I now have my own picture of Maisy.  I have some on my phone too and on my camera, but this is an official from the groomer's photo so that makes it even more special.  She also got a report card and they said Maisy did really good.  I had no doubt that she would!  She is such a good girl (okay - except when she pees or poops in the house).  She did pee in fear today but only a little bit. I cleaned it up right away.  It was because Nina's father came in to look at my schedule.  Maisy is afraid of some men.  Sad, but true.  She does love Brandon and Bill so that is good or we would have a bit of a problem in the house.

Well, I need to text a friend my contact info since she lost all contact info on her phone.  I also need to check up on my word with friends.  I haven't played all day.  I may not play tonight.  I don't know.  I will see.

2 more days until I know.  ugh, this waiting is hard!  10 am on Monday cannot come fast enough!!

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  1. a tea party? how fun, I can't remember how long since I've had a tea party, it's probably time to have one with Maude. She enjoys her tea set so maybe next time...outside!