Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Day Before! 6-30

I had Rick's lesson this afternoon.  He is taking piano now and doing very well.  He took voice for about 1 1/2 years and then decided to switch to piano.  He has 5 pieces he is working on.  I love the songs he is working on.  After his lesson Maisy and I spent some alone time together.  We had a bit of snuggle and I tried to nap because I was so tired all of a sudden but after about 15 minutes I couldn't sleep so Maisy and I came back down.

Yesterday, when I got home I commented on facebook about how wonderful the tea party was and one of my friends, Laura, wanted to know who the beautiful redhead was!  That was my friend, Star.  Well, she wants Star to be the model for her 2nd book in the trilogy.  I was very excited about that, so was Star.

Tomorrow is the appointment for the results.  I am getting a bit anxious now but not too bad.  My anxiety has been doing pretty well for the last few weeks after it being super high for no reason at the beginning of the month.  It was like, once there was a reason for higher anxiety, the anxiety went down.  I know, weird, isn't it?  My anxiety is just like that, weird.  Kathy is in town this weekend.  She is at her parents house tonight.  I will see her tomorrow.  We will have lunch after the appointment.  I know that the kids want to see her too because they have told me so.  I don't know if they will be coming to lunch or not.  I will find out tomorrow.  I am happy to see her even if it is not a good reason to see her.  I am always glad to see her even if the reason is sad or not a good reason.

The sun is so pretty today.  There is a nice breeze outside too.  Maisy and I did enjoy our time outside.  She was just groomed on Friday and I need a frame for the picture of her for my piano.  She looks so adorable in the picture.  She did really well for our drive.  She didn't try to get in my lap too much today like some days.  Some days, she wants to ONLY be in my lap and that is not good because she can't be.  It is too hot to drive if she is in my lap.  Today she was happy in the passenger seat.  I simply adore that lovely little dog.  I tell her all the time how much I love her and how sweet she is.  I also tell her she is also the cutest little girl dog ever.  I think she is aware of how much I adore her or as aware as a little dog can be.

I am watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent right now.  I have missed most of the episode but it is really just for something to watch as I type.  I tried to call Kathy but she is either on the phone or it is turned off.  It wasn't a big deal because I will see her tomorrow.  Bill is getting things ready to make dinner.  I think he may be grilling dinner but I am not sure.  I am just sitting at the table to stay out of the way.  Sometimes, it is just the best thing to do when others are busy in the kitchen.

I was watching Soldier of Fortune.  It is rated R so I watch it when the kids aren't around.  I wasn't in the mood to watch it this afternoon after about 15 minutes.  It is an action movie, but since I was watching it right before I got really tired, I had to turn it off when I went upstairs.

Well, I am going to play the words with friends for a bit.  I am now on book 3 of the O'Malley series, "The Truth Teller".  It is the book about Lisa and Quinn.  I have read them before and truly really enjoyed them so much.  The are books by Dee Henderson.  She is an excellent author.  I love all her books.  They are filled with just the amount of suspense and romance.

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