Friday, June 21, 2013


Oh my!  Is it Friday already?  This week seems to have blown on by.    I have 2 lessons tonight, Natalie and Robyn.  They are both singers.  Tomorrow is just Sally and Rick.  I have no lessons on Sunday, which is when Rick often has his lessons when he is in town.  He spends part time here and part time traveling.  He has been to so many places around the world.  He also spends a lot of time in Hawaii.  I have been to Hawaii, well, Maui anyway.  It was beautiful.  I went for a writing conference.  I went a few days early so I could see a bit of Maui.  Originally, Momma and I were planning to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii with the conference being at the end of the vacation when we had to shorten it because she was laid off her job.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to visit the other islands with her but we had been on several vacations together before that and several after.  Mom was always fun to go on vacation with.  She really was.  I loved going to new places with her but after we went to a new place and she was so upset and confused, we had to come home early.  I just couldn't have her be that upset and confused during a vacation.  That was why we went to Disney World so many times at the end of her life.  She knew that place and loved it.  Yes, she wouldn't remember that we were there, but while we were there, she would remember the place and relax and have fun.  We even belonged to the Disney Vacation club before I had to give it up because we lost the store.  That was awesome.  We went to Disney Vero Beach for New Year's Eve once too with Richard and his family.  That was a blast.  Mom and I had a lot of fun at that resort and so did Richard and family.  Abby was 5 and William was 3 when we went.  Momma and I had one room and Richard and family had another room.  They were really nice rooms.  We stayed until January 2 and then we went home.

I would like to go there again someday.

We have a big carpet rose plant in the back yard.  Maisy is flirting with Brandon right now.  It is the cutest and sweetest thing EVER!  I just love that little dog!  She was very playful with Robyn today too.  Maisy loves Robyn and comes and sits by her during her lesson unless Heather B-T is home.  If Heather B-T is home, well, Maisy is mostly with her.  Maisy is back near me.

We have a new side board in the dining room now.  Mom's old dresser that was in Heather B-T and Bill's room is now in the dining room.  We will have much more room to store stuff now!  yeah!!!!  I am not, however, looking forward to going through the boxes on top of the dresser though.  Yuck for that but yeah for more space to store things in.  I can put some of the office supplies that do not fit in the music room in one of the drawers.  That will help a lot.  I also am going to be working on pictures so they can go in another drawer.  Ah, slowly the house is coming together.  The new-to-us dresser/chest of drawers set looks very nice in Heather B-T and Bill's room.  Maisy probably won't like that she can't hide underneath it but she can hide underneath the one down here.

My room is a disaster area.  I have come to the conclusion that I am just ready to blow my room up and start over.  Okay - so I know this is not really recommended so I won't.  I do have to start working on my room because eventually, we will be pulling all the carpet up off of the upstairs stairs, hallways, and bedrooms, including mine!  This will help with asthma for me that is for sure and be easier to clean too. The carpets are old but they are in okay shape.  I have no idea what the hardwood floor looks like underneath them though.  That is the scary part.  I don't know if they are in good shape or not.  I am hoping that they are not in too horrible of shape but until we pull them, I just don't know.  I have a Mary Kay starter box in my room that I don't want.  I was interested in it about 5 years ago but then I found out how much inventory I needed to buy and all in all, I just didn't have the money to invest.  I also don't have a lot of friends who had money at that time to purchase the stuff either.  I don't particularly like the pyramid type things either so that put me off too.  I just want the two mirrors and the rest can go as I don't think any of the makeup is good since it is 5 years old.  Makeup only lasts for about a year before it goes bad.  I just need to remember to ask Brandon to take it out to the garbage.  I keep forgetting.  The other boxes of stuff are from Mom's room.  Some are clothes and other Disney stuff.  I will go through them and see what I want and what I don't.  I am not sure at this point.  I think some of the t-shirts can go to Calli if she wants them or I will donate them.  I have her favorite t-shirt and that is one I will keep for sentimental sake for myself.

Well, I am finished with lessons now.  I have been watching Rizzoli and Isles on DVD.  I have really enjoyed the episodes a lot.  I am on season 2, disc 2, episode 3 on the disc.  Speaking of DVDs, Calli and I have been going through mine so I can decide which ones I am donating and which ones I am keeping.  I have a big pile of those that I am not keeping.  I am keeping quite a few, but ones that I have seen way way way too many times or didn't really like, are going.  We have to go through the ones that are in the family room too.  I know there are some in there I don't want.  I also know that I have some duplicates of DVDs too.  I am just not sure which ones are duplicates at this point.  The duplicates will go to the Muglia kids.  Now that I don't watch as much TV, I am pickier on what DVDs I will buy.  I don't see a lot of movies right now.  I go through modes where I see a lot of movies and TV and then there are times when I don't.  Right now, I am not watching a lot.  I am reading a lot more these days.  I am now on book 2 of the O'Malley series.  They are simply wonderful!!!!!  I love the entire series so much!!!  Dee Henderson is one of my favorite authors ever.  I also love: (not in any order of importance) Angela Hunt, Bertrice Small, Catherine Coulter, J. K. Rowlings, Danielle Steele, Melody Carlson, Michael Phillips, Lawana Blackwell, Kristin Hannah, Diane Chamberlain, just to name a few. I can't think of any others, although I know that I have many other authors that I love too!  Of course, my absolutely all time favoritist favorite author is Lucy Maud Montgomery of the Anne of Green Gables fame!  Everything she has written is simply brilliant and beautiful!!  I think I have read everything she has ever written that is available to this date.  I also have all the Anne books on my nook, naturally.  It isn't enough to have them in paper, nope, not me!  I have to have them available on my nook in case I am having a bad day and need to read my Anne books to feel better.  I have 3 Anne dolls, 1 Diana doll, and several Anne figurines as well as a poster.  We are going to make an Anne of Green Gables shelf in my room for all my Anne things.  It was so funny, last week Bill and Brandon were clearing out some shelves and they came across some Anne things.  Bill didn't even have to ask if I wanted those or not, he immediately put them on the keep shelf.  He and Heather B-T know me well.

This is a rather long one so I will end this post now.

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