Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 7 Already???

It occurred to me last night as Heather B-T was telling Calli that while She, my friend, Star, and I all have problems with fatigue and Star and I have Fibromyalgia that not all women have this problem.  I never really thought about it but by pointing that out, it made me realize that most of the women that Calli sees on a daily basis do have major health issues.  Both her mom and I have bad headaches, we have both been hospitalized for them too.  I was in the hospital just last month.  Many of my friends have fibro too.  I am glad that Heather B-T did point this out to Calli as I don't want her to think she will get this as she gets older too.  She did say she didn't think she would get this and I had to smile.  I so hope she stays as healthy and as active as she is!  She is truly a delight to have around.  Not only her but her little brother, Acer too.  Last Saturday, I had Acer to myself and we had so much fun.  We were busy bees that day let me tell you.  I was rather worn out that night but it was so worth it to spend the time with the Little Mister Man.

Tonight, I am spending a quiet night with the lovely miss Maisy.  She is such a beauty!  Okay - I will have to admit that she is rather aggressive at times and can be mean but all in all she is a sweet dog.  She does bark a lot but hey, she is a dog!  She was lying on my bed this morning.  After Heather B-T gets up and takes the kids to school, Maisy comes into my room and hops onto my bed.  If I have to leave then she goes to Brandon who is usually is sleeping downstairs since it is summer and his school is out right now.

Everyone has arrived home now just in time for the kids to get ready for bed.  I have a couple of lessons tomorrow and nothing really planned on Sunday.  I think I am going to work on the music room on Sunday because I have some things that need to be done and since I don't have any lessons or appointments, it would be a good day to do this.  Most of the vocal music is put away and labelled correctly.  I have about 25 or so books that need to have their songs listed in the catalogue but that is almost done now too.  I am in the middle of switching the CD cases out still.  I haven't done any since I did the first drawer.  I need to do the 2nd and the 3rd drawer as well as all the original CDs.  Sammy will be helping me in the next few weeks so that is awesome.  She is so helpful.  Sam is a wonderful student, too.

I have been feeling rather tired these last few days because last week I was up early for an entire week in a row.  My anxiety was way through the roof but now it is back to normal and has been for a couple of days now.  I am about to go and read for a bit before going to bed.  I love my nook.  I wasn't sure that I would, but I really, really do!  It is the best thing ever.  It is definitely one of the best things I ever got.  I didn't think so since I love reading books, but I have become a e-reader fanatic.  Kathy was right when she said I would love it.  I also like how we get some free books every week too.

Well, time to read before bed.

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