Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday 8-3

It is so amazing to me that the older I get the faster time flies.  Hard to believe, but it is August already.  In 16 days is the summer concert.  I am so unprepared for that.

I had the follow up with the arthritis doctor.  I don't have the blood test results yet but I did have the results of the x-rays.  So far, the arthritis is in check and hasn't changed much since last year so that is good.  I think the physical therapy and the occupational therapy helped a lot.  I have learned some new exercises that help with the arthritis pain.  I am sure that losing more weight will help even more.  I hope to be 1/2 my size by the end of next summer.  That is my goal.  I priced some recumbent ellipticals and well, they are very expensive so I am hoping for one off of Craig's list or something like that.  Once I lose a bit more weight, I will worry about something like that.

I don't have any lessons tomorrow so that is a bit unusual for me.  It will be nice to have a break tomorrow.  I don't want a long break, just a day will be fine.  I have a lesson on Sunday in the late afternoon.  My student was in a car accident so she has to have someone drive her or loan her their car. She has a cracked rib and a few scrapes and bruises but overall she will be okay.  I am thankful for that.  So until she gets another car, we will have lessons on Sunday late afternoon.

I was hoping to see Calli and Acer today but they are out of town.  I am hoping that maybe they will have a lesson this weekend.  I haven't seen Calli in over a month.  I did see Acer.  We had lessons and also went grocery shopping.  He is almost ready for the summer concert.  I have to write down what everyone is playing at the concert this week.  I also need to purchase the hamburgers and veggie burgers since they come frozen, I can buy them at any time.

Well, time to read a bit before bed.

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  1. good news on the arthritis front! Too bad we live so far apart, I have a recumbent bike that I can't use and I would give it to you...darn. Have a good weekend, will you be watching the Olympics?