Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Light Day 2-12

I have 2 students today.  Generally, I only have a few but today is slightly lighter since Samantha has Strep Throat.  Poor kid.  She has just not been so healthy this year.  She was sick over Christmas and then right after Christmas.  It boggles my mind how I used to routinely teach 8 to 10 lessons in a row in a day.  Now after 3 lessons I am wiped out.  I am thankful that at least I do get to teach a small bit.  I really couldn't do anything else.  I do things that help me remember what I need to do during a lesson because the fog can be so bad.  First of all, all students have an assignment book.  This tells me what they practiced for the week and I write down what they need to practice for the following week.  If I need to get out new music, I write it in my planner.  Right now I do need to copy a few things, but I don't have any ink right now.  I will get some in a couple of weeks.  Other things are needed first.  Second of all, the piano books I use are coordinated together so if I do forget what recital song or theory page needs to be done with the lesson page, I can just look at the top of the page and it tells me the pages to assign with the lesson book.  For voice it is a bit more complicated, but not too much more.  I have the order of songs that each student starts with.  They too, have an assignment book.  Often, I will write a note to myself in their books if there is something particular they wish to sing.  Clarinet and Saxophone have method books and they are easy to follow and again, they too, have assignment books.  Without all this writing down stuff, I would be up a creek.  I could not function for that little bit of time each day.  Before lessons and after lessons I must rest in order to have energy while teaching.  I teach during the best time of day for me.  It is a small window everyday about the same time.  Sometimes, I do have to rest between lessons too.  Rest is the key.  Without it, I could not do anything. I must keep track of my pacing.  There are days when I literally have to write down not only what I have to do but at what time I have to do the event.  I also do schedule in rests for me.  They are so necessary for me.  While I may be awake until much later at night, I am not at my best and really, I am only waiting until I am so tired that I may actually sleep for a few hours.  The quality of the sleep is not good so I try to the best I can with it.  I do wake up a lot, as many do with this illness and yes, it is the pain that wakes me.  you would think that will all the different pain medications we take that something would knock out the pain totally.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that I have a chronic condition instead of a terminal condition, but there are days that are painful and I have learned how to live with this.  I am very thankful that none of these conditions will become terminal but it also doesn't diminish the fact that I live with a lot of pain, exhaustion, and a foggy brain.  Sometimes, I think that people can dismiss these conditions because they are chronic and not terminal.

I have begun to taking CLA and Safflower oil gel tabs.  They are supposed to help with weight loss.  Dr. G doesn't really think that they help either way, but since several on my online support group say it helped them, I will give it a good try.  I desperately need to lose about 160 to 180 pounds.  Since exercise is difficult at this point, I have to try something.  I am hopeful that this helps.

It is time for dinner.  I have a lovely Greek chicken salad.  I do really like salads and I don't mind eating them everyday.  It means that I am eating a lot of veggies and I also have protein.

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