Sunday, February 10, 2013

The beginning of another week 2-10

I have begun taking safflower oil and CLA supplements.  I am trying to do things that are healthier for me like taking proper vitamins and supplements.  With all the medicine I do take, vitamins get depleted faster in my body.  I have learned an awful lot from one of the online support groups.  I hope by combining holistic supplements and medicine that I will be able to control my symptoms of fibro and the stuff that goes with it.  I do not believe there is a cure, but I do believe there are ways to have the symptoms be in control.  Yes, some people can reduce their symptoms to almost nothing, but there is no cure.  If there were, all the doctors would know about the cure.  I am trying to be more in charge so to speak about this illness instead of feeling like I am always a step behind.  At least I feel like I am in charge a bit more than before.  From what I have read, you need to give the supplements a few months before they make a difference.  I really hope this helps.  I figure that I know certain foods cause me more pain than others and it is time to really work on eating healthy.  That is what I am working on.

My cold/flu thingy is slowly going away.  I feel much better than I did last week or even yesterday.  I haven't been this sick in so long.  I am rather glad I am getting better.  I hope to not get that again.

Tomorrow, Patrick and Sarah will have their lessons.  Patrick has had 1 lesson so far.  For a first lesson, they did really well.  My lovely Rachel will be absent tomorrow again.  I miss her.  She will be here next week.  Natalie is going to have her make up lesson tomorrow.  She didn't have her lesson on Friday because I was so sick.  She is competing in a couple of weeks.  Sarah will have an hour lesson on Thursday instead of her lesson on Wednesday.  That works best with her schedule.  Sarah plays so nicely.  Breanna is also having an hour lesson this week to get ready for competition.  I must remember to number all of the music for them.  It is a requirement of the competition.  I am excited to see Katie at competition this year.  We are going to have dinner, I think.

I have to remember to pass out the valentine's tomorrow.  I have some for the muglia kids as well as the rest of my students.  I picked the valentines out because they also come with pencils.  I thought that was so cool.  Brave pencils and Fineus and Ferb? pencils, I am not up on these details.  They both came with pencils so that is how I picked them.  Ooh, I probably should get them ready for tomorrow.  There, now they are ready for tomorrow.  I think it is time to get some dinner.  I am getting a bit hungry now.  I hope this week is better than last week.  At least I feel better than I did.  That is something.

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