Wednesday, February 20, 2013

getting settled 2-19

Tonight will be the first night that everyone will be sleeping here: Bill, Heather, Acer, Calli, Q, and Maisy.  Q sleeps in Calli's room and will be gated it.  Maisy sleeps with Heather and Bill so the fur babies are all set.  Acer is in his new room and Calli's was completely set up today.  She is all set.  Now on to unpacking, putting things where they belong, and all of that type of stuff.  Heather isn't feeling too well right now.  I think she got what I got a few weeks ago except that she also has ear aches and a sore throat, which I, fortunately, didn't get those symptoms.

Calli is doing her goalball exercises.  She is a very serious athlete and has goals to be in the para-olympics either in 2016 or 2020.  With her determination, I believe she will be there.  Calli does her exercise every night without fail.  Acer is already in bed and hopefully, asleep.  I  read him his book tonight because Heather just can't talk very well.  She has pretty much lost her voice.

So far, the move has gone very smoothly outside of Heather not feeling too well.  I do get a good giggle at the thought that there are 2 Heathers in the house.  I am sure Heather will think so too when she feels better.  Calli brought down my laundry for me and took up some laundry too.  She is very helpful.  Acer, Calli, and I went through one of the photo albums.  I took out all the pictures of us and labeled the photo.  I plan to put up a lot of pictures around the house.  Richard would like his baby picture.  I will take a picture of it and then ship it to him.  Andrew doesn't want me to give him his.  He would prefer that I take a picture of it and put it on face book then tag him in it.  I am moving my baby picture to my bedroom.  The hallway paintings of Mom's will also be coming down.  I will also take a picture of them before they get donated.  I am keeping the living room ones and the ones in my bedroom.  Mom painted those for me so I am keeping them.  I also have a collage of pictures of my friends to put up in my room too or in the hallway or family room or dining room.  I am not sure right now.

Competition is coming up this weekend.  Sarah is very well prepared.  She is such a nice young lady.  I really like her a lot.  Breanna and Natalie have their lessons tomorrow.  They are both pretty prepared so is Rebecca.  I am glad about that.  I am looking forward to competition.  My job was to get the pianos and it is on track so I am glad about this.  I think it will be a good weekend.  Only 1 more day before competition.

Well, I think it is time to read and relax for the night.  I do have a medium bad headache tonight but the good thing is, I didn't have it all day, just in the morning and the evening.  During the afternoon it was okay.

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