Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday 2-9

The first of the furniture that is going has gone.  The shuffleboard went to the woman who installed the carpet on the stairs for me.  We did a swap.  Her son and his friend came over with a truck to take the shuffleboard.  The two young men were very excited to play it tonight.  Brandon, the woman's son, brought sheets to protect the wood during the traveling process.  I was pleased that he thought ahead to protect the wood.  He even went to get the wax that he needs for the board.  The shuffleboard definitely went to someone who really wants it and will take care of it.

I think I have slept most of the week away, seriously.  Today I was up at 12 noon and back in bed by 1pm.  I woke up again at 5.  I am just very tired at this point.  I do feel better and I am not coughing as much as I was, so this is a good thing.  My ears are not blocked anymore.  Of that, I am really glad about.  I believe I will be able to start teaching on Monday and be back to my regular teaching schedule.  I have Sarah's and Patrick's piano lessons to start off the week.  Natalie's mom would like to have 2 lessons next week to make up for missing this week.  Natalie is competing in 2 weeks at Michigan Music Association.  I am a bit nervous about the competition because I was so sick this week.    Sarah's mom would like to have a make up lesson for Sarah.  Sarah is a beautiful pianist.  She is such a sweet girl too.  Natalie is also a lovely girl.  I love her spirit.  She works hard and I like that a lot.  Natalie does sometimes be too hard on herself, it is a balance between being constructive critical and too critical.  As she develops as a musician, she will learn that balance.

Katie Rose, one of my former students, is planning to come and see some of my students for competition.  Katie competed for several years.  She is a wonderful pianist.  I am happy that she does still play.  We are planning to have dinner together on Saturday.  I will get to spend some time with my busy friend.  It is so cool to be friends with former students.  Katie is now 26.  I can't believe it.  Really, has 8 years gone by since she graduated high school?  Time certainly does fly.  One of the collages I want to have on one of the walls is the one I created for when she graduated high school.  Several of my students were graduating that year.  I had all their senior pictures and Mom and I made a nice collage picture for each of them.  Katie's parents live down the road from me.  They have been very helpful and supportive of me since I lost Momma.  Last night was a bad missing mom night, tonight, just the regular missing mom night.  I want to put up a collage of the pictures that are on my phone.  There are several silly pictures that I took of mom in 2009.  They weren't all taken at the same time, just sometime during that year.  I smile every time I see one of those pictures.  She was such a cute little old lady.  It was interesting how many of my students and their families didn't realize she was a major in the Canadian Army.  She was and mom did very well in the army.  I miss that mom too as well as the mom she became.  I think for some of my family it was difficult to see mom when she had Alzheimer's.  I think it was hard for Richard.  He doesn't do well with any type of illness.  My favorite thing to say to mom was "where is that pretty Momma smile?" and then she would smile.  Mom was a smiling, happy person despite the Alzheimer's.  I made sure she looked very cute at all times.  That is what I would tell her.  When I became in charge of her clothes, I picked out clothes that were mostly Disney since Mom liked Disney so much.  I remember mom had this one pair of pajamas that I just hated.  They were ripped but she kept wearing them.  I finally had to ask mom to stop wearing them because it looked like they were rags with the rips.  I had a new pair of pajamas for her so she said okay and put on the new pair.  I immediately got rid of the old ones.  I was actually afraid that someone would see them and say I was abusing her by making her wear rags.  Mom really liked the new pair and promptly forgot about the old ones.  Once a month we would go and get groceries for the month.  I always checked to see if there was something she wanted.  Sometimes it would be a really cute sweatshirt or t-shirt or pants.  Sometimes she just wanted a treat like a candy bar.  Mom had very little wants.  She was very easy to please with the treats she liked.  That was just mom.

Well, I think I will make a tea and read for a bit.  I love my nook!

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