Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ah Tuesdays, 2-19

I love Tuesdays.  It is NCIS night and I loooooove both of those shows so much.  I am fascinated with detective and that type of stuff shows.  NCIS is on right now and it is almost over.  NCIS Los Angeles will be on next.  I had a couple of students today.  Bob had his lesson today instead of yesterday because he was working.  Amy had her lesson today.  She just finished her level 1 books and has now started level 2.  She is doing very well.  I am pleased with her progress.  Of course, I am mostly pleased with most of my students' progress.  There are only a few who don't practice very much.  Isaac is doing well now that he has a song for piano that he likes.  I have decided that I need to do something a little unconventional with him.  He likes to play but I think lesson type books are not his thing.  Not everyone is made for lesson books and need a different way to learn.  He is playing a song from "Les Miserables".  Isaac really liked the movie.  I knew he would.  We were talking about it during his lesson when I pulled the book out and he was really happy about that.  I bought the big note arrangement with him in mind.  I know it is a bit above his level at this point, but he is beyond the 5 finger arrangement so I would rather him be challenged than bored.  He is a really neat young man.  His father, David, is actually my older brother's childhood friend so basically, I have known Isaac since he was born and his dad has known me since I was born.  Isaac and I think that is really cool.

Maisy came yesterday to check out her new digs.  I think the little puppy likes it here.  She explored everywhere while we were all working.  Okay - I didn't do much since I can't lift too much.  I did help move some boxes so that Bill could get the filing cabinets into the family fun room and out of Calli's bedroom.  Acer was so cute.  He was using the stair climber.  He said that perhaps we shouldn't have this one go anywhere so he could do his exercise.  Acer looked like he was having a good time with the exercise machine.  Right now things are just in a jumble in the family room because we don't have the furniture moved yet.  It will get all in order soon so I am not worried about it.  More things will be moved in tomorrow.  I think beds and things like that.  I have PT at 1 so I will be gone for a while.  I ran out of bread and milk so I may have to go to the store tomorrow.  It will be much easier to actually have food in the house when we are all here.  I don't keep a whole lot because I don't use much.  I am working on eating healthier so I have salads everyday as well as a healthy soup.  That is what I do most everyday.  Sometimes I do get a burrito bowl from Chipolte.  I do like that restaurant a lot but I find that I can't eat it too much because it is not conducive for losing weight so I limit myself from having it too often.

I almost have all my tax info collected.  The only thing left for me to do is get my phone bill information.  Other than that, I am ready for my taxes to be done.  I have the info now so that is good.  I just have to drop it off.  Well, I think it is time to add things together for Julie!  Then, I will read for a bit before bed.

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