Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday 2-15

Little by little we are getting things in order.  Tomorrow Wendy will come and take the table and chairs to her house for her children and friends to use.  I have a lot of memories of Mom and us 3 children playing games at that table.  Mom loved playing board games with us.  I still love board games.  Monopoly is my favorite along with Sorry and Clue.  I also love playing uno.  Mom and I would play that game for hours on end.  I hope that Wendy will have as many good memories with the table as I do.  In some ways it is hard to let the stuff go but in other ways it isn't.  I have the memories.  I have the pictures of us at the table too.  I have to call Karlyn tomorrow because she would like the formal living room set.  I just need to know when she can come and get it as the deadline is coming rather close.  Karen will be here sometime this weekend to get the exercise machine.  Karlyn is also taking the twin bed frame in my old bedroom.  The mattress is in such bad shape that there is no reason to keep it.  I am taking mom's old mattress since I do need a new one and hers is in such good shape.  That would be because the little lady was so tiny and barely weighed 2 pounds - okay - I know - it is an exaggeration but you get the picture.  Mom was a little lady.  She stood about 5 ft 4 and weighed about 110 pounds.  Mom always said she liked that I didn't get taller than her, this way, I would always be her little girl.  Well, seriously, I will always be her little girl no matter how old I am.  I still am even though she is in Heaven.  After my dad left us when I was about 9, I was so afraid that mom would leave us too.  Before my dad left, I was a Daddy's girl.  If I was sick in the night, I went to Dad, I needed anything, I went to dad.  It took me months (according to mom - I don't remember too much from back then) before my mom could go anywhere without me hanging on her crying don't leave me mommy.  She would assure me that she wasn't going anywhere but work or school and that she would be home.  Mom would show me what time she would be back home.  After a few months Mom said that I asked if I could talk to her.  I do remember what we talked about, just not when we talked.  I asked her if it was okay that I become a mommy's girl instead of a daddy's.  Mom said it was okay.  She also pinkie promised she would never leave me.  Mom kept that promise.  That was just the kind of mom she was. Anyways, the deadline is coming and things are coming along.  Just a few more things to find new homes for and then everything will be set.

Competition is next weekend.  I am starting to panic a bit as the students are almost ready.  Breanna's song for classical is too soft.  Thankfully, Bill made the CD louder so that should help her.  I will find out tomorrow when she comes to try it out.  Becca will have her lesson tomorrow about 3:30.  She is ready as far as knowing all the words and notes, but she is not technically ready right now.  Becca has started singing a little nasally and we really need to work on this.  I hope she also has worked on breathing.  I will find out tomorrow.  Sarah has decided to just play one song instead of 2.  Her song is almost perfect.  I expect by Wednesday that she will be ready to go.  Natalie is almost ready.  She let her nerves take over a bit tonight but over all, I am really pleased with how she is doing.  We made her competition CD with her songs all in order.  I have started to make my list of what I need for competition.  I have to have my scooter batteries, seat, and charger in my car by Friday morning.  Bill said he would come on Thursday night and take care of it.  I am thankful.

I can't even imagine what our family room is going to look like in a few weeks.  There will be about 4 computers, 2 TVs, lots of bookshelves, and file cabinets will be downstairs.  I have to totally empty the office and put everything in the family room.  We need the office to become a bedroom.  I have started going to through the boxes in my old bedroom.  We put all the military stuff of mom's in 9 boxes.  They are in the the garage right now.  I also have several boxes of material too.  Calli would like me to make her a dress.  I told her she is going to learn how to sew.  Bill agreed it was a good idea.  I think she would like sewing.  Calli likes making crafts so that is why I think she would like to learn how to sew.  She likes satin material.  I was going to take that over to Lydia, but I won't until Calli tells me if she likes that material for a dress for herself.  It will have to wait until everything is moved and settled.

I am getting a bit tired and I have a rather bad headache tonight.  I don't even think I will read too much tonight.  My head just doesn't feel well enough for it.  I did realize a few minutes ago that I am completely out of my nighttime cold medicine.  Most of the cold is gone so I will take some other medicine to get rid of congestion.  That is what all is left.  Just a bit of congestion.  Well, I am off to get ready for tomorrow.

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  1. I have been remiss in my blogging and think that I may have missed something here...are you moving?? Sounds like big changes coming your way, I hope they are good ones. I love you and your mom's pinky swear...she adored you as you did her. Best friends, I was that way with my mom, not as close as you but close. take care and get some rest.