Saturday, February 16, 2013

the changes that are happening 2-16

In the next few weeks my little house will have 4 more inhabitants.  My friend and her family will be moving in.  It will be a change for all of us but I do think this is exactly what God wants me to do.  I think that is why everything seems to be going smoothly.  Wendy came today to get the table and chairs.  They were really excited about it.  I was really glad too.  My friend, Karen from high school (we were on the Pom Pom Squad together) is coming to get the elliptical exercise machine tonight.  Karlyn will be taking all of the living room furniture, the stair climber, and the twin bed frame from upstairs.  My office will be in the family now.  Things are settling in nicely.  Next week the bulk of the things will be arriving.  Please keep us in your prayers as this is a big change for all of us, especially for the 2 children.  My goal is to have the move be smooth for the kids.  They know the house well so that won't be a problem.

It has been a quiet day with a few lessons.  Brooklynn is having her lesson at 7 tonight.  She had to reschedule for a later time today instead of her regular time.  Tomorrow I will be seeing "We Bought a Zoo" with the Muglia girls.  I am going to bring a few boxes of Material for Lydia to look through.  Calli would like a dress made out of the satin material that I have.  She loves the feel of satin.  I think she would look beautiful in either of the colors that I have, peach or purple.  I have about 7 boxes full of material that I would like Lydia to see if there was something she would like.  I have wools, gabardine, and cottons.  There might be some jean material in there too.  I am not sure exactly.  If she doesn't like any of them, that is okay.  I plan to donate them then.  I am not sure where right now, but I will figure that out later.

I found the cutest pictures when Jen and I were going through the boxes.  I found my favorite picture of Andrew.  He was a toddler in the picture and he looks soooooo adorable.  I mean, I do have a really cute younger brother.  He had such beautiful blond hair with the bluest eyes ever.  When he smiles, his eyes sparkle.  They always have.  When he laughs, his eyes light up too.  I plan to scan the pictures and post them on facebook.  I also found a few other family pictures too.  Ones of us when we were small.   Ones of mom with us.  I even found one with me and my dad.  yeah, can you believe it?  I didn't think there were any pictures of us with dad.  I mean, he wasn't a very good one in the long run.  Before he wanted to leave, he was good, but once he decided that having a wife and children were too much for him, well, he became an awful dad, simply awful.  Maybe someday I won't hate him as much as I do.  I do get reminded that I need to forgive him, I have yet to be able to do that.  I just haven't.  I doubt I ever will.  I don't understand how a man can suddenly decide that he doesn't want to be a husband and a dad?  Especially because right after he and mom divorced, he got remarried.  I can't even describe how much I dislike her.  She was a horrible human being.  She wanted us to call her Mommy.  Well, I was polite and I explained that I couldn't because I had a mommy and she was a good one.  I offered other names to call her and she said no, only mommy.  Well, I ended up not addressing her at all because I refused to call her mommy.  I don't know if either one of them is still alive.  I have not seen him in 35 years and I am only 44.  Anyways, I had a great mom and that is what matters.  There were several cute pictures too.  One of my favorite pictures of the four of us is when Andrew was an infant and he was in his seat, I was sitting on the table with my hand ready to pat Andrew on the head, Richard was standing beside us and mom's hands were ready to stop me from patting Andrew on the head.  Only her hands were in the picture, not her whole self.  I love the picture.  I want to make a collage of pictures of mom. i also want to take the picture of her at 18 in the air force and have a frame for the picture and have her medals on display too.  I think that would be awesome.

I need to get a new dress form so I can make me some new clothes as I lose weight.  I want to start to wear more skirts and dresses.  I like them better than pants.  I always have.

I am hoping that the CLA and the Safflower Oil will assist in the losing of weight.  I am working on eating healthier and cutting back on drinking diet coke.   I try not to get discouraged when I don't eat properly.  I try to remember, just get back on track right away.

I also am hoping that the new vitamins and minerals will help control the pain of fibro and the other symptoms too.  It made me think this afternoon when I was taking my first medicine of the day.  I have about 10 medicines, 4 vitamins and minerals in the morning and about 5 medicines with the vitamins and minerals at night.  I take a tramodol for pain, amitrycline for headache pain, and Tylenol during the day and it only takes the edge off of the pain.  You would think that with all this medicine, it will get rid of the pain but it doesn't.  It just makes me feel like I take a pharmacy.  I know other fibro people take even more and some take less.  Then we get to the point where you take medicine to help control the side effects of other medicines.  Anyways, I hope that when I am smaller, that I will have less medicine.

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