Monday, February 25, 2013

The Day After 2-25

Wow, competition is over.  I am exhausted.  I had a good weekend, the students did awesome.  I tried to pace myself and pretty much I did okay.  I have discovered though, I cannot room captain anymore.  It is too much standing and walking back and forth.  I had help because I cannot do that much standing.  I will let them know right away because it causes too much extra pain.  Because I have help, it wasn't so bad but without that help, I would have had to go right home and miss the awards because of the pain levels.  I do other jobs before the competition and I like that.  This way, if I need to rest, I can go and rest.  It is important that I have time for resting.

The kids did really well while I was teaching.  Calli has Q (the guide dog) with his harness on so everyone knows he is working and can't be petted or spoken too and Acer was playing quietly downstairs.  It goes rather well.  After I finished lessons for the evening, I finished making dinner that Heather had started.  It was yummy and healthy.  Heather made sure there were plenty of veggies in the dinner.  It was good.  Calli helped me clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner.  She has also learned how to turn on the dishwasher.  Mine is a bit different than hers but she knows how it works.  Calli also learned to wipe the dishes before we put them in the dishwasher as we can't have any food in the sink because of the septic tank.  Overall, I think it went well.  She is a lovely assistant.  We worked very well together.  It is nice to have others in the house when I am not teaching. The quiet can get sooooo loud at times.

I have been rededicating myself to eating more healthy.  I eat more veggies than anything.  I also do make sure I have enough protein.  I am now working on eating less bread and stuff like that.  I take the CLA and Safflower Oil supplements that help with weight loss.  I have been taking them for about a month now.  I expect to have some results of my rededicated healthy eating habits in a couple of months.  I have noticed that I am not hungry as much as I used to be.  I also think this is because I now take all my medicines with water and nothing else so basically I drink at least about 12 ounces of water before I eat.  I don't find problems too much with hunger during the day.  It will be nice to actually be eating more at home with people instead of by myself.  This is definitely a win for all of us.

I am hoping to see my friend, Jennie in a play this weekend.  She is in an odd couple type play only with women as the main characters.  I missed her play last time because I had a really bad headache.  Since this one is in the afternoon, I don't expect to have too much trouble with a bad headache, I hope it is just the regular headache.

Thursday, I am planning to go to choir practice no matter what.  I don't want to miss anymore.  I am going to have to learn to function with them.  I am just going to have to.  I don't really have any choice at this point.  They are here.  I do see Dr. Rossi tomorrow.  I am asking her to change my medicine.  I am still having issues with the hallucinations at night in the dark but also because I had to go to the lower dosage and it doesn't really help all that much.  It helps me get to sleep faster but that is about it.  I do really like Dr. Rossi.  She is determined to find something that will help me.  I must say, it is a nice change because I gave up hope when the other 2 neurologists said that there was nothing they could do about an everyday headache.  Dr. Rossi said that there is something that can be done and I should expect that someday I will not have an everyday headache.  That will be an awesome day for me.

Well it is time to watch castle and then head for bed soon.

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