Tuesday, July 16, 2013

24 pounds total gone!!! 7-16

I have lost 2 more pounds bringing the grand total up to 24 pounds!  I was hoping for a few more pounds but hey, 2 pounds is better than nothing.  Sometimes, it seems like it will take forever to lose all the weight I need but it won't seem like that in the long run.  I am just anxious to get to my goal.  I have decided that I have been eating too many chocolate chip muffins again.  I am done with them.  Plus, I have had a slight upset stomach from them the last few days so I am done with them.

I am not sure if I should continue to take the safflower oil, the omega 3,6,9, and the CLA.  I don't know if it is helping or not.  I have asked for opinions on one of my fibro support groups on facebook.  One of the support groups are very into supplements and things like that so I will see what others who take it think.  With the amount of weight I need to lose, I want to stay as healthy as I can.  I no longer wish to eat what is not healthy.  If it isn't healthy, I don't want to eat it.  It just isn't worth it anymore.  I can't afford to gain anymore weight, I just can't.  I already have difficulty walking so hey, I need to lose this excess me.

Today has been pretty busy so far.  I had a couple of lessons before I had a doctor's appointment.  I went to the gastro doctor today.  I have to have the camera scopy test again since the last one shut down 3 hours after it started.  I will have it next Thursday morning.  I will have it on all day.  I hope it behaves this time.  I don't want to have to do this one again.

Isaac had his lesson today.  I haven't seen him in several weeks.  It is normal for summer with him.  I will see him again on Friday.  He is a very nice young man.  We tried some songs.  He sort of liked 2 and liked 1.  I will copy the three of them.  I want him to try some from the other book too so I am not sure what he will like.  He always surprises me.  What I think he will for sure like, he doesn't and what I am not sure about, he likes.  Isaac is an unpredictable boy but I don't mind.

I just have one more tonight and then I am finished for the night.  I am not sure what all I am going to do tonight.  I have a few things I should do, but I don't know if I want to do them.  The procrastinator in me might win!  I don't know!  It is a hard thing to chose some days.  I am tired today though.  I got up early so I should have an easier time sleeping tonight.  Tomorrow is a quiet day too.  I only have a few lessons too.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days.  I am hoping for some new students soon to replace the ones who have quit this summer.  I don't know who will come back except for Sally and Emily because they are just marked absent, not quit.  This way, they don't lose their scheduled time and they will start when they come back.  Emily is in Poland for the summer.  I hope she is having a good time.  Sally is up in the UP in Saulte Ste. Marie.  I have been up there.  It is simply beautiful.  The upper peninsula has some of the most beautiful spots in Michigan.  I haven't been there for years.  Maybe next summer.  This summer is pretty much a stay around home one except for the small trip to visit Kathy one weekend.  I don't know when that will be so I am open to when Kathy is available for me to come even if it is in September.

I am watching Castle as I wait for Diana to arrive for her lesson.  I like this show a lot.  I only discovered it this year.  I know I am slow on these things but hey, what can I say?  I am going to netflix Game of Thrones too.  I can now get it on my nook.  I can't get it on my computer because my little computer and my big computer are too old.  I am disappointed in that.  My screen on my nook is smaller than my computer but oh well, I will survive.  I don't think Game of Thrones is on netflix.  I am a bit frustrated now.  Well, I will check into it.  I am new to netflix so I am not sure what is all on it and what isn't.  Good thing I can put things in my instant que on my computer and then watch them on my nook.

Well, Diana should be here soon.

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  1. Fantastic news on the weight loss. I'm so happy for you because I know how hard it is to lose two pounds. I've been told recently that I've gained a little weight since I've been off my leg for five months....geesh, ya think? husbands can be so *@2&(^* sometimes~
    enjoy your Wednesday.