Sunday, July 28, 2013

The beginning of another week 7-28

It was a nice Sunday as far as the afternoon went.  I had a bad headache in the morning so no church for me.  I took Acer AND Calli to the store with me.  Oh my!  I was so exhausted when we got back and they were really well behaved!  They played with the toys for a few minutes before we left.  Overall, they were really good.  I did need to take a brief nap when I got home although they were good.  It was just exhausting to shop with both.  I think once we go a few more times, I will get used to it.  I love being with them.

Calli is making dinner tomorrow.  It is a recipe out of her recipe book.  I am quite excited to see what her creation will taste like.  She makes really good soup right now so I am sure the chicken will be good too.

I am trying melatonin again for sleep.  I am getting sleepy so I am hopeful I will have a good sleep or at least a better sleep than usual.  I really need some good sleep.  It is one of those annoying things that happen with fibro - no good sleep.  I do hope for a bit better sleep tonight.  It helps with so much stuff too so sleep is very important.

Pain level is normal today except for the big headache earlier today.  My headache is back to the normal pain level now.

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