Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday 7-29

It is almost August.  Wow.  Well, I returned the capsule monitor today.  I tried on Friday but they were closed.  I have the results.  I am bleeding in 2 spots in the small bowel.  It isn't too big and I don't have to rush off to the ER (Thank God for that!) but it does need to be fixed.  I will get it fixed next Wednesday.  I have to reschedule my lessons that day.  I know 3 of my girls will be in Florida so it is only 2 girls that need to be rescheduled so that is good.

I did have a new student today.  Her name is Isabella and she is 13.  She has played piano for several years and did quite well for not playing for a long time.  I was quite pleased with her lesson.

Calli is cooking dinner tonight.  She has a cookbook that she got the chicken recipe out off and it smells heavenly, let me tell you!  Simply heavenly!!!  I am quite excited to taste her creation!  It is almost finished.

Heather B-T has a friend and her son visiting us today.  She is a very nice lady that I am in a group online with.  Her son and Acer are playing very nicely together.

The Melatonin helped me fall asleep last night but it didn't seem to help me stay asleep but hey, I slept for several hours before I woke up.  I did wake up about every hour for about 4 hours but that is usual.  I woke up at my usual time around noon.  I went and dropped off the capsule monitor before coming home for Isaac's lesson.  He auditioned for the Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus this evening.  He said he did well.  I am glad.  he is a good singer and I think he would add a lot to the choir and he would enjoy it a lot.  I hope he makes it.  Acer is auditioning too.  I hope he makes it too.  Isaac has a more classical sound that Acer but both are good singers.  I would have Natalie try out but they are out of town this week so she is missing the audition date.

I am going to try the Melatonin again tonight, only one.  It helps some so that is better than nothing and it is better than the Valerian root.  The Valerian root can be deadly if you take too much of it so I will be staying clear of it and sticking to the Melatonin.

We had Calli's creation for dinner and it was wonderful.  She did a really good job with the chicken and veggies.  Calli is learning to be such a good cook.  I am so proud of her.  Then she and I cleaned the kitchen after dinner.  The kitchen is my job and Calli is my assistant.  Calli is a very good assistant.  We work well together when doing the dishes.  We each have the things we do well and that is how we divide and conquer.

Well, I am getting a bit tired and I think I will play words with friends for a bit before reading tonight.

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  1. I am relieved to hear that the bleed is not a serious on and can be fixed, hopefully, without complication. Chicken dinner sounds good...send Calli over here anytime!