Friday, July 19, 2013

End of the week 7-19

Maisy is home!!!!!  I am so glad.  I have missed most of the little girl.  I have not missed her barking extra for no reason or her doing doggy business in the house, but other than those two things, I have missed the snuggly dog.  She is such a good snuggler.  Maisy ran into the house looking for Brandon and I right away.  (Okay - maybe it was for her water bowl and we were there before it)  She came to us for pets and snuggles.  We have had 2 snuggles already and I anticipate another one rather soon.  Heather B-T and Bill are, of course, home too.  They had a nice week and are relaxed and recharged.  Tomorrow the little man, Acer, comes home.  Ah, the noise level will surely go up from the silence that Brandon and I have been enjoying to well, Acer and his bop its, which he plays all day long.  This week did go rather fast though so I didn't really have time to miss anyone too much.  With lessons during the week and the other things that I had to do, I was pretty busy.  I am thrilled that Sammy and I finished changing the plastic cases to paper sleeves for the teaching CDs.  That takes a big load off my mind.  It really does.  I am so glad it is finished.  I have wanted to do this job for so long and now it is done.  Sam is such a great kid.  I can't believe that she is going to be 16 next Sunday though.  wow, wasn't she just 14?  It sure seems that way.  We still have the original CDs left to do but that isn't something that has to be done right now so that is okay.  I can do those later.  I also ran out of sleeves so I need more before I go and do that job too.  The music is all put away.  There is a chunk of music missing from like number 264 to 275.  I am not even sure what all is supposed to be there.  I will look.  It is a whole bunch of sab music (meaning 3 part choral pieces).  Hmm, I wonder where they got misfiled too because there are pieces in that group that haven't been used in years and they were there then so they must have gotten misfiled somewhere or I hope that is what has happened to them.

Maisy and I are having a delightful evening together.  It was down pouring a few minutes ago but now it is nice out again.  We have such strange weather.  It has stormed almost everyday though this week.  It was also extremely hot out (hot for us) today.  The last few days have been high 90s low 100s.  We should be getting some cooler weather this coming week.  I do tend to ache more in the extreme heat.  That is for sure.  I hide inside and I ache less that way but when I am outside, I ache a lot more.

Bill said he will bring me Game of Thrones home.  He doesn't think I will like it as I don't do too well with blood and graphic violence, but Kathy and I want to watch it together.  Neither of us are sure about it but we will try it.  I am glad the library has it because I wouldn't want to buy the entire season and then not like it at all.  Apparently, you can get movies on itunes too!  I had no idea!  I may download the first episode.  Kathy said it was only a few dollars so I may do that to see if I want Bill to bring it home.  I don't know.  I have a movie I need to finish watching in the DVD player too.  I can also watch movies on my nook from netflix.  I think I may have mentioned it in another post but I can't remember if I did or didn't.  Goofy old Fibro fog!!!!  Well, I mentioned it now if I didn't.  I can't watch netflix on my computer because my lovely computer is too old.  Can you imagine?  It is too old!  Okay, okay, it is from either 2002 or 2003 or possible even 2004 although I think the G5 is from 2004 or 2005.  My laptop (which is the one I use the most) is an ibook G4 so, yeah, I know, it is a dinosaur for a computer but I love it and it works and I don't want to get another anytime soon and yes, I am writing a run-on sentence!  I will get a new one eventually, but for now this works for what I need.  I have to save for the hearing aids first (I need $1140) for them.  I actually have decided that perhaps I should break down and get them.  I will try.  I figure by end of October I should have enough to get them.  That isn't too far down the road, I mean, I waited this long, what's another few months at this point?  Nothing.  I just hope that I don't get headaches from them.  I AM worried about that.  Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I am.  I get headaches so easy and I have one everyday, I am just worried that maybe the hearing aids will make the headaches worse.  I just don't know.  I guess I will find out this fall.

I have been playing words with friends on my nook.  Right now I am actually WINNING one game with my friend, Mel!  So far, in the 2 months I have been playing, I have lost every single game.  I am close to winning against Kathy too, which is surprising because she is VERY good at these type games.  I enjoy playing and obviously, winning is not my main goal or I would have quit a while ago.  I do enjoy playing the game and I currently am playing quite a few games with friends.  3 with Karlyn, 3 with Cheryl, 3 with Mrs. O, and several others too.  It is fun and I am really learning a lot.  I am now beating Kathy and I think we are both at a point where we can't play anymore letters.  How fun!

My pain level seems to be a bit higher because of the extreme (to me) heat and humidity.  It is still manageable though so I am glad about that.  I will need my scooter tomorrow because I am going to see Maia and she is in the hospital and they don't have scooters there.  There really isn't anyway I can walk that far so I am bringing my scooter.  I think we are staying for a short visit since Maia is so tired and not up for long visits and then off to dinner for a visit between the 2 of us.  It is such a sad situation and my heart is breaking.  Maia is a strong woman and has been fighting this cancer for over a year now.  I can't imagine life without her.  Of course, I couldn't imagine life without my mother either but it did happen.  I prayed so hard that God would heal her and she got sicker and sicker.  Sometimes i cry and want to know why?  Why does she have to be in so much pain?  Maia is in extreme pain all the time.  She was getting pain meds every hour when she was home before she went into the hospital.  I hope they have it in better control now.  Maia has made her decisions and we will abide by them.  I plan to visit as much as I can.  She is such a good cousin.  Lia (Maia's oldest) will be in town next week so that is good.  I don't know if I will be able to see her but she will be able to see her mom.  She and her husband are moving near by so they can be with her mom as much as possible.  Right now, Lia is a few hours away.

Well, on to word with friends and reading.

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