Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the night before 7-24

I have the capsule scopy again tomorrow.  The first one had the capsule malfunction and basically shut off after 3 hours.  I really hope this one behaves.  I am not happy about being up at the ridicules hour of 7:15 since I have to leave at 7:30 am but I will.  Right when I get home, trust me, I will take a nap.  I have Isaac's lesson at 11 and that is the only lesson I have tomorrow.  I hate getting up early.  I am so not a morning person.  My mother was and it drove me up the wall that she was.  She would say that the morning was the best part of the day.  I disagree, the night is the best part of the day.  Anyways, I have to be so I will be.  I asked Bill to make sure I am up and he said he will.

It has finally cooled off a bit so I am glad about that.  No more 100 degree temps for this week anyway.  I am rather glad about that.  We had an annoying neighbor incident today.  I was backing up to go to the store when a neighbor down the road drove by our driveway very, very, very slowly.  I was not impressed or happy about it.  I have a feeling I know what neighbor it is and she is rather nosy.  The grass was getting really long and it should have been cut last week but it was so hot that I really didn't want Brandon to get heat stroke or heat sickness, it was just too hot plus there was a heat advisory, which means you can't mow your lawn during the day.  Well, it is done now and that is all that matters.

Maisy was such a good girl during lessons today.  She barely barked.  Apparently though, she barked during the morning.  That was not good.  I tried to teach her the story of the dog that barked wolf, but she didn't seem to understand.  We did have good snuggles today though.  She sat underneath the piano bench during all lessons today.  It was so cute.  She loves music and she seems to love the kids.  After Heather B-T left this morning, Maisy came into my room and I lifted her up to put her on my bed.  We both slept after that.  We went for a brief ride after that.  She is such a good little passenger.  Maisy stays on her seat and rarely tries to get into my lap now.  I have taught her that she needs to stay in the passenger seat.  I love that dog.

Acer has day camp this week.  Today they went to a music place and Acer was in heaven.  He loves everything music.  I barely saw the little man today.  I was so exhausted after lessons that I took a brief nap.  I am watching Castle right now.  I will be playing words with friends shortly before reading.  I am now on the 7th book of the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.  They are so good.  I really enjoy them a lot.  Kathy has just got to read them when I am done.  I am disappointed that the Jennifer book is not a lend me book right now but the rest are.

Bill checked yesterday about the game of thrones DVDs at the library.  He is next for getting them.  Right now they are out.  I hope they come back soon.  I look forward to seeing them.  I really do.  I tried to watch it on netflix but it kept stopping and it was hard to see.  I did check the price today but I won't buy it unless I really like it.  I really hope I do.  Everyone has gone on and on about how great it is so I do hope it is something I like.  I am worried about the graphicness but I will find out, won't I?

Pain level is just the normal pain today.  I am not taking the valerian root tonight to see if that is part of the reason my head is worse than usual at bedtime.  Well, off to play words with friends.

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