Sunday, July 14, 2013

Valerian Root - Sunday 7-14

It has been a quiet day.  Rick had his lesson.  He is doing very well with his piano lessons.  He played through the entire piece of "Fur Elise" by Beethoven today for the very first time today.  I was very pleased about that and his sight reading wasn't too bad either.

Tilley came by to pick up a package for Maia.  I also gave her the gifts for Warren and Phoenix.  Their birthday party is next week and I have to teach so i won't be attending.  I will be going to Tilley's on Saturday for a few hours so she can go and run some errands.  I will stay with Maia while she is gone.  I don't plan to stay very long, just a few hours while Tilley does what she needs to do.  Maia will probably sleep the whole time so I will bring my nook with me.  Maia is very ill and she isn't going to get any better.  I am going to try to go and see  her as much as I can on the weekends.  This way, I will also be able to relieve Tilley and then she will be able to go and do errands or go out for a few hours if she wants to.  This is very hard on her.  She cried a bit today talking about it.

My pain level is higher today.  I am not sure why or if there is even a reason.  I just know that it is.  I am trying something different for sleep tonight.  I am trying the Valerian Root.  Tonight is the first night so we shall see how this will work.  I am hoping for better results than just the Tylenol PM that I have been taking for a while.  Advil PM didn't really work any better.  I just get so tired of not sleeping.  I know most of us with fibro have sleeping problems but I haven't exhausted all the options yet.  I have tried the prescription sleeping pills and I got horrible nightmares from the Ambient CR.  The others did nothing for me.  I was awake all night long.  I tried melatonin and that didn't work either so I am trying this too.  I hope it works or works better than the Tylenol PM.

I have a few more lessons this week since a couple of students are back from vacation.  I am glad about that.  On the days I don't have lessons, it is pretty boring around here.  I would rather teach a few lessons each day than have a few days with no lessons but it just happens that way sometimes.  This week only Saturday has no lessons so that is why I can go to Maia and Tilley's.

I am watching a marathon of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  They have all been new to me episodes except for the first one.  That one I have seen before but the other 3, including the one I am watching now, I have not seen.

On words with friends, I was so excited, I got a word worth 108 points!!!!  I know!!!!  Isn't that just totally awesome???  I was so excited!!!  I am now ahead of my cousin-in-law, Cheryl.  I may even win for a change.  I have been playing this game for about 6 weeks now and I have yet to actually win a game.  I don't particularly care too much about winning because I am still learning how to play and what words work and words don't so until I have this down pat, I am not too worried about winning.  Most of my friends who I am playing against have been playing for a very long time.  There are a couple who play at my level but we just recently started playing against each other.

Maisy is on vacation with Bill and Heather B-T this week.  I miss the little dog.  I did get a good snuggle from her before she left and I did ask if Heather B-T was sure she was taking Maisy.  She said yes.  They will be back by Friday so that isn't too long.  If this week is anything like any other week, it will fly by.  Maisy did pee underneath the dining room table though before she left.  I will NOT miss her peeing in the house.  I will just miss the little dog.  She is such a heart stealer.  She stole mine that is for sure!

Well, it is time to check on words with friends and then watch the rest of the episode.

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