Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 7-13

Ah, a Saturday.  A Saturday with no lessons and no plans.  I was going to visit Maia, but she isn't up to a visit right now so I stayed home, which actually turned out better as I started not feeling too well this afternoon.  I am very exhausted and I just don't feel well over.  There isn't anything specific, it is just all over.  I had to take a nap this afternoon right away when I was in the middle of reading face book at around 2:30 pm.  All of a sudden, I just couldn't stay awake and my head was not a happy camper so up the stairs Maisy and I went.  I put her on my bed and we snuggled for a few minutes and then I went to sleep so did she.  I slept for 2 hours.  My head still hurts a lot but I couldn't sleep anymore.

Tomorrow, the kids go to camp.  They are looking forward to it.  I know they will have a really good time.  I will miss them terribly but camp is such a good experience for them.  Calli has attended several and she always learns a lot and has a good time.  I expect Acer will too.  In our house, summer is very busy.  Rarely do we hear the words, I am bored around here.  There is always something to do or somewhere to go.  With the overnight camps, the day camps, the kids are very busy.  I barely have time with them during the days they are home.  Today is wash and pack day so they will be ready to leave first thing tomorrow morning.  I will still be sleeping when they leave as I won't be getting up as early as them.

Acer is playing one of his many bop its.  He knows all about every single model ever made including the one coming out this fall.  He simply adores them.  Acer likes to play the bop it pinball on the internet but today I am just not up to it.  It can get quite loud and my head can't handle that much loudness right now.  I don't think there is a bop it that Acer has tried that he doesn't like.  He even has them on his Ipod.

On Acer's Ipod is this song called, "Snuggle Puppy".  It is so cute and I want to learn all the words so that I can sing it to Maisy.  Yes, I am that dorky!  I will sing to the dog!!!!!  As music flows through my head all the time, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I would sing that to the sweetest, most adorable, girl doggie in the entire world, otherwise known as Maisy.  Yes, I am sure by now, you know how much I adore that little dog.  She is an excellent nap partner too.  We took a good long nap until Heather B-T came home.  At that point, well, she went to see who was here but that was near the end.  I did feel her leave and peeked at the time.  I got up about 15 minutes later since I really couldn't sleep anymore.

Pain level is a bit higher than usual today.  It is really nice out and not very humid so I am not sure exactly why.  Anxiety is doing fine, for a change.  Actually, it is really nice out.  It is a perfect day to go for a scooter again but it is too late in the day for Acer or Calli to go with me as Bill will be home from work in a while and then we will have dinner.  After that the kids will have to finish up packing and go to bed.  It is kind of funny how we have to get the scooter in and out of the garage.  Acer has to climb on the scooter, put the key in and then back it out.  There is only enough room for him to get in and out of the scooter, none for anyone else.  When we come back, he has to drive it back in to the garage.  It is amusing because a little blind boy drives my scooter in and out of the garage.

Well, I am tired now and I will work on my words with friends.

Now the kids are arguing over what is going the notetaker of Acer's.  I love it when they get along and not when they argue.  They are getting along again for a few minutes.  Ah, the life with children!!!!!!!

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