Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 7-15

It is the middle of summer, the middle of July.  I think it is 88 degrees right now, which isn't too bad.  It could be in the 100s like it is for some of my friends.  I am thankful that it is not that hot and although there have been some days that were rather warm, nothing like in the 3 digits.

I tried the Valerian root last night but it didn't help.  I am not sure if it was because for some odd reason I was so awake at that time or if it was because I only took 1 at first and then another one an hour and a half later.  Either way, i didn't really fall asleep before about 5 am.  I am my normal tired today.  It has been suggested to combine some of the vitamins too such as a small amount of melatonin and the valerian root.  I will try this first and then try that.  I am going to get a book that one of the ladies in a support group suggests.  There is so much that can be done naturally instead of with chemicals that I want to try.  The book is called from fatigue to fantastic.  She says it has helped her a lot.  It has not cured her, which would make me super suspicious as there is no cure, but it has helped.  I am just looking for help.  I know there is no cure.  I figure every little bit adds up, right?  It can only not work for me.  I know my conditions, I know the medicines I have to take.  For example, I will never be able to not take the coumadin.  I have a blood disorder that causes blood clots so stopping a blood thinning medicine would not be good for me.  I also will have to continue with the reglan too because my stomach doesn't digest properly.  The last one is the synthroid because my thyroid doesn't work.  I do hope that Dr. R and I do find some headache medicine that will help lessen my headaches.  It is tiring having a headache every single day, all day long.  It never ends and hasn't for over 10 years.  This particular headache started in March of 2003 when I came down with the vasculitis.  It hasn't ended yet.  Yup, over 10 years at this point.  I can't remember not having a headache anymore just like I can't remember not being tired or having pain somewhere in my body (besides my head).

Tonight I will be cooking dinner.  Yes, that is what I wrote, don't faint, I am cooking.  I am grilling steak, then cutting it up to put in fried rice with asparagus.  With just Brandon and I this week, we won't have to cook a whole lot of food although we made a lot of rice so we could have some for the rest of the week.  Neither of us really like to cook that much.  I do plan for us to have Chipotle one night.  I don't know when that will be but one night.  The house is very quiet with just the to of us but it is a nice change.  I look forward to them all coming home but it is a nice change.  I do miss that little Maisy dog a lot already though.  She is such a sweet and lovable dog.  I simply adore her.  Not that anyone who has read this doesn't already know.  I do not miss the bop it noises though.  I must confess that.  The game is very loud and can be annoying but the joy Acer gets from it outweighs any annoyance it gives me.  Although, I can at times, ask him to play in a different room.  We didn't get any  bop it pinball in on Saturday because my headache was just too bad.

Well, it is time to cook some dinner for Brandon and I.  I am getting a little hungry and it is almost dinner time.

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