Monday, July 22, 2013

it's a boy and other things 7-22

Duchess Kate had a boy!!  A new prince!!!!  Oh!!!!  I wonder what they will name the little lad?  I am so excited you would think I am related to the Duchess myself!  (Trust me, I am so not - while my father's family are English - they were all pirates, the real kind, not the make believe stories - kings and queens probably only had contact with my ancestors to hang them).  My friend, Star and I are such royal watchers!  Heather B-T came into my room to tell me that Kate was in labor this morning (our time).  I was thrilled.  I watched face book as much as I could today let me tell you.  Now we are just waiting on the news on what they name it.  Star is hoping for Arthur, David, Spencer, and a few others.  Me?  I just want to know his name and see the little guys pictures.

Acer is home from camp now so the house is filled with music again.  He and I played band today and it was fun.  We had to have a review lesson yesterday because he hadn't practice in a week and forgot his songs.  Well, as soon as I played the one line in his music, he remembered his piano piece immediately.  He only forgot 1 line in his vocal piece so overall, Acer did really well.  I knew once we started going through the pieces, he would remember right away.  His memory for music is astonishing at times.  At camp, his friend wrote a piece of a song that is the chorus to a song they are writing.  We now know what chords are in it and what the structure is for the chorus.  It is actually quite good.  I am not surprised in a way because Acer's musical ability is so much higher than most children his age.  He is really an amazing musician.  I think he even thinks in music at times.  It is like a language that pours out of him.  Acer and I are working on chord structure now.  I think it is making even more sense now with the song that his friend wrote.  I hope they can continue to work on this during the school year.  I don't know how old the young man is, but he seems as gifted as Acer or close.  I think this will continue to inspire Acer to write his own music.  He writes little melodies now and we are going to be working on accompaniments for them shortly.

It seems so hard to believe that July is 2/3 over.  How fast did this month go?  Super fast or what?  It really did.  I am glad it is almost August though because there will be a couple of students coming back from vacation and a new one starting.  I had a lot stop for the summer, more than usual and with a smaller amount of students than I used to have, it makes a big difference when bill time comes.  I look forward to my school year when I have the regular amount.  I look back and wonder how I used to teach 50 to 60 students a week with no problem.  I taught 7 students one day and was totally exhausted.  It took about 2 days to get back to my, now, normal self!  It is just insane.  Anyways, I am going to be limiting how many lessons I have a day when school starts.  I just have too.  I can't have that many a day because it will be way too many and I will crash and burn.  I am so not up for another crash and burn hospital visit.  That is what happens when I crash and burn.  I end up in the hospital.  Well, not interested in having that happen again.  We have one family member in the hospital, I don't want to be the second one.  It is hard enough on my family to have Maia in the hospital and in the shape she is in.  I don't wish to be joining her.  I really don't so I am doing what I can to avoid that situation.  I know you can't always anticipate everything, but I am trying my best to anticipate that.

Ohh, I just realized, I didn't take my medicine today.  Whoops.  I didn't fill my pill container last night like I used to.  No wonder I am so light headed right now.  I forgot my anxiety medicine.  That also explains why my anxiety is rather high right now too.  Sometimes, I just forget so much.  Fibro fog needs to be gone from me!  Okay - I meant to do it earlier but I forgot when I left the counter.  I just need to take care of this in a few minutes.  Okay - I am done doing that!  I am trying to take Valerian Root at night to help with sleep.  I am now up to the recommended dosage of 3 capsules a 1/2 hour before bed so I hope it helps.  I really do.  I will find out and report on it.  One of my friends from Fibro Fighters on face book, suggested a combination of Valerian Root and Melatonin so if the Valerian Root alone doesn't work then I shall add the Melatonin.  She said about .5 mg at night.  I will try it next week if I need to.  Hmm, just learned something about Valerian root.  I think I will go back to Melatonin and increase the dosage.  Heather B-T just told me some of the side effects and precautions.  I need to research better.  I will.

It is almost dinner time!!!!  I am not sure what all we are having but it smells good.  Acer is helping.  It is so sweet that he likes to help.  He is a very helpful young man.  He really is and so is Calli.  I just got the 7 minute warning so time for me to go.

Pain level is a lot higher since I haven't had any pain medicine today so far.  My anxiety is also high for the very same reason.  I will take the evening dose of both the pain and the anxiety medicine with dinner.  I should learn not to forget this done!

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