Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Day Before! 6-30

I had Rick's lesson this afternoon.  He is taking piano now and doing very well.  He took voice for about 1 1/2 years and then decided to switch to piano.  He has 5 pieces he is working on.  I love the songs he is working on.  After his lesson Maisy and I spent some alone time together.  We had a bit of snuggle and I tried to nap because I was so tired all of a sudden but after about 15 minutes I couldn't sleep so Maisy and I came back down.

Yesterday, when I got home I commented on facebook about how wonderful the tea party was and one of my friends, Laura, wanted to know who the beautiful redhead was!  That was my friend, Star.  Well, she wants Star to be the model for her 2nd book in the trilogy.  I was very excited about that, so was Star.

Tomorrow is the appointment for the results.  I am getting a bit anxious now but not too bad.  My anxiety has been doing pretty well for the last few weeks after it being super high for no reason at the beginning of the month.  It was like, once there was a reason for higher anxiety, the anxiety went down.  I know, weird, isn't it?  My anxiety is just like that, weird.  Kathy is in town this weekend.  She is at her parents house tonight.  I will see her tomorrow.  We will have lunch after the appointment.  I know that the kids want to see her too because they have told me so.  I don't know if they will be coming to lunch or not.  I will find out tomorrow.  I am happy to see her even if it is not a good reason to see her.  I am always glad to see her even if the reason is sad or not a good reason.

The sun is so pretty today.  There is a nice breeze outside too.  Maisy and I did enjoy our time outside.  She was just groomed on Friday and I need a frame for the picture of her for my piano.  She looks so adorable in the picture.  She did really well for our drive.  She didn't try to get in my lap too much today like some days.  Some days, she wants to ONLY be in my lap and that is not good because she can't be.  It is too hot to drive if she is in my lap.  Today she was happy in the passenger seat.  I simply adore that lovely little dog.  I tell her all the time how much I love her and how sweet she is.  I also tell her she is also the cutest little girl dog ever.  I think she is aware of how much I adore her or as aware as a little dog can be.

I am watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent right now.  I have missed most of the episode but it is really just for something to watch as I type.  I tried to call Kathy but she is either on the phone or it is turned off.  It wasn't a big deal because I will see her tomorrow.  Bill is getting things ready to make dinner.  I think he may be grilling dinner but I am not sure.  I am just sitting at the table to stay out of the way.  Sometimes, it is just the best thing to do when others are busy in the kitchen.

I was watching Soldier of Fortune.  It is rated R so I watch it when the kids aren't around.  I wasn't in the mood to watch it this afternoon after about 15 minutes.  It is an action movie, but since I was watching it right before I got really tired, I had to turn it off when I went upstairs.

Well, I am going to play the words with friends for a bit.  I am now on book 3 of the O'Malley series, "The Truth Teller".  It is the book about Lisa and Quinn.  I have read them before and truly really enjoyed them so much.  The are books by Dee Henderson.  She is an excellent author.  I love all her books.  They are filled with just the amount of suspense and romance.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afternoon Tea 6-29

I went to a surprise birthday tea party this afternoon.  It was a lot of fun.  It was for my friend, Star's mom, Paula, who is also my friend.  3 of her friends were there as well as another friend of both Star and Paula.  We had many good giggles all afternoon and into the evening.  It was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon/early evening.  Paula was completely surprised by this.  Star really surprised her mom with this one.  I am so glad that she did.  It really put a smile on her mother's face.  Star's grandmother passed away last month and both Star and Paula are still in the beginning steps of grieving so to have a little celebration of Paula's birthday was a good thing for Paula.  It is hard to have a birthday so close to the death of a loved one.  We both are so proud that we are Momma's girls.  Star is a momma's girl too.  Neither one of us regret any of the time we spent with our mothers, not one moment.  We also spent most of our lives living with our mothers too so both of us (and Star too) are very close to our moms.  Star is very close to Paula just like Paula was to Marion.  Marion was a wonderful woman.  She really was.  I had lost touch with the family for a few years and it was right after Momma died that I got back into touch with them.  They were very sad to hear about Momma's passing and that she had Alzheimer's.  Marion and Momma always got along so well.  I really enjoyed meeting 2 of Paula's friends who I had never met before.  Colette, Paula's best friend and Star's Godmother, I had met many years ago.  She is a beautiful woman.  Annette and Marguerite were very nice too.  Like I said, we share many a good laugh and a wonderful afternoon/evening.  Now it is nighttime and I am getting more tired.  I think it is almost time for bed.  This day was good.  Nina had her lesson and then Maisy and I ran a few errands.  I had to go to the bank, get something to eat and drink and also a gift certificate for Paula's birthday, all this through drive thrus, otherwise, I wouldn't haven't taken Maisy.  It is just too warm to leave her in the car plus I am not comfortable doing that whether or not it is too warm.  She is just too precious.  If I have to get out of the car, I won't bring her. She was not too happy with me because I wasn't bringing her until Brandon came up and played with her while I escaped.  Maisy then went happily downstairs with Brandon and spent the afternoon with him until Heather B-T and Calli came home.  She seemed happy to see me too when I came home.  She was at the groomer's yesterday and her coat is so smooth and soft now.  It was pretty soft before but now it is super duper soft.  She looks so sweet with the little red, white, and blue bow in her hair.  They took a picture of her there and Heather B-T gave it to me.  I am going to get a frame for it and put it on the piano.  I now have my own picture of Maisy.  I have some on my phone too and on my camera, but this is an official from the groomer's photo so that makes it even more special.  She also got a report card and they said Maisy did really good.  I had no doubt that she would!  She is such a good girl (okay - except when she pees or poops in the house).  She did pee in fear today but only a little bit. I cleaned it up right away.  It was because Nina's father came in to look at my schedule.  Maisy is afraid of some men.  Sad, but true.  She does love Brandon and Bill so that is good or we would have a bit of a problem in the house.

Well, I need to text a friend my contact info since she lost all contact info on her phone.  I also need to check up on my word with friends.  I haven't played all day.  I may not play tonight.  I don't know.  I will see.

2 more days until I know.  ugh, this waiting is hard!  10 am on Monday cannot come fast enough!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A lovely day 6-27

I can see the beautiful carpet rose bush my mother planted when I graduated with my master's degree from the dining room window.  It is the one bush (besides the Japanese Maple Tree in the front yard) that will be staying in the landscape.  The others will come and go as Heather B-T pleases.  She said that that one will stay as a memory of my mother.  Not too mention it blooms every year and it is simply gorgeous.  I love roses best of all.  I love pink roses best but it is fitting that this particular plant is red as that was Momma's favorite type of roses.

I am hoping that the results of the biopsy would have been posted today but no such luck.  It is the wait and see mode.  Kathy is coming in from Kalamazoo this weekend to come with me on Monday.  I am so lucky and blessed that she is missing work to come to such an important appointment with me.  How cool is that?  Heather B-T will, of course, be there too.  I will need the support of the two of them to hear the results.  If it is not cancer, we will all sigh a sigh of relief and if it is, I will need the 3 of us to hear what to do next.  With me being partially deaf, I am nervous that I will not hear everything I need to hear when it is said.  This is too important to miss anything.  I am not nervous or worried too much because at this point it is either cancer or it isn't.  If it is, I just want to know the plan and get going on it.

Shelly had her lesson today.  She is from India and has a doctorate in Eastern Music.  She is applying for music at Oakland University.  Personally, she shouldn't have to audition, I mean she has a doctorate already but I am not in charge so we are working on preparing her.  She has a lovely voice and is such a sweet woman!  We had a brief chat about dance as she also does Eastern Dance.  I loved dance so much.  It is my dream to dance again someday.

I have been losing weight this past few months.  I am down 22 pounds since about April.  I am no longer on the Amitriptilin medicine (sorry - I can't spell it properly) for headaches so I am not gaining anymore weight.  The new medicine doesn't make you gain weight, it helps you lose weight and as I have about 165 more pounds to go, I am happy with this new trend.  It also curbs your appetite, which I find very, very useful.  I don't crave things very often so that is good.  It also is helping me with portion control, which is something I have been working on for a year now.  I am doing pretty well overall with the food cravings and portions control.  I am glad that for once, the medicine I am taking is helping me to lose weight as oppose to gaining weight, which is what Lyrica and the Amitryptilin caused me to do.  Yes, I was overweight to begin with but I gained 80 pounds on Lyrica and 20 on Amitryptilin so that is an extra 100 pounds that I really didn't need to gain.  Now, however, I am on the proper track.  The new headache medicine seems to be working better too.  My bad headaches aren't as many during the week as they were and they don't seem to last as long.  I am hoping that they will continue to improve this summer so that I can be able to go back to singing in the choir at church.  I do so miss it.

Saturday will be a tea for one of my friend's mom's birthday.  I want to get her a gift card and meet my friend for tea.  I like seeing her every few weeks.  I know that Calli and Acer really like her too.  Star is a very nice young lady.  She is 26 now and on her birthday said that I have officially have known her for 20 years now, which is true.  I met Star when she was 6 years old and was starting piano lessons.  I didn't see her during her later teen years and early 20s but we reconnected a couple of years ago.  I am so glad for face book for that because that is how I reconnected with her.  One of Natalie and Hannah Muglia's friend, Gabrielle, was friends with Star and I recognized her name so I clicked on her name and sure enough, it was the same girl!!!!!  Anyways, we are friends again and that is a good thing.

Acer and I are having tea while I am about to read "the Mouse and the Motorcycle".  It is his favorite book.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday 6-26

I have been doing a lot of thinking about people in my life and those that are more toxic than others.  I have been working on trying to lessen my exposure to the toxic people but for a couple of people I have been failing miserably on.  Not anymore.  After listening to a few hours of constant putting me down and my friends, I am done.  I will not tolerate it anymore.  Seriously, you do not have to like my friends, this is true, however, they are my friends and I like them.  This person does not know them.  They have only met them a few times and basically have been down on them since day one.  I think it is because of pure jealousy.  If the biopsy is cancer, then I will do what I need to do.  If it is not, then I will breathe a sigh of relief and continue on.  Either way, I will still need a house to live in.  According to Tilley, if it is cancer, I cannot live in my house.  I don't get it either.  I did finally ask her flat out where she thought I should live and she didn't have an answer.  Well, I plan to live in my house.  I do need a place to live and to teach.  As for who will take care of me.  I will cross that bridge when it comes and I have had several friends say that they would help me so I think I will be covered.  I don't wish to be a burden, but on the other hand, I do not have family members who can easily help me.  Andrew is in London, Ontario and cannot come over here and Richard is in Seattle and not speaking to me so that leaves them both out.  Fortunately, I have good friends.  I live with good friends now.  We will work on this together if in fact it is cancer.  I am anxious for an answer, only because I want to know what to do next if it is.  I will see my doctor in a few days so I will know one way or the other.

The biopsy itself was not bad like I expected.  I was so nervous because I have never had anything like it before but it was pretty much pain free except for a few little pinch-like feeling for the numbing stuff. I had to lay on my side for over an hour and not move and I did it!  That was my biggest concern that I wouldn't be able to do that with the pain issues I have but I did.  They gave me some pain medicine and some other medicine to help relax me.  Together they really helped a lot.  I had to "participate", which is why they couldn't knock me out like I had hoped but since it didn't really hurt, hey, it was no problem.  I had to hold my breath a lot, small breaths though so the kidney wouldn't move too far from where the needle was at.  It took a long time but it didn't seem like a long time.

It has been a decent day.  I had Elli and Allison for lessons.  Elli is such a sweetheart.  She is working really hard on piano.  Allison is a singer.  We started something completely different for her.  We are now working on "The Lord's Prayer".  We rarely do English classical music as usually we do just Italian but we added and English one in addition to the Italian.

The other night, I as re-reading some old journal entries on my live journal.  Wow, they were all about mom.  I wrote an awful lot about her.  I sure miss her a lot.  I suspect I always will.

Pain level isn't too bad tonight.  Even the biopsy area isn't too bad.  I only have the regular headache tonight whereas earlier it was a bit more than regular.

Well, onto playing words with friends and then reading.  I do hope you are having a good night too!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

One of the Best Blogs for Fibro Award!

I am so excited!  My blog has been named one of the top Fibro Blogs.  I am very excited about this.  It is such an honor.

Today is a Maisy and I day.  We are enjoying hanging out together.  Acer comes home from camp today.  I sure miss that Little Man.  Heather B-T and Bill have gone to pick him up.  It has been super quiet this week without Acer here.  I can't wait to hear how camp was.  Since no one heard from him, we are under the belief that he had a good time and was very busy.  I will find out tonight, unless they arrive too late and he has to go right to bed.

I am watching Rizzoli and Isles.  I am on Disc 3, season 2 so I will be ready for the new season.  I have seen this episode before but it is a good one and I can't remember how it ends.

This coming week is going to be an interesting one.  I have a test tomorrow that I am not sure what will happen after.  I hate being in limbo.  I just need to know so I can plan.  ugh, it is the limbo that is hard.  Well, there isn't much I can do about waiting so I guess I will just learn to be more patient.

Well, not much is going on so I don't have much to write today.  My left arm is sore today.  I am not sure why.  I hope it isn't too sore tomorrow because i will have to hold it over my head for the CT scan biopsy.  They did say they would give pain medicine so I am glad about that.  I also hope they give me some relaxation medicine too because I am really nervous since I have never been through this before.

Star will be coming over this evening for tea.  Maisy loves Star.  She is such a sweet girl.  She will be teaching dance this fall at a dance studio near her house!  I am very excited about this for her.  Star is a wonderful dancer.  I miss dance so much but trust me, I am sooooo not in shape for dance.  I have lost weight but not enough for dance yet.  I am glad that I am finally losing weight.  It is nice to have the scale is going the proper direction instead of up and up and up.  I hope that it won't take super long to lose all the weight i need to lose.  I figure about a year or so.  I don't expect that it will stop the pain or anything from Fibro completely, but I do think it will help or that is my hope.  I know that losing all the weight will not cure my fibro and anything else that is wrong with me.  But I do know that it will help with the arthritis pain and pressure.

I am waiting for Star to text so I am just going to watch an episode right now.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Oh my!  Is it Friday already?  This week seems to have blown on by.    I have 2 lessons tonight, Natalie and Robyn.  They are both singers.  Tomorrow is just Sally and Rick.  I have no lessons on Sunday, which is when Rick often has his lessons when he is in town.  He spends part time here and part time traveling.  He has been to so many places around the world.  He also spends a lot of time in Hawaii.  I have been to Hawaii, well, Maui anyway.  It was beautiful.  I went for a writing conference.  I went a few days early so I could see a bit of Maui.  Originally, Momma and I were planning to spend 2 weeks in Hawaii with the conference being at the end of the vacation when we had to shorten it because she was laid off her job.  I was disappointed because I really wanted to visit the other islands with her but we had been on several vacations together before that and several after.  Mom was always fun to go on vacation with.  She really was.  I loved going to new places with her but after we went to a new place and she was so upset and confused, we had to come home early.  I just couldn't have her be that upset and confused during a vacation.  That was why we went to Disney World so many times at the end of her life.  She knew that place and loved it.  Yes, she wouldn't remember that we were there, but while we were there, she would remember the place and relax and have fun.  We even belonged to the Disney Vacation club before I had to give it up because we lost the store.  That was awesome.  We went to Disney Vero Beach for New Year's Eve once too with Richard and his family.  That was a blast.  Mom and I had a lot of fun at that resort and so did Richard and family.  Abby was 5 and William was 3 when we went.  Momma and I had one room and Richard and family had another room.  They were really nice rooms.  We stayed until January 2 and then we went home.

I would like to go there again someday.

We have a big carpet rose plant in the back yard.  Maisy is flirting with Brandon right now.  It is the cutest and sweetest thing EVER!  I just love that little dog!  She was very playful with Robyn today too.  Maisy loves Robyn and comes and sits by her during her lesson unless Heather B-T is home.  If Heather B-T is home, well, Maisy is mostly with her.  Maisy is back near me.

We have a new side board in the dining room now.  Mom's old dresser that was in Heather B-T and Bill's room is now in the dining room.  We will have much more room to store stuff now!  yeah!!!!  I am not, however, looking forward to going through the boxes on top of the dresser though.  Yuck for that but yeah for more space to store things in.  I can put some of the office supplies that do not fit in the music room in one of the drawers.  That will help a lot.  I also am going to be working on pictures so they can go in another drawer.  Ah, slowly the house is coming together.  The new-to-us dresser/chest of drawers set looks very nice in Heather B-T and Bill's room.  Maisy probably won't like that she can't hide underneath it but she can hide underneath the one down here.

My room is a disaster area.  I have come to the conclusion that I am just ready to blow my room up and start over.  Okay - so I know this is not really recommended so I won't.  I do have to start working on my room because eventually, we will be pulling all the carpet up off of the upstairs stairs, hallways, and bedrooms, including mine!  This will help with asthma for me that is for sure and be easier to clean too. The carpets are old but they are in okay shape.  I have no idea what the hardwood floor looks like underneath them though.  That is the scary part.  I don't know if they are in good shape or not.  I am hoping that they are not in too horrible of shape but until we pull them, I just don't know.  I have a Mary Kay starter box in my room that I don't want.  I was interested in it about 5 years ago but then I found out how much inventory I needed to buy and all in all, I just didn't have the money to invest.  I also don't have a lot of friends who had money at that time to purchase the stuff either.  I don't particularly like the pyramid type things either so that put me off too.  I just want the two mirrors and the rest can go as I don't think any of the makeup is good since it is 5 years old.  Makeup only lasts for about a year before it goes bad.  I just need to remember to ask Brandon to take it out to the garbage.  I keep forgetting.  The other boxes of stuff are from Mom's room.  Some are clothes and other Disney stuff.  I will go through them and see what I want and what I don't.  I am not sure at this point.  I think some of the t-shirts can go to Calli if she wants them or I will donate them.  I have her favorite t-shirt and that is one I will keep for sentimental sake for myself.

Well, I am finished with lessons now.  I have been watching Rizzoli and Isles on DVD.  I have really enjoyed the episodes a lot.  I am on season 2, disc 2, episode 3 on the disc.  Speaking of DVDs, Calli and I have been going through mine so I can decide which ones I am donating and which ones I am keeping.  I have a big pile of those that I am not keeping.  I am keeping quite a few, but ones that I have seen way way way too many times or didn't really like, are going.  We have to go through the ones that are in the family room too.  I know there are some in there I don't want.  I also know that I have some duplicates of DVDs too.  I am just not sure which ones are duplicates at this point.  The duplicates will go to the Muglia kids.  Now that I don't watch as much TV, I am pickier on what DVDs I will buy.  I don't see a lot of movies right now.  I go through modes where I see a lot of movies and TV and then there are times when I don't.  Right now, I am not watching a lot.  I am reading a lot more these days.  I am now on book 2 of the O'Malley series.  They are simply wonderful!!!!!  I love the entire series so much!!!  Dee Henderson is one of my favorite authors ever.  I also love: (not in any order of importance) Angela Hunt, Bertrice Small, Catherine Coulter, J. K. Rowlings, Danielle Steele, Melody Carlson, Michael Phillips, Lawana Blackwell, Kristin Hannah, Diane Chamberlain, just to name a few. I can't think of any others, although I know that I have many other authors that I love too!  Of course, my absolutely all time favoritist favorite author is Lucy Maud Montgomery of the Anne of Green Gables fame!  Everything she has written is simply brilliant and beautiful!!  I think I have read everything she has ever written that is available to this date.  I also have all the Anne books on my nook, naturally.  It isn't enough to have them in paper, nope, not me!  I have to have them available on my nook in case I am having a bad day and need to read my Anne books to feel better.  I have 3 Anne dolls, 1 Diana doll, and several Anne figurines as well as a poster.  We are going to make an Anne of Green Gables shelf in my room for all my Anne things.  It was so funny, last week Bill and Brandon were clearing out some shelves and they came across some Anne things.  Bill didn't even have to ask if I wanted those or not, he immediately put them on the keep shelf.  He and Heather B-T know me well.

This is a rather long one so I will end this post now.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The ever enchanting Calli

I am watching Ella Enchanted with Calli.  She and I recently read the book so she wanted to see the movie again.  I haven't seen this in a long time so it is nice to see again.  I love Anne Hathaway too.  She is an amazing actress!  I do love the movie though.  It is quite different from the book.  The ending of this movie is very, very different from the book.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.  Brandon made dinner.  It was good.  Calli and I have also been getting into having soup for lunch.  Bear Creek brand is a really good soup.  We had Potato soup on Tuesday and Tortilla soup yesterday.  Today's was cream of wild rice.  So far, Calli and I agree that the Potato soup is the favorite.  All 3 are good, but the potato is really the best.  We have a few kinds to still try.

Maisy is lying next to me here in the dining room.  We had a couple of good snuggles today.  I love my Maisy and I snuggles.  I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday.  I ended up in the ER at Midnight on Tuesday.  I just couldn't handle the pain anymore.  I was patched up and sent home, as Bill calls it at about 3:45 am or so.  I think I slept almost all of yesterday with a few hours here and there awake.  I was so tired from sleeping even less than usual because of all the pain I was having.  Now, that pain is okay so I am back to as normal as I get.

I am finished with the 1st disc to season 2 of the Rizzoli and Isles.  I really like this show a lot.  Next Tuesday is the season premier of season 3.  I have 2 more episodes on this disc and then a few on the 3rd disc.  This episode is really weird with witches and covens but I love this show.

I am not sure what is up for me this weekend.  I have one lesson on Saturday and one on Sunday.  I have a couple tomorrow too.  I am re-reading the O'Malley series on my nook.  They are soooooo good.  Kathy has just got to read them.

I have this weird pain in my right side for some strange reason.  I am not sure but it has been there for a few weeks now.  Just another weird symptom to add to my list, I suppose!!!

Well, Maisy and I are going upstairs.  It is time to read before bed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday 6-16

Today is Father's Day.  Happy Father's Day Momma!  She was the best Mom and Dad ever.  I wish she didn't have to do both jobs, but she did them.

It has been a quiet day today.  Acer is at Music Camp and so far, we haven't heard anything from them so he must be having a good time.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  This is just so up his alley.  Music is such a part of Acer's soul that it comes out whether or not he wants it to or not.  I think one of the most often spoken words in the house are "Acer stop with the noises".  Calli, Bill, and Brandon went to Bill's parents house for dinner.  I am sure they are having a good day.  Heather B-T and I both have sore throats and are not feeling up to par so she stayed home.  I had one lesson.  Rick asked for some duet music for he and his girlfriend so I pulled out the Andrew Lloyd Webber book and a Patriotic book that I thought they would both enjoy.

After the lesson I took a long nap as I was so tired from not feeling so well.  I think I slept for about 3 hours or so.  I am planning to go to bed early as I took some nighttime cold medicine and I am getting rather tired now.

I am watching Rizzoli and Isles disc 3 season 1 episode 2.  I haven't seen this episode before, well, I actually haven't really seen any of season 1 episodes but they are are good.  Season 3 starts June 25.  I am looking forward to it.  This is a really good episode.  The cop who was shot is actually the leader of the drug ring.  I did not suspect him at all.  Then again, I don't try to figure out who is good and who is bad in these shows.  I just watch them.  Now I just need to watch Season 2.

Maisy was so cute last night.  I was sitting on the edge of Heather B-T's bed and she was trying to get my attention.  Heather B-T took a picture of us.  I posted it on Facebook.

I had my CT scan results and I need to get a biopsy.  I am trying not to worry about it but sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  I am not sure when the test is, but I plan on taking the first one available.  I am not waiting around on this one.

Well, off to more Rizzoli and Isles before some fun reading before bed!  I am re-reading the O'Malley series.  I love those books so much!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

a lovely June evening 6-8

Maisy was not feeling too well this morning.  She also had a bit of a mishap this evening as Heather B-T and crew were getting ready to leave.  She seems to be much better now.  Maisy has learned to get herself up onto the princess table and stare out the music room window and watch the world go by.  I simply adore that little dog.  We had a bit of a snuggle this evening.  We both needed it.  She is in the music room right now, I think.  I am going to check.  Yup, that is where she was.

Heather B-T and crew have arrived home.  Maisy is happiest when we are all home.  She is going up to  Heather B-T's room now for her nighttime snuggles.  She sleeps in Heather B-T and Bill's room.  Maisy does come into my room when Heather B-T and Bill are gone.  Then she gets helped into my bed and we snuggle.  Her favorite place to sleep in my room is directly behind knees.  I don't mind though.

I was watching more of the Rizzoli and Isles again tonight.  Calli is exercising right now before her shower.  I am almost ready to go up and read before bed.  I was so tired this afternoon that I had to take a nap after Rick's lesson.  Sometimes, I think on days that I don't have as much planned and I finish things I need to do early, I get more tired.  I wonder why?  Maybe because I don't have as much planned?  I don't know.

Tomorrow Calli and I are going to pick up a container for the Easter Decorations that are still on the piano.  I think that I also want to look at the stuff on top of the china cabinet and maybe in the display cabinet too.  I will see.

Well, time to go up for reading.  I am reading "an Amish Christmas".  I have read it before and it is really good.  I have so many books on my nook to read.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 7 Already???

It occurred to me last night as Heather B-T was telling Calli that while She, my friend, Star, and I all have problems with fatigue and Star and I have Fibromyalgia that not all women have this problem.  I never really thought about it but by pointing that out, it made me realize that most of the women that Calli sees on a daily basis do have major health issues.  Both her mom and I have bad headaches, we have both been hospitalized for them too.  I was in the hospital just last month.  Many of my friends have fibro too.  I am glad that Heather B-T did point this out to Calli as I don't want her to think she will get this as she gets older too.  She did say she didn't think she would get this and I had to smile.  I so hope she stays as healthy and as active as she is!  She is truly a delight to have around.  Not only her but her little brother, Acer too.  Last Saturday, I had Acer to myself and we had so much fun.  We were busy bees that day let me tell you.  I was rather worn out that night but it was so worth it to spend the time with the Little Mister Man.

Tonight, I am spending a quiet night with the lovely miss Maisy.  She is such a beauty!  Okay - I will have to admit that she is rather aggressive at times and can be mean but all in all she is a sweet dog.  She does bark a lot but hey, she is a dog!  She was lying on my bed this morning.  After Heather B-T gets up and takes the kids to school, Maisy comes into my room and hops onto my bed.  If I have to leave then she goes to Brandon who is usually is sleeping downstairs since it is summer and his school is out right now.

Everyone has arrived home now just in time for the kids to get ready for bed.  I have a couple of lessons tomorrow and nothing really planned on Sunday.  I think I am going to work on the music room on Sunday because I have some things that need to be done and since I don't have any lessons or appointments, it would be a good day to do this.  Most of the vocal music is put away and labelled correctly.  I have about 25 or so books that need to have their songs listed in the catalogue but that is almost done now too.  I am in the middle of switching the CD cases out still.  I haven't done any since I did the first drawer.  I need to do the 2nd and the 3rd drawer as well as all the original CDs.  Sammy will be helping me in the next few weeks so that is awesome.  She is so helpful.  Sam is a wonderful student, too.

I have been feeling rather tired these last few days because last week I was up early for an entire week in a row.  My anxiety was way through the roof but now it is back to normal and has been for a couple of days now.  I am about to go and read for a bit before going to bed.  I love my nook.  I wasn't sure that I would, but I really, really do!  It is the best thing ever.  It is definitely one of the best things I ever got.  I didn't think so since I love reading books, but I have become a e-reader fanatic.  Kathy was right when she said I would love it.  I also like how we get some free books every week too.

Well, time to read before bed.