Saturday, March 2, 2013

I can't believe it is Saturday already and March 2!!!!!!

Where did the week go?  I got home on Sunday from competition and pretty much flopped into bed.  I had to get up earlier than usual Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I was rather tired.  I am still really tired from competition.  Tomorrow, Karlyn's brother, Ted and his friend, Hans are coming to take the furniture out of the house and store it in Karlyn's and Ted's mother's house.  I am glad she can use the furniture and that this will help her.  I like the furniture but it just isn't something I can use.  I would have to re-stuff the cushions and really, it isn't for everyday use.  It is company only furniture and I need everyday furniture in the living room since I have children and their parents coming for lessons.  This way we will also have space for a TV downstairs too.  That will be good and once we have everything sorted, it will work out much better.

I am pleased with how well my 3 girls did at competition.  Sarah was ill and still was able to play.  She received 3rd place in piano with her classical piece, Quadrille by Haydn.  I was so happy for her because this was her first piano competition ever.  Natalie and Rebecca did well too.  Rebecca received 1st in all 4 of her categories and Natalie came home with 2 1sts, 1 2nd, and 1 3rd.  It was her first competition too.  I do expect that someday both Natalie and Rebecca will be in voice open and that Sarah will be in Piano Open.  The open categories are for the very advanced musicians.  With how ambitious Sarah is on learning the piano, I do expect her to advanced like she has been.  She is a delight to teach, simply delightful.  Sarah is eager to learn and learn correctly.  She takes corrections very well. I am so pleased about that.  It is so lovely to work with a student that wants to learn so much.

My nook had been giving me issues last night and today.  I thought it was me.  Well, to my surprise, it wasn't!  Thank goodness for that!  Everything is now downloaded and ready to read.  I love my nook.  Kathy has an iPhone now.  She has been saving her birthday and Christmas money so she finally got one.  She is so excited about it.  I spoke to her on the phone for a long while today.  It was so sweet how excited she was about her iPhone!  Now, of course, I want one.  Well, I don't need one and I just upgraded my phone so no new phone needed for me.  I love my new phone a lot.  It takes pretty good pictures too.  i just have to download them on the flash drive and then copy them to my computer.  This is supposed to be easily done so we shall see.  I am not that technically advanced at times.

I have the coolest arrangement of On My Own and I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables for my students.  I just have to dig out the original CDs and then copy them for the students.  As a teacher, I am allowed to copy 1 copy of music and CD for each student.  They cannot use it in a live performance, but for practicing they can.  I have a new student starting next Saturday.  Her name is Jennifer and she wants to sing in church.  Kirbie had her last saxophone lesson for a while.  Her dad has to take a 20% pay cut so out goes the lessons.  I am sorry as she was such a sweet girl and worked pretty hard.  She needed to learn how to tongue her notes and how to slur them.  Now, Kirbie is an expert at those techniques.  Kirbie also was fun to teach.  Her mom was so nice too.  We went over a few musical terms that Kirbie will be needing for band class.  I hope to see her in the fall when things get better for them.  I didn't have Brooklynn's lesson today.  She got the week I was at competition mixed up.  I will see her on Thursday before choir.  I may be a bit late, but that will be okay.  We often start a few minutes late to begin with.  This past week, Carolyn and I were the only sopranos at rehearsal.  We sang some new songs too.  I really like the music that we are doing in choir.  I just hope to be able to make it to church soon.  My head is usually so bad at that early in the morning that I have given up hope on being able to go to church.  I hope with the new medicine, it will work.

I started the new medicine last night.  One of the side effects is actually weight loss.  I am actually hoping to have that side effect as I manage to gain weight with every other medicine that has a weight gain as a side effect, especially Lyrica.  80 pounds in 6 months.  Yup, not fair!  Wouldn't it be nice if it was 80 pounds gone in 6 months?  That would be simply beautiful, just beautiful.

So far, the new living arrangement is going quite well.  Maisy is so cute.  I went to take a nap the other day and she hopped up on my lap to join me.  She is such a cute dog.  I had no idea I would like living with 2 furbabies.  Calli keeps her dog with her at all times so it isn't like he is running around.  He is pretty well behaved too.  He is good with Calli who can't sit still to save her life.  He takes her moving around in stride.  Maisy is very attached to Heather.  She follows Heather everywhere.  It is so sweet.  She sleeps in the same room as Heather too.  I like when Maisy comes up to me but basically, she just likes being around Heather.  Acer and Calli have seemed to adapted to the new living arrangement.  Acer even commented about something being at the old house so that is good that he is adjusting.  Calli likes her new room.  I think the bedrooms are a bit bigger but not by much.  Our house looks bigger because the garage is attached.  I think we 5 fit in here very well.  I still have my room (which is in need of re-organizing!).  I did have the option of moving into mom's room, but I really didn't want to because I really like my room.  I am going to transfer the curtains in Heather and Bill's room to my room.  It will brighten up my room and the way their bed is, they need shorter curtains.  Bill brought the light out of Calli's old room to be placed in her new room since the light in there is hanging from the ceiling.  All in all, I feel that this arrangement will really help all of us.

Well, onto copying my choir music from the flash drive and then to reading before bed!!!!  :)

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  1. Well it certainly sounds as if you've been busy! And the weight gain with Lyrica...yep, a good 60plus for me to. Still trying to get it off since I had to change to gabapentin. Have a good weekend.