Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013

I went to get my protime blood test today.  I get this every month because of the coumadin that I take.  My blood has to be checked to see if it is in what my doctor calls therapeutic level (between 2 and 3).  If my blood is above 3, then I have to lower the dosage, if it is lower than 2, then I have to raise the dosage.  Lately, it has been between 2 and 3 for the last couple of months so I am happy about that.  So many variables can change your blood thinness.  Things like the weather, food, stress, and sometimes for no reason whatsoever so it has to be monitored rather carefully.  Well, when I got my test done, I decided to get weighed.  I lost 3 more pounds so for this month, I have lost 5 pounds total, which brings my total to 27 pounds.  I have passed the dreaded 25 mark and I am now on to the 30 pound mark.

I had dinner with Wendy tonight.  It was a lot of fun.  We got their 2 dinners for $25 special and I tried something new!  Yes, me!  The girl who gets the same thing every time I go!  Not this time!  I got the spicy shrimp something.  I ate 1/2 of it (and all of the shrimp of course) and I have the rest for lunch tomorrow!  I just can't forget that I have it.  Wendy is hoping that she will be able to attend the nursing home concert to see Jennie perform and my students.  I have a few phone calls to make for my student, Shelly tomorrow.  She is auditioning for universities for music performance and I need to get some more info for her and for me so I know what to prepare for her.  She is really nice and is also going to perform at the nursing home, however, she is going to sing an eastern music song.  It will be different and I think that everyone will enjoy it.  I know the kids will so I think the residents will too.

I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones today.  Well, outside of there being so many characters to keep track of and I did need to turn my head a couple of times while there were a couple of beheadings but other than that, I did like it.  So far, I think it is something that Kathy and I can watch together (well, kind of together) and then talk about.  It is something we can do together anyway, which is what we wanted.  We wanted to find something we could do together even though we live far away from each other.  I am glad so far that we do have this at least at this point.  We shall see how long I can watch this.  If it stays the graphicness that the first episode had in it, then I can deal with it.  If it gets more, well, then, I am not sure as I don't do blood very well.  Although today was the first day I actually watched the nurse draw my blood.  I have never seen it before.  I usually turn away because I can't stand the sight of blood.  Kathy is much better at that than I am.  I could deal with it if the kids hurt themselves.  I would be grossed out but I could deal with it.  I think when you are the only one around who can deal with the issue, you do what you have to or at least that is what I am told.  So far, I love the girls long hair.  I miss my long hair.  I am growing it out again.  This time, I will not be conned into cutting it because someone doesn't like how long my hair was getting.  I thought or I bought into the idea that it would help my headaches.  Well, it made absolutely zero difference to my headaches.  I still had bad headaches with the shorter hair so I am not cutting off my hair.  I got my bangs trimmed a couple of weeks ago and they are crooked!  yes, crooked!  I am so unhappy about that.  In a few weeks when it grows out some more, I will have Heather B-T fix this issue.  I prefer my bangs to be a bit longer than they are right now.

Project Runway is on right now.  It is the unconventional challenge.  The designers had to go to Coney Island and win the materials for their outfits.  It is also a team challenge and some of the teams are doing well and others are not.  It is an interesting show, I think.  I love sewing.  I have no desire to be a professional seamstress or designer but I do like watching these type shows.  I find them interesting.  I don't like any other type of reality shows but this one.  Design Star for HGTV was okay but this is better.

Maisy is looking so adorable right now.  She is lying down with her face on her paws.  I so love that dog so much.  I had no idea that it was possible to love a dog that much.  I do know now how much a person can love a dog because that dog is one of the lights of my life.  Maisy helps my anxiety go down and she makes me smile.  Very little can make me smile faster than that little, fluffy, cutie pie of a dog.  She is such a sweet dog too.  Okay, I must confess though, she does bark a lot and well, I don't like that.  Maisy also has been known to well, do doggie business in the house.  I don't like that either but outside those two things, I love everything about her.  Maisy is a very special dog.  I am glad Heather B-T got her.  I just wish she was a bit better behaved about the excess barking and the occasional doggie business in the house.

Pain level is pretty normal today except for the morning headache and the evening headache.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a really bad headache and I had to take something for it.  I also had to take something again at 5 am.  It is really getting so upsetting that my head hurts so much at night still.  I am hoping this will improve soon.  The headaches over all have improved during the day but at night and in the morning they are still really bad especially when I go to bed.  I am tired of headaches more so than body aches although I still have body aches, they are not as overwhelming as the headaches.  The headaches overwhelm me more than anything.  I also have more issues with the fatigue that comes with the fibro more than the body aches.  I get tired so easy like so many.  I can have energy in the middle of the night for about an hour and when it is daytime, well, I can have no energy when I need it.

I wanted to work on the music room this week but with what was going on with Bill, we just didn't get to it.  Maybe tomorrow I will do something by myself.  I have the office supplies boxes that I want to move into the dining room dresser sideboard so they won't be stacked in the music room next to the filing cabinets.  I still have to move the Easter stuff off of the other piano and the stuff on top of the filing cabinets need to be sorted also but overall, it is just refining the room and decluttering a few spots so it will be ready for teaching.  That is my goal.  To have the room ready for teaching by the end of August.  The CDs need to be split up into the 2 drawers.  I have the 2nd drawer ready for the CDs.  I have the music mostly put away.  The stuff that is not put away is stuff I am currently using.  I will have to start bringing out the Christmas and competition music in September.  I have the rest of August to make the finishing touches to the room.  I have some pictures I also want to put up too.  I am not sure where I want to put the ballet shoes, music sheets, and roses picture as well as the cello and roses picture.  They were once in my room but when I moved rooms, I never put them back up.  I am glad now since I think they will fit perfect in the music (living) room.  The living room has been transformed into the music room since it is the room I teach in.  It works out really well because the student walks in, takes their shoes off, and then turns immediately left into the living room where the music is.  They do not have to step farther into the house and since it is the first room in the house, the kids can play anywhere else in the house without worrying about making too much noise.  It truly is the best setup.  I am thankful for it.  I really like teaching here at home.  I have a place to rest in between the lessons and if I need some music, I have the music at my fingertips.

Well, time for words with friends and then a bit of reading before bed.  I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow already.  Wow, this week sure did fly by!

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