Saturday, October 12, 2013

Busy Bees 10-12

We were such busy bees around here today.  Acer and I went to the music store to get some cleaning supplies for the cornet and then we had to go to a different store to take the cornet in for a good cleaning.  I want this done because it has been so long since it has had a good cleaning.  Since Acer is very serious about the trumpet, I should be serious about making sure it all works and everything.  They will take it all apart and clean it.  There is one completely frozen slide that they will unfreeze.  We tried but it didn't work.  It is just too frozen.  We got the slide grease and valve oil for it so we can continue to keep it in good working order.  I think we will leave the oiling of the valves to his dad as that would be the best thing to do.  Acer is very excited about this.  I am glad.  I love how he gets so excited about music.  We also picked out a nice jingly bracelet for his sister, Calli.  Since Acer got a treat, so should Calli.  I will say that Acer immediately started looking around for things for Calli and we both agreed the bracelet was the thing.  She loves jewelry and things that jingle.  I did have to tell him we couldn't get anything at the 2nd music store as we got things at the first one.  At first, he wanted me to leave him in the car.  I said no.  I can't do that.  He did come in with me.  I just can't leave him in the car, I really can't.  I know he is 8 1/2 but still, safety first and safety is bringing him with me.  He looked at everything he could in the store.  He found a slap stick he wanted me to buy.  Maybe for Christmas but they are about $45 so not for any treat.  That is just too much money and right now money is very tight for all of us.  

Tomorrow I am going to my cousin's house for dinner.  It should be fun.  Several of my cousins and my brother will be there.  I think my aunt and uncle will also be there too.  I am going to Tilley's house first and following her there because I can't remember how to get to Luana's.  I am planning to stop at Danielle's after to give her Elizabeth's present.  I so wish she was going.  I really do but she isn't.  I understand why, but I just want to see her longer than the short time I will have to see her tomorrow.  I miss her.

Star totally forgot about her mom's art show tonight so she couldn't come over.  We may get together on Monday or Wednesday.  I have to take pictures of the ornaments that I am selling so she can decide which ones she wants.  I know she wants some because she told me so.  

I am so excited!!!  I tried on jeans that I have not worn since 2007 because of weight gain and they fit!  yes, they fit!!!!  I am soooo excited!  I am thrilled beyond being thrilled!  I am on my way down to fitting into my super cute Elizabeth clothes by Liz Claiborne.  I have about 10 pairs of jeans that are all different colors and some have matching hoodies too.  Talk about sassiness!  I love those clothes so much.  I was very upset when they closed the Elizabeth stores.  I love the fit of those clothes a lot.  I really do.  They fit me so well.  Tomorrow I am wearing my cute black pants and a nice shirt with a black hoodie.  I will look super cute.  That is my goal.  I may be a chub girl, but I am a cute chub girl.  I will even wear make up!  That is my plan!!!!!  I don't wish to looks sloppy anymore (not that I have since Heather BT has moved in.  She doesn't like me to look sloppy for teaching at all)  I am glad she has encouraged me to look nicer for teaching and nicer in general overall.  I can't wait to start wearing my cute jeans for winter.  I need a new belt for a few of the pairs of jeans too as the waist is a bit big in the back.

My right hip is not liking me these days for some reason.  It was feeling better and then, bam!  It wasn't.  I don't get my body sometimes.  I just don't.  Random pain here and there.  I know that is just the fibro, but at time it gets so annoying.  My arthritis in my lower back seems to hurt more lately too.  I think as I lose more weight, it will lessen the pain and then I won't ache from that so much.  I know it will NOT get rid of the pain completely.  I mean, arthritis doesn't just go away, but it can help some.  I just am going to keep on working on losing the weight.  I pick up the walker tomorrow from Tilley.  I will be able to work on adding some exercise into my plan now too.  Maisy and I will be able to go on daily walks.  I am excited about that too.  The little doggie and I will start slow and not go very far.  Because there is a seat to the walker, I should be able to go a bit farther than without the seat.  I can rest if needed. That is a good thing.

Well, on to taking the little dog out for doggie business.  She is almost done eating.  I love that little dog so much.  She is such a joy to me.  We snuggled a lot this afternoon so that was fun.

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