Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday 10-22

I forgot to go and pick up the freshly cleaned cornet yesterday.  Yup, I had a disappointed Acer around me.  I did NOT forget again today.  First thing I did when I went out was to go and get that cornet.  They did a nice job cleaning it.  It looks rather nice now and not so worn.  I know he will be a happy camper when he gets home.  Then my brake light came on saying my break fluid was low so I had to go and get that checked out.  It was a little low but we shall see if that light comes on again.  I hope not.  There is only 13,000 or so miles on the little car.  I got the rest of my errands done and came home.

Since I got up rather early, I tried to nap but for some strange reason I couldn't really sleep.  It was very weird but hey, what can I say?  Life is weird and so are my sleep habits.

I went to tea last night.  Acer was so cute.  He says that I have been hanging out with Star too much and I need to take a break.  I think it was because I was going out and I wasn't going to get his cornet from the store.  Either way, I had a nice evening with Star as usual.  She is such a wonderful young woman.  She would be in her biology class right now!  Star is an English major at the University right near town.

I am thoroughly enjoying pulling out the clothes that I haven't been able to fit into since 2007, the pre-Lyrica and Amitryptiline days.  I have on pink jeans, white long sleeve shirt, and the matching pink hoodie.  It is a very cute outfit and I feel very cute in it, if you know what I mean.  I am glad that Heather BT has been encouraging (okay - hiding the clothes she doesn't want me to wear) to care about what I wear and picking better clothing options.  I have several pairs of these type jeans and actually, I need to get a belt as the waist is too big and it kind of falls down when I walk.  I will do that tomorrow when I run my errands.  I would go tonight but it is NCIS night and well, I don't think after teaching I will want to go especially as NCIS will be ready to come on.  I love that show.  NCIS LA will be on tonight too.  I keep forgetting about Castle!  I just remembered that I missed it last night!  I also need to watch the finale of Project Runway online because I was in the hospital when it was on so I missed it.  Thank goodness for online watching!

One of the sewing projects I will be immersing myself into will be a new pair of pajama bottoms as well, mine are ready to fall off me!  It is exciting when that happens!  First up with be the Christmas Ornaments for the students.  I am just not sure what I want to make exactly this year.  I have the material just not the design.  I will be thinking and experimenting this week so I will have a good pattern to use when Star and I start to make them.  Star is also an artist so she may have a good idea of what to make too.  I had thought of making the ornaments in the shape of a bell or a mitten or a stocking.  It really depends on how it works with the material that I have.  I will be experimenting with all three.  I may even start tonight during NCIS.

My big computer is now in the living/music room.  I really like it in here.  It has wifi so I have Internet connection in here.  Maisy has a place where she can sit while I am on the computer if she wants to be in the room with me.  She wanders in and out a lot so it is up to her.  She also likes dark corners so she likes to be under the table too.  Goofy little doggie.  I just love her so much.

It is getting colder out so I had to go and find some socks to wear.  I have been having trouble finding some because of the swelling in my feet, ankles, and legs.  Socks dig into my skin and break open the skin.  I have new socks now to try and they seem to fit okay so I am going to need to buy some more as I only have 2 pairs of these and that won't last long in this weather.  I haven't worn socks since summer so it is kind of weird having the toes covered but they are at least warm, which they weren't earlier.

My neck ache and headache are a bit better today.  I have the usual everyday headache plus a bit of the neck ache too.  It is most definitely not the same amount of pain as it was when I was in the ER last week.  I hope to never have to go through that again but now I know what it is so I can call and make an appointment with the doctor.  I won't need to go to the ER for it.  I hope I am done with the ER this year because I have been in the hospital 2 times so far this year and I would like to think I have had all the visits I am going to have.  That is my hope anyway.

Well, my student has arrived and the call from the bank lady didn't happen so I am hoping that she will call soon because I need to set up another appointment if I can even modify this issue.

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  1. I'm so excited for you about the clothes!!! I can just imagine how good it feels to pull on outfits from years ago. You were smart to save them!