Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday 10-25

Halloween is next week.  It is my least favorite holiday, in fact, if it disappeared completely, I would not mind a bit.  I put up 3 decorations for it.  2 are stuffed ghosts and 1 is a welcome sign that says trick or treat.  that is as close to Halloween decorations that I get.  

It has been a busy week and boy did it fly by.  All of a sudden it is Friday.  Where did the week go?  I am not so sure.  Monday, I had tea with Star and then the rest of the week I was home but I have no idea what I did outside of teach lessons.  Last night I was supposed to meet up with Wendy and Frann but Frann ended up being called into work so we are postponing our outing to next week.  It should be lots of fun.  I haven't seen either one of them in a while so we need to catch up.

I don't have too many plans for the weekend.  I have a couple of lessons and that is about it.  Tilley is planning to come over for a bit and pick up some books.  I have finished Sarah's Christmas song so that is ready for her.  She wanted to change her song to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy so I needed to arrange it for her as the easiest arrangement I have is still a bit hard for her.  I have it done now.  I have finished Acer's Holly Jolly Christmas so that is good too.  Acer wants drums added but I can't figure out how to add a staff to the song.  I know Bill knows so I will ask him later this weekend.

Tonight was leftover night and well, I really wasn't feeling like leftovers so I went to go and get soup but I changed my mind.  I went to Chipotle instead.  I am so full now.  Their burrito bowls really can be for 2 meals but I ate it in one and boy am I one massively stuffed person.  Like super duper stuffed person.  Like, I can't believe I ate so much person.  I have learned my lesson well.

Maisy wanted some of my dinner but I didn't give her any because we don't give her people food.  If something happens to fall off the table, well, that is different, depending on what it is, but generally we don't give her people food. She has doggie treats she can have too so she is well taken care of.  I tend to be the one to give her the treats more so than anyone else.

I can't believe the holidays are coming up so fast.  I have 1/2 of Calli's, 1/2 of Jacob's, and 1/2 of Matthew's gifts done.  Acer's is up in the air of what I am going to get him.  I am debating between a few things.  The students, I am making ornaments for each of them.  My little cousins will get a little something but I am not sure yet either.  Heather and Bill, I am also not sure of.  Kathy, I know I just have to get it.  In my family, I only get stuff for the littlest ones like Esther, Phoenix, Warren, Elizabeth, Miles, Adrian, Kestral, and Jayson.  I also do get something for Andrew, my brother.  We have so many little ones now.  It is like our family is exploding.  That is what happens when my used to be little cousins grow up though and have children of their own.  It just seems weird to think that Danielle and Kayla used to be the little ones and now they are both moms to 2 children each.  Elizabeth, Danielle's oldest is now 5 and Warren, Kayla's oldest is now 6.  It seems like yesterday they were both just born.  I plan to start picking up a few things here and there for the kids next week.  I buy a little at a time so that I don't have to buy it all in December.  I am actually thinking of making something for each of the kids instead of buying something.  I don't know yet.  I am still in the thinking mode for presents.  I do like making presents a lot, which is why I make my students presents.  I started doing that in the early 90s when I only had a few students.  Fortunately, gone are the days where I had 50 to 60 students to make ornaments for.  Now I just have a few comparatively speaking.  

The students almost all have their songs for the Christmas concert.  Elizabeth is the last one to pick a song.  She will be picking tomorrow at her lesson.  I don't know if Rick is having a lesson this week or not as I have not heard from him.  I must call him tomorrow as well as my new student who doesn't have a time for their lesson yet.  This year is the earliest that I have had everyone or almost everyone having their Christmas music.  I am so glad about that since I don't know when the concert will be yet.  Bill is working on that.  He sets them up at his church.  They are really nice at his church about the concerts.  they let us use the sanctuary for the concerts and the social hall for the receptions after the concert.  That is where everyone gets their Christmas gifts from me.  Everyone has their name on the ornament that I make and the year.  Katie Rose and Danielle S. told me that they have every ornament that I have ever made them still.  I think that is pretty cool.  I know the one year I didn't do ornaments, they were disappointed but they understood why I couldn't, they were just disappointed by it.  I have awesome fabric picked out this year.  It is musically themed and the peanuts characters.  It is just super cute.  Star is going to help with the concert so that my anxiety won't be so high.  That is awfully nice of her.  She has high anxiety too.  I love the concerts but I do get very anxious about them.  I don't give in to the anxiety and cancel them because I believe they are so important to students learning but they can cause panic attacks.  I also generally am very wiped out when I am done with them and often have a bad headache.  Quite frequently, I am in bed right away when I get home after a concert.

Well, I am getting tired so I think it is time for me to get to bed.  I have to get up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow as it is Saturday and I teach in the afternoon for a bit.  My first lesson is at 12 noon and I do hope they are not late.  The last 3 weeks they have been late.  I know they asked about every other week lessons last week so I am not sure if they will be switching to that or not.  Either way, weekly or bi-weekly works for me.  Then I just have Sally's lesson and then I will be done.  Tilley is supposed to be coming over either tomorrow or Sunday.  I am not sure which day so I will find out tomorrow.  I plan on calling her in the morning to see.  I meant to do that this evening but I forgot until just now.  Whoops!  Silly me!

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