Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hmm, good news and not so good news 10-8

Today is one of those type days where I get the good news and the not so good news all in one day.  The good news is that yesterday I went to the kidney doctor and the mass on the right kidney has not grown one bit and the clear cells are not cancer, just simply clear cells.  So this means I get to keep my kidney and I do NOT have cancer!  So whoo hoo on that one!  The not so good news is, well, the cellulitis is back and boy does it hurt like the dickens!  I can't sit, stand, lay, or walk without massive amounts of pain.  I had considered canceling lessons but that would have been dumb as I would be miserable with absolutely no diversions.  This way, at least during a lesson, I forget about the pain for a while besides, I love teaching and I would miss my kids.  I do miss them when they or I are absent.  I really do.

I bought Esther and Elizabeth their birthday presents today and I have Acer's approval of them.  He is going to help wrap the gifts on Saturday since I need them on Sunday for the family dinner.  I will be stopping by Danielle's after the dinner to give Lizzie her gift since Danielle won't be going to the party. I wish she would but I understand why she won't.  I support her decision.  If she feels this is best for her, then that is what she should do.  It just is.  I will just miss her being there.  It is hard for Danielle right now since her Mom passed away 2 months ago.  I know how hard this can be.  It was very difficult for me when my mother passed away too.  It still is at a lot of times and it has almost been 3 years.  October 18 will be the 3 year anniversary.

Today's happy memory of momma and me.  Hmm, so many to choice from.  A few years ago, my mom and I were in Disney World for vacation.  It was in 2006.  We went in May.  Momma kept looking at this particular snow globe in the store of the hotel.  I kept looking at it too.  I knew that Mom really wanted it.  It was of the evolution of Mickey Mouse and it was beautiful and really cool.  Well, Mother's Day was that weekend coming up.  Finally, on the 2nd to last day, I snuck down to the store while mom was getting ready and bought it.  I hid it in the trunk of our car so she wouldn't know it was there.  I had called Richard and he went in on it with me as it was quite expensive for me to buy alone.  Mom did notice that the snow globe was no longer in the store and just sighed.  I said nothing.  She never commented and neither did I.  We got to Richard's house on the way home from Florida and stayed over for Mother's Day and the day after.  On Mother's Day I went to the trunk of our car and I pulled out the box that had the snow globe in it.  Imagine Mom's surprise when she opened up that box! She was shocked!  Richard and I both smiled and laughed.  I told mom how I snuck down to the store to purchase it.  She said she was about to go and buy it herself when she noticed it was gone!  Talk about a close shave!  Anyways, she loved that snow globe as she loved Mickey Mouse so much.  She loved all the Disney characters although Donald Duck was her all time favorite.  He was created the year she was born.  Mom instilled in us a love for all things Disney.  She introduced us to Disney characters when we were young.  Once I met Winnie the Pooh though, I was hooked for life.  No matter what she did, I only wanted my dolls and Winnie the Pooh.  It drove her crazy because try as she may to get me to play with my Minnie mouse or Mickey Mouse, I only wanted the Pooh Bear.  Momma is the one who started me on the collecting Winnie the Poohs when I was an adult.  It was in Disney World in 2001.  I thought I was ruining her trip by having to take so many naps and resting all the time.  She said it didn't matter to her.  We were together and we were having fun and that was what was important to her.  She bought me my first Winnie the Pooh beanie baby that trip while I was napping.  Momma snuck down to the store and bought it.  When I woke up, he was looking at me on the bed.  I still have it.  It is one of my favorite treasures ever.

The weather has been rather beautiful here these past few days.  So nice that we have the windows open to let in the fresh air.  It is nice and breathable air to me.  My asthma does so much better in this weather.  I also tend to ache more, although with this cellulitis, that isn't happening right now.  I don't ache or just am sore.  I am in a lot of pain.

I am finished with lessons just in time for the pain to get worse so I am going to head for bed and pray I get some sleep tonight.  I didn't really get any last night.


  1. So gla dyou dont'have cancer and get to keep your kidney. I know it can be hard appreciating the good news when you're in pain, but it is possible.

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