Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the first! 10-1

I had an adventure today!  I didn't mean too, it just happened.  I went to go to McCourt's Music to take a few instruments to sell when I got lost and I mean, really lost.  I decided to take a different way to the store and I was very incorrect in how to get there.  I called the store and they got me even more lost.  Finally, Heather BT texted me and I had to tell her I was lost.  She tried to help me but couldn't then she suggested that I call Bill so i did.  He got me to the store.  Thank goodness.  The store took the viola and the cello but not the 2 violins.  I am disappointed about the violins, but happy about the viola and cello.  I have a lead on selling one of the violins so I am going to put in a call tomorrow for it.

I am also selling my Thomas Kincade Christmas Village Houses too.  I really don't have the room for them and they have only been up about 2 or so times.  I love them, they are so beautiful, but they need to go to a home where they can be put up and seen at Christmas.  I also have 4 unicorn plates that I no longer want.  I am not into unicorns anymore.  I want something different for my room.  I gave the pictures from disney away this weekend.  Sammy and Gabbie wanted them.

Maisy was missing in the house for a few minutes tonight.  Finally, I called her and she came down the stairs.  It was a frightening few minutes.  We thought she had gone into the garage when Bill and Will were in there but fortunately, she didn't.  Maisy and I had a good snuggle tonight and I put her harness back on her so we can hear her little jingle jingle when she walks.  It is very helpful, otherwise, she is too quiet and we don't know where she is.  Goofy little doggie.

NCIS was so good tonight!  NCIS Los Angeles is on right now.  I like it, but I like NCIS better.  I can't believe Ziva is gone.  She was my second favorite character after Abby and Gibbs.  They are tied for first, I can't choose between the two of them.  They are both so awesome.  I missed last weeks NCIS Los Angeles but that is okay.  I will catch it on the reruns.  I also missed the season premiere of Law and Order: SVU.  I like that show a lot too.  I discovered that the TV shows today have better captions, they aren't after the person says it but as they say it so I can watch stuff when the kids are up, just on mute.  I read movies most of the time anyway because I can't always hear what they say when I am at home.

I am very tired tonight.  I plan to sleep in tomorrow.  I am feeling a lot of anxiety tonight.  I think it is partly because I didn't take my medicine properly yesterday.  I did better today but being lost made me be very late for my medicine this afternoon too, not as late as yesterday, just a little late.

Time for reading before bed.  I am very tired tonight too.

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