Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday 10-3

it is a much better day and evening than it was yesterday.  Last night was terrible.  I was in tears most of the evening after teaching and well, it was awful.  I ended up calling my friend, Donna and speaking with her.  She helped me and I felt better.  It is so hard on me when these type days hit me but it is over and boy am I glad about that!

Today was a quiet type day with just Isaac's lesson.  We worked on his music for Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus first and then his regular piano and voice lesson.  He is such an interesting young man.  I have known him his whole life and his dad was my older brother's best childhood friend so his dad has known me, my whole life.  We both think that is quite neat.  Natalie has tentatively rescheduled to tomorrow.  I will know more tomorrow if she can come for her lesson.

I spoke with Heather BT today about feeling so sad last night and she basically said, feel sad if I feel sad and don't feel bad about it so I won't.  Today I can smile at my memories of Momma.  Here is the happy memory of the day:

I really wanted to go to Prince Edward Island.  Momma had been there for a day or so a few years earlier and I really wanted to go.  I love Anne of Green Gables so much and Lucy Maud Montgomery is my absolute favorite author ever so that was another reason I wanted to go.  Momma and I were discussing where to go on vacation for the summer.  I said that was where I wanted to go but she had already had been there.  She pointed out she only spent about a day there and that was hardly enough to see the entire island so that is where we went.  We had a grand time.  I was in grad school at the time so we had to plan this very carefully.  I had some homework that needed to be done before class started so I brought it with me.  We covered the entire island in about 8 days.  It was so awesome.  It was one of the most memorable vacations we had taken together.  I learned an awful lot about Lucy Maud Montgomery.  We learned about history in Charlottetown.  We saw the musical of Anne of Green Gables and the musical of Emily.  Both were absolutely fantastic!  We so enjoyed them so much.  It was definitely a vacation we talked about for years after.

I had started to vacation with Momma because I went on 5 vacations with my friends and with the exception of the vacation that Kathy came on, I came home and cried after all of them.  They were awful except the one when Kathy was there.  I can't describe them except to say they were pretty bad.  Now the camping trips with Laura and the kids were good but the others were not.  Momma suggested I go with her and i did.  I went every year after that with her until we couldn't go on vacation anymore both because of lack of money and because she was just too ill to go.  We tried and she was so upset that I had to bring her home.  I was able to take her to visit Kathy in 2010 in the summer and she was fine but that was for a couple of days so it wasn't too hard on her.  Mom also knew Kathy very very well.  I mean, Kathy and I have been friends for 42 years now so of course Momma knew Kathy well.  If I wasn't at Kathy's, Kathy was here.

I have a really bad headache tonight.  My whole head hurts.  As for the rest of me, well, just the normal pains.  My lower and middle back on the right side hurts at night.  It has caused me to not be able to roll over sometimes like I used to not be able to do, but generally if I just lie on my back for a few minutes, then roll over, it is okay.  Fibro can be sooooo on the annoying side of life, can't it?

I have some games on the words with friends to play.  I haven't played in 3 days.  I used to be so obsessive but now, not so much.  I will play it tomorrow afternoon.  I don't like to play it at night because I find that it keeps my mind spinning instead of calming down for sleep.

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