Friday, October 11, 2013

It is Friday?????????? 10-11

Wow, this has been the worst week for pain.  With the cellulitis I got yet again, I have been in a lot of pain since last Saturday with Monday and Tuesday being absolutely the worst.  Fortunately, I have an antibiotic and I am soooo much better than I was.  I would have had to go to the ER if I didn't have the doctor appointment when I did.  I didn't have to go though!  Anytime the ER is avoided is definitely a good thing.  Most definitely.  I hate the ER.  I have been there just wayyyyyy toooooooooo many times.

Anyways, today was a rather decent day.  I didn't get to drop off the letter I needed to but that is okay, I can do it on Monday.  I taught a few lessons and then Acer wanted to play the trumpet.  He can now play a C major scale on the trumpet.  I am not surprised.  Show him a few notes and he does super well.  Well, that is what I did.  I taught him how to play some notes and then I left him on his own so I could do some lessons and he practiced downstairs.  He just needs to not puff his cheeks out.  Ooh, I need to get the clarinet back from Isaac since he is now playing the drums.  I just thought of that.  Back to the Little Man.  Acer is amazing at instruments.  He truly is.  I don't think he has met an instrument he hasn't wanted to play.  Right now he is waiting for his teeth to come in so he can play clarinet and saxophone.  He has to have 4 upper and 4 lower permanent teeth before he can play the instrument.  Right now he has 2 lower permanent teeth so not enough yet.  Acer is very patient though and he doesn't try to play on the sly, which is a good thing.  He is not a sly child, something I have always appreciated in him.  He is very straight forward and to the point.  Tomorrow, he and I are going to wrap the little cousins gifts and sign cards.  I also am getting my friend, Star too and we are going to do some sewing!  I am excited about this.  We are starting the Christmas presents earlier than we did last year.  I am just not sure what we are making as of yet.  I will figure it out.  I also am going to fix Calli's little stuffed animal.  Her little dog, Devon, has lost his nose and one of his ears needs to be tacked back down.  I will work on this tomorrow for her.  She got the dog at MIRA last year when she went and got her guide dog, Q.  

Right now, pain wise everything is normal.  The cellulitis still hurts but not to the extent that it did on Monday and Tuesday.  I was completely whining and complaining about it, let me tell you.  I have had some major headaches in the night though.  It was really bad last night.  I hope tonight isn't so bad.

I am off to read.  I am reading a really good book that my friend, Will put on my nook.  It is a part of a trilogy and I am on the first book.  He just finished all three.  I can't wait to read it as it is so good and one of those hard to put down books.  I love when I get one of those type books.

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