Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday 7-29

It is almost August.  Wow.  Well, I returned the capsule monitor today.  I tried on Friday but they were closed.  I have the results.  I am bleeding in 2 spots in the small bowel.  It isn't too big and I don't have to rush off to the ER (Thank God for that!) but it does need to be fixed.  I will get it fixed next Wednesday.  I have to reschedule my lessons that day.  I know 3 of my girls will be in Florida so it is only 2 girls that need to be rescheduled so that is good.

I did have a new student today.  Her name is Isabella and she is 13.  She has played piano for several years and did quite well for not playing for a long time.  I was quite pleased with her lesson.

Calli is cooking dinner tonight.  She has a cookbook that she got the chicken recipe out off and it smells heavenly, let me tell you!  Simply heavenly!!!  I am quite excited to taste her creation!  It is almost finished.

Heather B-T has a friend and her son visiting us today.  She is a very nice lady that I am in a group online with.  Her son and Acer are playing very nicely together.

The Melatonin helped me fall asleep last night but it didn't seem to help me stay asleep but hey, I slept for several hours before I woke up.  I did wake up about every hour for about 4 hours but that is usual.  I woke up at my usual time around noon.  I went and dropped off the capsule monitor before coming home for Isaac's lesson.  He auditioned for the Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus this evening.  He said he did well.  I am glad.  he is a good singer and I think he would add a lot to the choir and he would enjoy it a lot.  I hope he makes it.  Acer is auditioning too.  I hope he makes it too.  Isaac has a more classical sound that Acer but both are good singers.  I would have Natalie try out but they are out of town this week so she is missing the audition date.

I am going to try the Melatonin again tonight, only one.  It helps some so that is better than nothing and it is better than the Valerian root.  The Valerian root can be deadly if you take too much of it so I will be staying clear of it and sticking to the Melatonin.

We had Calli's creation for dinner and it was wonderful.  She did a really good job with the chicken and veggies.  Calli is learning to be such a good cook.  I am so proud of her.  Then she and I cleaned the kitchen after dinner.  The kitchen is my job and Calli is my assistant.  Calli is a very good assistant.  We work well together when doing the dishes.  We each have the things we do well and that is how we divide and conquer.

Well, I am getting a bit tired and I think I will play words with friends for a bit before reading tonight.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The beginning of another week 7-28

It was a nice Sunday as far as the afternoon went.  I had a bad headache in the morning so no church for me.  I took Acer AND Calli to the store with me.  Oh my!  I was so exhausted when we got back and they were really well behaved!  They played with the toys for a few minutes before we left.  Overall, they were really good.  I did need to take a brief nap when I got home although they were good.  It was just exhausting to shop with both.  I think once we go a few more times, I will get used to it.  I love being with them.

Calli is making dinner tomorrow.  It is a recipe out of her recipe book.  I am quite excited to see what her creation will taste like.  She makes really good soup right now so I am sure the chicken will be good too.

I am trying melatonin again for sleep.  I am getting sleepy so I am hopeful I will have a good sleep or at least a better sleep than usual.  I really need some good sleep.  It is one of those annoying things that happen with fibro - no good sleep.  I do hope for a bit better sleep tonight.  It helps with so much stuff too so sleep is very important.

Pain level is normal today except for the big headache earlier today.  My headache is back to the normal pain level now.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

the Pillcam test 7-25

Well, I did the test today.  It took 8 hours and after I was hooked up, I was able to come home.  Maisy and I took a nap before I had Isaac's lesson.  Maisy did well with Isaac once she stopped barking at him.  He was even able to give her a treat.  She sat near me during his lesson.  She seems to like sitting near me during lessons.  Sometimes, she even moves and sits closer to the kids.  It is so cute when she does that.

Anyways, I will find out in a few days what the results are with the camera through the digestive system test.  The bleeding has been over for a couple of months so I don't think they will find any or at least I hope they don't!  I am not up for another bleeding session that is for sure.

It was a very, very quiet day as my headache was really bad.  I took 3 naps.  Maisy napped with me.  She and I were napping on and off all day.  I had to get up super easy because I had to be at the doctor's office by 8 am and I was there by 7:45.  I got hooked up and came home and went back to sleep.  Maisy and I also took a couple of drives to run a couple of errands this afternoon.  I wanted something to drink and then I wanted a salad with shrimp from Panera.  I was just so hungry and really wanted shrimp.  The rest had pizza for dinner.  I wouldn't have minded pizza except that I really wanted a salad.  Sometimes, I just want a salad.  I am weird that way.  I love salads a lot.

I had a little bit of a whoopsy moment this afternoon.  I was lying on my side on my bed when the phone rang.  I went to answer it and I knocked it off of my little table next to my bed.  Well, I was reaching and reaching when, thump! I literally fell out of bed taking the sheets with me.  Maisy was looking down at me as if she wanted to jump down and join me.  Fortunately, she didn't.  I am so glad about that.  I didn't hurt myself when I fell.  I just surprised myself.  Thankfully, I didn't have trouble getting up.  I WAS worried about that but I had no trouble.  I was glad about that.  I did put the sheets back on my bed so I won't have an issue when I go to bed.

Fashion Runway is back on for season 12!  I love this show.  It is interesting.  I like to design for myself.  I can't draw worth beans so I couldn't be a designer.  I can sew pretty well, I am not super great, but overall, I am pretty good.

Well time for words with friends and the rest of Fashion Runway!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the night before 7-24

I have the capsule scopy again tomorrow.  The first one had the capsule malfunction and basically shut off after 3 hours.  I really hope this one behaves.  I am not happy about being up at the ridicules hour of 7:15 since I have to leave at 7:30 am but I will.  Right when I get home, trust me, I will take a nap.  I have Isaac's lesson at 11 and that is the only lesson I have tomorrow.  I hate getting up early.  I am so not a morning person.  My mother was and it drove me up the wall that she was.  She would say that the morning was the best part of the day.  I disagree, the night is the best part of the day.  Anyways, I have to be so I will be.  I asked Bill to make sure I am up and he said he will.

It has finally cooled off a bit so I am glad about that.  No more 100 degree temps for this week anyway.  I am rather glad about that.  We had an annoying neighbor incident today.  I was backing up to go to the store when a neighbor down the road drove by our driveway very, very, very slowly.  I was not impressed or happy about it.  I have a feeling I know what neighbor it is and she is rather nosy.  The grass was getting really long and it should have been cut last week but it was so hot that I really didn't want Brandon to get heat stroke or heat sickness, it was just too hot plus there was a heat advisory, which means you can't mow your lawn during the day.  Well, it is done now and that is all that matters.

Maisy was such a good girl during lessons today.  She barely barked.  Apparently though, she barked during the morning.  That was not good.  I tried to teach her the story of the dog that barked wolf, but she didn't seem to understand.  We did have good snuggles today though.  She sat underneath the piano bench during all lessons today.  It was so cute.  She loves music and she seems to love the kids.  After Heather B-T left this morning, Maisy came into my room and I lifted her up to put her on my bed.  We both slept after that.  We went for a brief ride after that.  She is such a good little passenger.  Maisy stays on her seat and rarely tries to get into my lap now.  I have taught her that she needs to stay in the passenger seat.  I love that dog.

Acer has day camp this week.  Today they went to a music place and Acer was in heaven.  He loves everything music.  I barely saw the little man today.  I was so exhausted after lessons that I took a brief nap.  I am watching Castle right now.  I will be playing words with friends shortly before reading.  I am now on the 7th book of the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson.  They are so good.  I really enjoy them a lot.  Kathy has just got to read them when I am done.  I am disappointed that the Jennifer book is not a lend me book right now but the rest are.

Bill checked yesterday about the game of thrones DVDs at the library.  He is next for getting them.  Right now they are out.  I hope they come back soon.  I look forward to seeing them.  I really do.  I tried to watch it on netflix but it kept stopping and it was hard to see.  I did check the price today but I won't buy it unless I really like it.  I really hope I do.  Everyone has gone on and on about how great it is so I do hope it is something I like.  I am worried about the graphicness but I will find out, won't I?

Pain level is just the normal pain today.  I am not taking the valerian root tonight to see if that is part of the reason my head is worse than usual at bedtime.  Well, off to play words with friends.

Monday, July 22, 2013

it's a boy and other things 7-22

Duchess Kate had a boy!!  A new prince!!!!  Oh!!!!  I wonder what they will name the little lad?  I am so excited you would think I am related to the Duchess myself!  (Trust me, I am so not - while my father's family are English - they were all pirates, the real kind, not the make believe stories - kings and queens probably only had contact with my ancestors to hang them).  My friend, Star and I are such royal watchers!  Heather B-T came into my room to tell me that Kate was in labor this morning (our time).  I was thrilled.  I watched face book as much as I could today let me tell you.  Now we are just waiting on the news on what they name it.  Star is hoping for Arthur, David, Spencer, and a few others.  Me?  I just want to know his name and see the little guys pictures.

Acer is home from camp now so the house is filled with music again.  He and I played band today and it was fun.  We had to have a review lesson yesterday because he hadn't practice in a week and forgot his songs.  Well, as soon as I played the one line in his music, he remembered his piano piece immediately.  He only forgot 1 line in his vocal piece so overall, Acer did really well.  I knew once we started going through the pieces, he would remember right away.  His memory for music is astonishing at times.  At camp, his friend wrote a piece of a song that is the chorus to a song they are writing.  We now know what chords are in it and what the structure is for the chorus.  It is actually quite good.  I am not surprised in a way because Acer's musical ability is so much higher than most children his age.  He is really an amazing musician.  I think he even thinks in music at times.  It is like a language that pours out of him.  Acer and I are working on chord structure now.  I think it is making even more sense now with the song that his friend wrote.  I hope they can continue to work on this during the school year.  I don't know how old the young man is, but he seems as gifted as Acer or close.  I think this will continue to inspire Acer to write his own music.  He writes little melodies now and we are going to be working on accompaniments for them shortly.

It seems so hard to believe that July is 2/3 over.  How fast did this month go?  Super fast or what?  It really did.  I am glad it is almost August though because there will be a couple of students coming back from vacation and a new one starting.  I had a lot stop for the summer, more than usual and with a smaller amount of students than I used to have, it makes a big difference when bill time comes.  I look forward to my school year when I have the regular amount.  I look back and wonder how I used to teach 50 to 60 students a week with no problem.  I taught 7 students one day and was totally exhausted.  It took about 2 days to get back to my, now, normal self!  It is just insane.  Anyways, I am going to be limiting how many lessons I have a day when school starts.  I just have too.  I can't have that many a day because it will be way too many and I will crash and burn.  I am so not up for another crash and burn hospital visit.  That is what happens when I crash and burn.  I end up in the hospital.  Well, not interested in having that happen again.  We have one family member in the hospital, I don't want to be the second one.  It is hard enough on my family to have Maia in the hospital and in the shape she is in.  I don't wish to be joining her.  I really don't so I am doing what I can to avoid that situation.  I know you can't always anticipate everything, but I am trying my best to anticipate that.

Ohh, I just realized, I didn't take my medicine today.  Whoops.  I didn't fill my pill container last night like I used to.  No wonder I am so light headed right now.  I forgot my anxiety medicine.  That also explains why my anxiety is rather high right now too.  Sometimes, I just forget so much.  Fibro fog needs to be gone from me!  Okay - I meant to do it earlier but I forgot when I left the counter.  I just need to take care of this in a few minutes.  Okay - I am done doing that!  I am trying to take Valerian Root at night to help with sleep.  I am now up to the recommended dosage of 3 capsules a 1/2 hour before bed so I hope it helps.  I really do.  I will find out and report on it.  One of my friends from Fibro Fighters on face book, suggested a combination of Valerian Root and Melatonin so if the Valerian Root alone doesn't work then I shall add the Melatonin.  She said about .5 mg at night.  I will try it next week if I need to.  Hmm, just learned something about Valerian root.  I think I will go back to Melatonin and increase the dosage.  Heather B-T just told me some of the side effects and precautions.  I need to research better.  I will.

It is almost dinner time!!!!  I am not sure what all we are having but it smells good.  Acer is helping.  It is so sweet that he likes to help.  He is a very helpful young man.  He really is and so is Calli.  I just got the 7 minute warning so time for me to go.

Pain level is a lot higher since I haven't had any pain medicine today so far.  My anxiety is also high for the very same reason.  I will take the evening dose of both the pain and the anxiety medicine with dinner.  I should learn not to forget this done!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maia 7-20

My cousin, Maia, as some of you know, has cancer and is very, very, very ill.  At this point it is comfort care not cure care.  I saw her today for the first time since she went into the hospital last week.  Oh my, it is heartbreaking.  She is in so much pain.  Under her chin is so swollen, her left arm is swollen, and her left hand is swollen.  They are causing such pain and uncomfortableness to her.  I was there with Tilley and with Maia's daughter, Danielle.  I wanted to cry when I saw her but I held it in.  She doesn't need me crying too.  With the medicine she is on, she falls asleep a lot but it isn't good sleep like you would hope she gets.  There so much I want to say but I can't form the words to say it.  I don't know what to say other than what I already have said.  I plan to go and see her again in a week or so.  She will be moving to a different facility so that she will have the continual care she needs.  She has less than 6 months.  Oh my.  I so hope they stop her nightmares that she has been having and control the pain better for her.  Maia is such a wonderful woman, friend, as well as cousin.

Cancer completely and totally sucks.

Friday, July 19, 2013

End of the week 7-19

Maisy is home!!!!!  I am so glad.  I have missed most of the little girl.  I have not missed her barking extra for no reason or her doing doggy business in the house, but other than those two things, I have missed the snuggly dog.  She is such a good snuggler.  Maisy ran into the house looking for Brandon and I right away.  (Okay - maybe it was for her water bowl and we were there before it)  She came to us for pets and snuggles.  We have had 2 snuggles already and I anticipate another one rather soon.  Heather B-T and Bill are, of course, home too.  They had a nice week and are relaxed and recharged.  Tomorrow the little man, Acer, comes home.  Ah, the noise level will surely go up from the silence that Brandon and I have been enjoying to well, Acer and his bop its, which he plays all day long.  This week did go rather fast though so I didn't really have time to miss anyone too much.  With lessons during the week and the other things that I had to do, I was pretty busy.  I am thrilled that Sammy and I finished changing the plastic cases to paper sleeves for the teaching CDs.  That takes a big load off my mind.  It really does.  I am so glad it is finished.  I have wanted to do this job for so long and now it is done.  Sam is such a great kid.  I can't believe that she is going to be 16 next Sunday though.  wow, wasn't she just 14?  It sure seems that way.  We still have the original CDs left to do but that isn't something that has to be done right now so that is okay.  I can do those later.  I also ran out of sleeves so I need more before I go and do that job too.  The music is all put away.  There is a chunk of music missing from like number 264 to 275.  I am not even sure what all is supposed to be there.  I will look.  It is a whole bunch of sab music (meaning 3 part choral pieces).  Hmm, I wonder where they got misfiled too because there are pieces in that group that haven't been used in years and they were there then so they must have gotten misfiled somewhere or I hope that is what has happened to them.

Maisy and I are having a delightful evening together.  It was down pouring a few minutes ago but now it is nice out again.  We have such strange weather.  It has stormed almost everyday though this week.  It was also extremely hot out (hot for us) today.  The last few days have been high 90s low 100s.  We should be getting some cooler weather this coming week.  I do tend to ache more in the extreme heat.  That is for sure.  I hide inside and I ache less that way but when I am outside, I ache a lot more.

Bill said he will bring me Game of Thrones home.  He doesn't think I will like it as I don't do too well with blood and graphic violence, but Kathy and I want to watch it together.  Neither of us are sure about it but we will try it.  I am glad the library has it because I wouldn't want to buy the entire season and then not like it at all.  Apparently, you can get movies on itunes too!  I had no idea!  I may download the first episode.  Kathy said it was only a few dollars so I may do that to see if I want Bill to bring it home.  I don't know.  I have a movie I need to finish watching in the DVD player too.  I can also watch movies on my nook from netflix.  I think I may have mentioned it in another post but I can't remember if I did or didn't.  Goofy old Fibro fog!!!!  Well, I mentioned it now if I didn't.  I can't watch netflix on my computer because my lovely computer is too old.  Can you imagine?  It is too old!  Okay, okay, it is from either 2002 or 2003 or possible even 2004 although I think the G5 is from 2004 or 2005.  My laptop (which is the one I use the most) is an ibook G4 so, yeah, I know, it is a dinosaur for a computer but I love it and it works and I don't want to get another anytime soon and yes, I am writing a run-on sentence!  I will get a new one eventually, but for now this works for what I need.  I have to save for the hearing aids first (I need $1140) for them.  I actually have decided that perhaps I should break down and get them.  I will try.  I figure by end of October I should have enough to get them.  That isn't too far down the road, I mean, I waited this long, what's another few months at this point?  Nothing.  I just hope that I don't get headaches from them.  I AM worried about that.  Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I am.  I get headaches so easy and I have one everyday, I am just worried that maybe the hearing aids will make the headaches worse.  I just don't know.  I guess I will find out this fall.

I have been playing words with friends on my nook.  Right now I am actually WINNING one game with my friend, Mel!  So far, in the 2 months I have been playing, I have lost every single game.  I am close to winning against Kathy too, which is surprising because she is VERY good at these type games.  I enjoy playing and obviously, winning is not my main goal or I would have quit a while ago.  I do enjoy playing the game and I currently am playing quite a few games with friends.  3 with Karlyn, 3 with Cheryl, 3 with Mrs. O, and several others too.  It is fun and I am really learning a lot.  I am now beating Kathy and I think we are both at a point where we can't play anymore letters.  How fun!

My pain level seems to be a bit higher because of the extreme (to me) heat and humidity.  It is still manageable though so I am glad about that.  I will need my scooter tomorrow because I am going to see Maia and she is in the hospital and they don't have scooters there.  There really isn't anyway I can walk that far so I am bringing my scooter.  I think we are staying for a short visit since Maia is so tired and not up for long visits and then off to dinner for a visit between the 2 of us.  It is such a sad situation and my heart is breaking.  Maia is a strong woman and has been fighting this cancer for over a year now.  I can't imagine life without her.  Of course, I couldn't imagine life without my mother either but it did happen.  I prayed so hard that God would heal her and she got sicker and sicker.  Sometimes i cry and want to know why?  Why does she have to be in so much pain?  Maia is in extreme pain all the time.  She was getting pain meds every hour when she was home before she went into the hospital.  I hope they have it in better control now.  Maia has made her decisions and we will abide by them.  I plan to visit as much as I can.  She is such a good cousin.  Lia (Maia's oldest) will be in town next week so that is good.  I don't know if I will be able to see her but she will be able to see her mom.  She and her husband are moving near by so they can be with her mom as much as possible.  Right now, Lia is a few hours away.

Well, on to word with friends and reading.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mid week 7-17

We didn't get good news about Maia, my cousin today.  She has months left to live before the cancer will take her.  I knew it wasn't good and I have had a feeling for a while that this was going to happen, it is just official now.  She has the choice about continuing treatment or not. I haven't spoken to her so I don't know what she is going to pick.  I am going over on Saturday.  Maia is in the hospital now.  She is in extreme pain, has trouble swallowing, and can't get her IV because her lymphs are swollen.  It is just heartbreaking.

It is very hot here today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter then he will cool down.  It isn't as hot as it is in some parts of the country (thank God for that!) but it is also pretty humid.  I have only gone out a few times.  I don't go out much if I don't have too.  Brandon is supposed to cut the grass but with it this hot, I am not sure he will be able to.  Maybe on Friday.  I tend to ache more when it is this hot and humid.  I don't know if it is the extra humidity or what, but my head does ache more.

I need to get a piece of music tomorrow for my student, Brooke Anne.  I have the song Blessings for her but I also want her to sing, "Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde.  It is a lovely song.  I have to take care of that earlier in the day.  I only have one lesson tomorrow but my lovely Sammy is coming over to help with the CDs.  She is such a good assistant.  I really appreciate her help.  I plan to get her a gift certificate when we are done organizing the music room.  There are only a few things left to be done, but they are big things and I need help doing them.  With the music mostly put away (except for the band and orchestra instruments books), I have the CDs left and organizing the office supplies as well as putting away the Easter decorations.  Yes, I know, they are still up.  What can I say?  I just don't think about them unless I am in the living room.  When I see them I think about it but not when I am not in the room.  I also have some pictures to put up.  I have some really beautiful pictures that need to go up.  They were once in my bedroom when I was in my old room.  When I moved to the bigger room, I meant to put them up but I never got around to it.  I have some pictures that need to go up in my bedroom too.  Momma was an artist and there are 3 pictures that she painted specifically for me.  1 is a clown and it is up but the other 2 are cats and kittens that need to go up.  I also have a beautiful picture from Prince Edward Island that Momma bought me when we were there.  I will have either a Anne of Green Gables corner or a wall when we finish my room.  We are also going to pull up all the carpeting upstairs.  We have hard wood floors upstairs and it would be better for us to not have carpet on the floors.  My room will probably be the last room done as my room is not even started much less done.

The family room is coming along.  There is some stuff in the room to sort but over all, most of the stuff is sorted and has a place for everything else.  Most of my books downstairs will be donated now that I have a nook.  There are a few exceptions, of course such as Anne of Green Gables books, Harry Potter books, and a few others but other than that, they will go.  So far I have been giving them to Tilley to read and then she can either keep them or donate them herself.  She has been reading an awful lot too.  I think she is thinking about getting a kindle.  I love my nook and rarely go anywhere without it when I need it for reading.  I also play games and now I can even watch movies on it.  I am thinking of upgrading to the HD big one before the end of the year.  I think at the end of this year they may stop making them with all the other things that we can put on them.  I don't know.  It is hard to say with Barnes and Nobles.  I just know I love my e-reader.  Kathy loves hers too.  She is also planning to upgrade her nook too.  Hers is getting slow and doesn't always work.  Since mine is less than a year old, I don't have any issues with it getting slow or not working.

I was so excited last night!  I was able to watch a movie on my nook!!!!  I have wanted to watch this particular episode of Accused (a BBC series) from their second series for almost a year and I FINALLY got to see it last night.  Now this was worth resigning up with netflix.  I also have decided i want to see Game of Thrones.  I have been listening for the last few years how good the show is and now I want to see it.

Well, I can't believe what I am about to write.  I am cold sitting here in the air conditioning.  It is much better than sitting in the heat though.  I will just take the air conditioned house than the super hot weather outside.  I wonder how Heather B-T and Bill are handling the heat and the kids at camp.  I miss the little Maisy dog.  I am learning the little "Snuggle Puppy" song to sing to her.  Only 2 more days and the little doggy will be home along with Heather B-T and Bill!  I just want to snuggle with my Maisy Dog!!!!!!

I also have to get some music for Isaac.  I just remembered that too.  I need to burn some CDs tomorrow.  I have a list of what I need to do so I won't forget.  With this heat, brain fog tends to be worse than usual.

It is almost time for words with friends and a bit of reading before bed.  Try to stay cool in this really hot weather.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

24 pounds total gone!!! 7-16

I have lost 2 more pounds bringing the grand total up to 24 pounds!  I was hoping for a few more pounds but hey, 2 pounds is better than nothing.  Sometimes, it seems like it will take forever to lose all the weight I need but it won't seem like that in the long run.  I am just anxious to get to my goal.  I have decided that I have been eating too many chocolate chip muffins again.  I am done with them.  Plus, I have had a slight upset stomach from them the last few days so I am done with them.

I am not sure if I should continue to take the safflower oil, the omega 3,6,9, and the CLA.  I don't know if it is helping or not.  I have asked for opinions on one of my fibro support groups on facebook.  One of the support groups are very into supplements and things like that so I will see what others who take it think.  With the amount of weight I need to lose, I want to stay as healthy as I can.  I no longer wish to eat what is not healthy.  If it isn't healthy, I don't want to eat it.  It just isn't worth it anymore.  I can't afford to gain anymore weight, I just can't.  I already have difficulty walking so hey, I need to lose this excess me.

Today has been pretty busy so far.  I had a couple of lessons before I had a doctor's appointment.  I went to the gastro doctor today.  I have to have the camera scopy test again since the last one shut down 3 hours after it started.  I will have it next Thursday morning.  I will have it on all day.  I hope it behaves this time.  I don't want to have to do this one again.

Isaac had his lesson today.  I haven't seen him in several weeks.  It is normal for summer with him.  I will see him again on Friday.  He is a very nice young man.  We tried some songs.  He sort of liked 2 and liked 1.  I will copy the three of them.  I want him to try some from the other book too so I am not sure what he will like.  He always surprises me.  What I think he will for sure like, he doesn't and what I am not sure about, he likes.  Isaac is an unpredictable boy but I don't mind.

I just have one more tonight and then I am finished for the night.  I am not sure what all I am going to do tonight.  I have a few things I should do, but I don't know if I want to do them.  The procrastinator in me might win!  I don't know!  It is a hard thing to chose some days.  I am tired today though.  I got up early so I should have an easier time sleeping tonight.  Tomorrow is a quiet day too.  I only have a few lessons too.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days.  I am hoping for some new students soon to replace the ones who have quit this summer.  I don't know who will come back except for Sally and Emily because they are just marked absent, not quit.  This way, they don't lose their scheduled time and they will start when they come back.  Emily is in Poland for the summer.  I hope she is having a good time.  Sally is up in the UP in Saulte Ste. Marie.  I have been up there.  It is simply beautiful.  The upper peninsula has some of the most beautiful spots in Michigan.  I haven't been there for years.  Maybe next summer.  This summer is pretty much a stay around home one except for the small trip to visit Kathy one weekend.  I don't know when that will be so I am open to when Kathy is available for me to come even if it is in September.

I am watching Castle as I wait for Diana to arrive for her lesson.  I like this show a lot.  I only discovered it this year.  I know I am slow on these things but hey, what can I say?  I am going to netflix Game of Thrones too.  I can now get it on my nook.  I can't get it on my computer because my little computer and my big computer are too old.  I am disappointed in that.  My screen on my nook is smaller than my computer but oh well, I will survive.  I don't think Game of Thrones is on netflix.  I am a bit frustrated now.  Well, I will check into it.  I am new to netflix so I am not sure what is all on it and what isn't.  Good thing I can put things in my instant que on my computer and then watch them on my nook.

Well, Diana should be here soon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 7-15

It is the middle of summer, the middle of July.  I think it is 88 degrees right now, which isn't too bad.  It could be in the 100s like it is for some of my friends.  I am thankful that it is not that hot and although there have been some days that were rather warm, nothing like in the 3 digits.

I tried the Valerian root last night but it didn't help.  I am not sure if it was because for some odd reason I was so awake at that time or if it was because I only took 1 at first and then another one an hour and a half later.  Either way, i didn't really fall asleep before about 5 am.  I am my normal tired today.  It has been suggested to combine some of the vitamins too such as a small amount of melatonin and the valerian root.  I will try this first and then try that.  I am going to get a book that one of the ladies in a support group suggests.  There is so much that can be done naturally instead of with chemicals that I want to try.  The book is called from fatigue to fantastic.  She says it has helped her a lot.  It has not cured her, which would make me super suspicious as there is no cure, but it has helped.  I am just looking for help.  I know there is no cure.  I figure every little bit adds up, right?  It can only not work for me.  I know my conditions, I know the medicines I have to take.  For example, I will never be able to not take the coumadin.  I have a blood disorder that causes blood clots so stopping a blood thinning medicine would not be good for me.  I also will have to continue with the reglan too because my stomach doesn't digest properly.  The last one is the synthroid because my thyroid doesn't work.  I do hope that Dr. R and I do find some headache medicine that will help lessen my headaches.  It is tiring having a headache every single day, all day long.  It never ends and hasn't for over 10 years.  This particular headache started in March of 2003 when I came down with the vasculitis.  It hasn't ended yet.  Yup, over 10 years at this point.  I can't remember not having a headache anymore just like I can't remember not being tired or having pain somewhere in my body (besides my head).

Tonight I will be cooking dinner.  Yes, that is what I wrote, don't faint, I am cooking.  I am grilling steak, then cutting it up to put in fried rice with asparagus.  With just Brandon and I this week, we won't have to cook a whole lot of food although we made a lot of rice so we could have some for the rest of the week.  Neither of us really like to cook that much.  I do plan for us to have Chipotle one night.  I don't know when that will be but one night.  The house is very quiet with just the to of us but it is a nice change.  I look forward to them all coming home but it is a nice change.  I do miss that little Maisy dog a lot already though.  She is such a sweet and lovable dog.  I simply adore her.  Not that anyone who has read this doesn't already know.  I do not miss the bop it noises though.  I must confess that.  The game is very loud and can be annoying but the joy Acer gets from it outweighs any annoyance it gives me.  Although, I can at times, ask him to play in a different room.  We didn't get any  bop it pinball in on Saturday because my headache was just too bad.

Well, it is time to cook some dinner for Brandon and I.  I am getting a little hungry and it is almost dinner time.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Valerian Root - Sunday 7-14

It has been a quiet day.  Rick had his lesson.  He is doing very well with his piano lessons.  He played through the entire piece of "Fur Elise" by Beethoven today for the very first time today.  I was very pleased about that and his sight reading wasn't too bad either.

Tilley came by to pick up a package for Maia.  I also gave her the gifts for Warren and Phoenix.  Their birthday party is next week and I have to teach so i won't be attending.  I will be going to Tilley's on Saturday for a few hours so she can go and run some errands.  I will stay with Maia while she is gone.  I don't plan to stay very long, just a few hours while Tilley does what she needs to do.  Maia will probably sleep the whole time so I will bring my nook with me.  Maia is very ill and she isn't going to get any better.  I am going to try to go and see  her as much as I can on the weekends.  This way, I will also be able to relieve Tilley and then she will be able to go and do errands or go out for a few hours if she wants to.  This is very hard on her.  She cried a bit today talking about it.

My pain level is higher today.  I am not sure why or if there is even a reason.  I just know that it is.  I am trying something different for sleep tonight.  I am trying the Valerian Root.  Tonight is the first night so we shall see how this will work.  I am hoping for better results than just the Tylenol PM that I have been taking for a while.  Advil PM didn't really work any better.  I just get so tired of not sleeping.  I know most of us with fibro have sleeping problems but I haven't exhausted all the options yet.  I have tried the prescription sleeping pills and I got horrible nightmares from the Ambient CR.  The others did nothing for me.  I was awake all night long.  I tried melatonin and that didn't work either so I am trying this too.  I hope it works or works better than the Tylenol PM.

I have a few more lessons this week since a couple of students are back from vacation.  I am glad about that.  On the days I don't have lessons, it is pretty boring around here.  I would rather teach a few lessons each day than have a few days with no lessons but it just happens that way sometimes.  This week only Saturday has no lessons so that is why I can go to Maia and Tilley's.

I am watching a marathon of Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  They have all been new to me episodes except for the first one.  That one I have seen before but the other 3, including the one I am watching now, I have not seen.

On words with friends, I was so excited, I got a word worth 108 points!!!!  I know!!!!  Isn't that just totally awesome???  I was so excited!!!  I am now ahead of my cousin-in-law, Cheryl.  I may even win for a change.  I have been playing this game for about 6 weeks now and I have yet to actually win a game.  I don't particularly care too much about winning because I am still learning how to play and what words work and words don't so until I have this down pat, I am not too worried about winning.  Most of my friends who I am playing against have been playing for a very long time.  There are a couple who play at my level but we just recently started playing against each other.

Maisy is on vacation with Bill and Heather B-T this week.  I miss the little dog.  I did get a good snuggle from her before she left and I did ask if Heather B-T was sure she was taking Maisy.  She said yes.  They will be back by Friday so that isn't too long.  If this week is anything like any other week, it will fly by.  Maisy did pee underneath the dining room table though before she left.  I will NOT miss her peeing in the house.  I will just miss the little dog.  She is such a heart stealer.  She stole mine that is for sure!

Well, it is time to check on words with friends and then watch the rest of the episode.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 7-13

Ah, a Saturday.  A Saturday with no lessons and no plans.  I was going to visit Maia, but she isn't up to a visit right now so I stayed home, which actually turned out better as I started not feeling too well this afternoon.  I am very exhausted and I just don't feel well over.  There isn't anything specific, it is just all over.  I had to take a nap this afternoon right away when I was in the middle of reading face book at around 2:30 pm.  All of a sudden, I just couldn't stay awake and my head was not a happy camper so up the stairs Maisy and I went.  I put her on my bed and we snuggled for a few minutes and then I went to sleep so did she.  I slept for 2 hours.  My head still hurts a lot but I couldn't sleep anymore.

Tomorrow, the kids go to camp.  They are looking forward to it.  I know they will have a really good time.  I will miss them terribly but camp is such a good experience for them.  Calli has attended several and she always learns a lot and has a good time.  I expect Acer will too.  In our house, summer is very busy.  Rarely do we hear the words, I am bored around here.  There is always something to do or somewhere to go.  With the overnight camps, the day camps, the kids are very busy.  I barely have time with them during the days they are home.  Today is wash and pack day so they will be ready to leave first thing tomorrow morning.  I will still be sleeping when they leave as I won't be getting up as early as them.

Acer is playing one of his many bop its.  He knows all about every single model ever made including the one coming out this fall.  He simply adores them.  Acer likes to play the bop it pinball on the internet but today I am just not up to it.  It can get quite loud and my head can't handle that much loudness right now.  I don't think there is a bop it that Acer has tried that he doesn't like.  He even has them on his Ipod.

On Acer's Ipod is this song called, "Snuggle Puppy".  It is so cute and I want to learn all the words so that I can sing it to Maisy.  Yes, I am that dorky!  I will sing to the dog!!!!!  As music flows through my head all the time, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I would sing that to the sweetest, most adorable, girl doggie in the entire world, otherwise known as Maisy.  Yes, I am sure by now, you know how much I adore that little dog.  She is an excellent nap partner too.  We took a good long nap until Heather B-T came home.  At that point, well, she went to see who was here but that was near the end.  I did feel her leave and peeked at the time.  I got up about 15 minutes later since I really couldn't sleep anymore.

Pain level is a bit higher than usual today.  It is really nice out and not very humid so I am not sure exactly why.  Anxiety is doing fine, for a change.  Actually, it is really nice out.  It is a perfect day to go for a scooter again but it is too late in the day for Acer or Calli to go with me as Bill will be home from work in a while and then we will have dinner.  After that the kids will have to finish up packing and go to bed.  It is kind of funny how we have to get the scooter in and out of the garage.  Acer has to climb on the scooter, put the key in and then back it out.  There is only enough room for him to get in and out of the scooter, none for anyone else.  When we come back, he has to drive it back in to the garage.  It is amusing because a little blind boy drives my scooter in and out of the garage.

Well, I am tired now and I will work on my words with friends.

Now the kids are arguing over what is going the notetaker of Acer's.  I love it when they get along and not when they argue.  They are getting along again for a few minutes.  Ah, the life with children!!!!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday 7-12

I had a meeting with the group that will be helping to pay part of my hearing aids.  They will pay 60% of the cost, which is totally awesome.  I have to figure out how long it will take for me to be able to save the balance, which is the 40%.  It should be a few months and then I will have good hearing, something I haven't had since I was 13 and I had that horribly long ear infections in both ears that I never told my mother about.  Yeah, I have cautioned Calli to never do that.  Even if she is worried about telling her mom or dad about something that is wrong with her, she must tell them immediately.  She said she would.  I think I am a good example of what can happen if you don't.  Anyways, in a couple of months I will be hearing sounds I haven't heard since I was a child.  It will be weird.

Calli is reading to Acer right now.  It is a good story.  I have been listening too.  It is a mystery story.  Acer loves to have people read to him.  Last night, he wanted me to read to him before bed.  I read 2 small stories and then he went to bed.  I like to read before bed too.  We are all readers in this house.  It is a lovely thing to be in this house.  Acer likes to read also.  He has read a few books to me.  I get such a joyous feeling when I hear him or Calli read.  It makes me smile.  Calli reads very well out loud.

It is beautiful outside today.  I actually want to take my scooter out and go for a scooter.  Maybe Calli will want to go for a scooter walk today after Acer's lesson.  It is just that beautiful.  The temperature is perfect along with the humidity level.  It isn't too humid and too hot.  I haven't scootered in a while either.  We may even be able to bring Maisy.  She loves to go for walks.  Maisy and Q both love to go for walks.  I don't need to go for a long one, just enough to soak up the sun and the beautiful weather.  I will ask after Acer's lesson.  Acer might want to go to.  Who knows.  One never knows in this house.  I do like my scooter even though I wish I didn't need one.

I don't expect that I will still need it even when I am thinner.  It isn't the fibro that causes me to need it so much as it is the arthritis.  With the arthritis that is, as my doctor has said, riddled through my lower back, I cannot stand for very long nor can I walk very long or very far.  When I have lost about 30 more pounds then I plan to start walking more outside of the house.  My goal is to go to the top of the street and back without needing the scooter.  I figure that maybe I will be able to go farther than I can, but as for walking for miles like I used to, I know I won't be able to do that.

I have a few students today.  Acer is one of them.  Ryan has been on vacation for 2 weeks so he is back today.  I am glad.  I miss my students when they are not here for their lessons.  I don't have that many so I do miss them when they are gone.  Robyn is ill today so she won't be coming.  She has a summer cold and is planning to go to the doctor this afternoon.  I hope she feels better next week.

Well, Mr. Acer is anxiously awaiting for the bop it pinball on the computer so I am going to have to end this now.  He is most impatient.  I don't blame him.  He loves bop its a lot.  We hear bop it games all day long.  Acer even makes the noises himself when he isn't playing the games.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

an evening of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix 7-11

I love the harry potter books and movies.  I remember being on vacation when the 5th book came out.  I so wanted to buy it but I didn't have enough because I bought a bit of Anne of Green Gables stuff.  That was alright.  As soon as I got home, I discovered Momma already bought me the book!  So had I bought it, I would have had 2 copies.  Momma loved doing surprises like that for us.  It didn't matter to her we were adults.  We were still her children and she loved surprising us.  With me, it was usually books or music.  I also, liked to surprise Momma with treats.  For several years in a row, at Christmas, I surprised her with tickets to a musical.  The last one we saw was the "White Christmas" at the Fox Theatre.  Momma and I really enjoyed it.  I cannot count the amount of musicals we saw both on TV, in the Movies, or live at a theatre.  I miss my musical theatre partner so much.  It isn't the same without her.  I do want to see some but I don't really have anyone to go with anymore.

Tonight, Acer wanted me to read him stories at bedtime.  I was planning to go to choir but he wanted me to read stories so I didn't go.  It isn't anything new.  It has been so long since I have been there.  I was feeling alright except I did have a bit of a bad headache too.  I was proud of myself because I told him I would read 2 stories and I stuck to it.  He tried to get another but I stuck to 2.  That hasn't happened before.  I usually cave and read another if not 2 more.  Well, tonight I didn't.

Maisy and I took a ride to get gas this afternoon.  She is a good little passenger.  She really is.  She stays on the passenger side most of the time.  If I open the window, then she comes over to my side to see what is going on but other than that, she stays on the passenger seat.  I love that little dog.

I was purposely driving Calli crazy this afternoon.  There is a song called "Snuggle Puppy" that is on Acer's IPod.  It is such a cute song.  I only know part of it but I was singing over and over the part I know.  She was like, ugh!  We did have good giggles about it though, which was my goal.

I have been having trouble sleeping, which I know so many of us have.  It has been a problem for years like so many of us but lately, it just seems to be even worse.  I have tried ambien, rosarim, and other sleeping pills.  I have also tried melatone and Tylenol pm and Advil pm too.  I now have a list of other herbs and supplements to try.  Yesterday, I slept about 15 hours, well, I was in bed for about 15 hours and it seemed like I didn't sleep at all.  I wake up every night about 2 then every hour until about 5 or 6 then again about 9 before I finally get up anytime between 11 and 1.  I am thankful that I live in a house with people who do not give me a hard time about how much I sleep or the hours I keep.  Both Heather B-T and Bill are very much of the thought that if I need the sleep then sleep.  I did have to take a nap 2 hours after I woke up and I got up at 1 pm.  I slept for about an hour from 3 to 4 so I did feel better.  I am getting tired again now but as it is 9:45 that is not a bad thing.  Tomorrow I have to get up at 11:30 for Elizabeth's lesson at noon.

I am meeting with Michigan Works tomorrow.  I need a letter from Heather B-T for them and then I have everything I need.  It is to help me get hearing aids that I need.  I am finally breaking down and getting them.  I didn't realize how much I needed them until Heather B-T and crew moved in.  I cannot hear her at all when she calls me from upstairs or downstairs if I am in the dining room.  I just can't.  I am hoping that I don't get worse headaches though.  I am nervous about that.  We shall see, I suppose.

I have been losing weight these past few months.  I am glad about that.  I am off the Amitryptiline medicine that helped me gain weight.  The medicine I am now has a side effect of losing weight and decreasing the appetite.  I am also working on portions and eating properly too so it isn't all medicine.  I am working hard too.  I also take safflower oil, cla, and omega 3.6.9.  I don't know how much of the weight loss they are adding to but I am taking them.

Overall, the pain levels don't seem to be changing all that much except for, of course the headaches and my right hip pain.  The right hip hurts a lot as well as the right lower side of the back.  I don't know if it is arthritis or the kidney or who knows what.

Well, I am going to play my words with friends as I finish up the last hour of the movie.  I love Harry Potter!  I will say that Anne of Green Gables is my all time favorite character EVER and her books are the best ever but Harry Potter is second.  They are amazing too just not quite as amazing as Anne of Green Gables.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 7-4

It is Independence Day, July the 4th!!!!!  Independence is something that I think every parent wants for their children too.  I would have to say, I was semi-independent.  I never moved from my childhood home.  When I was in my mid 20's and graduated from University, my friends were ALL having issues with their roommates or roommate boyfriends, just tons and tons of drama.  I asked if I had to move out and Momma said no so I didn't.  Good thing too because within a year, I had gotten very ill and was pretty much bed ridden at that point.  When I got a bit better and could live on my own, I didn't want to move so I didn't.  That also was a good thing too because, well, I got the vasculitis and it took 6 weeks for doctors to figure out what was wrong with me.  I never really recovered from that.  Then Momma started with the Alzheimer's Disease so she needed me as much as I needed her.

Here in our house, I am once again pretty independent.  I pay my bills and teach my lessons.  We split the house chores between all of us.  Independence is so important for people and to live in a country where Independence is not only encouraged but the goal is a wonderful.  Momma really wanted all of us 3 to be Independent but none of us counted on me getting so sick so young.  I do think that despite my being ill, I am pretty independent.

I temporarily forgot that Calli was 13.  I kept telling her she was 12.  Whoops!  Nothing like forgetting how old the teenager is!  Acer is 8 1/2.  I was speaking to a Mom who's daughter took lessons a couple of summers ago and her daughter is now 8 1/2 too.  That 1/2 is so important to the kids.  Me?  I don't want to add anything to my age that is for sure.  Heather B-T's birthday is tomorrow!  Calli is giving me gray hair.

Right now, Castle is on.  It is running a marathon.  I love this show too.  Since the kids were in the room, I muted the sound.  This is an interesting episode.

Well, I think I am going to watch the marathon and play words with friends.  Heather B-T and family are getting ready to go to a celebration of Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday 7-2

It was a relaxing day after all.  I thought I was going to have 8 (yes, 8) lessons today.  This is more than usual, believe me!  Well, I had 2.  The rest either canceled or came an hour late and I had another lesson at that time or forgot about the lessons.  I was worried about how I would handle the day as I usually only have a few lessons a day.  I used to routinely teach 8 to 12 lessons a day but now, I just can't do that.  It is too tiring for me and I ache too much after teaching that much.  You wouldn't think so as I teach music, but it takes a lot of energy to teach music and I get tired really easy.

Heather B-T's friend, Deedee has moved back here from Spain and was visiting this afternoon.  It was a lovely afternoon.  The kids got along really well and they stayed for dinner.  The kids were a bit nervous around Q and Maisy, but they did okay with them.

I am much more relaxed now that the results are good.  I had a nice visit with Kathy during lunch and after.  Acer had to show her all his toys.  She went upstairs and got the tour of Acer's toys.  She really enjoyed Acer showing her his toys and talking to Calli.  I think the kids really enjoyed visiting with Kathy too.  I am planning to go and see Kathy next month sometime.  She will let me know when will be a good time.

Rizzoli and Isles is on right now.  I love this show.  It is the new season.  Tomorrow, Bill will be bringing home Season 3 of Rizzoli and Isles for me to watch over the week.  I don't have any plans on the 4th except for the one lesson I have in the afternoon.  I don't really ever have too many plans on the 4th.  When I was young, it was a day of extra work around the house.  I remember one year in high school, I had permission to go to the beach with a friend on the 4th but at the last minute Momma changed her mind.  I was so upset.  She bought a new shed and wanted us to put it up on the holiday.  I could go to the beach after I was done.  Well, we didn't get done until the next day.  I was so upset and angry at her.  Unfortunately, this was something Momma did a lot.  It was definitely one of her not so good qualities.  We all have them, but that one used to really make me angry.  I never really knew until I was out the door or at the activity if I really could attend or not.  Despite all that, I still miss her so much.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday that she passed away and sometimes it seems years and years ago.  Sometimes it still physically hurts that she is gone and sometimes it is just hurts in general.  Overall, I am doing better than I was but I don't expect to ever stop missing her in general.  From what I have been told by my friends who have also lost their mothers, I probably won't.  Most of them still miss their moms a lot.  I was definitely a Momma's girl that is for sure.  I guess when I was small I was a Daddy's girl until he left and then I became attached to the hip with my Momma.  That is what she told me anyway.

Well, on to playing Words with friends and reading.  I am still on the 3rd book of the O'Malley series.  It is just so good!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Results 7-1

The results are in and here they are: I do not, at this point have cancer.  There are clear cells present but nothing to worry about at this point.  The mass has not grown too much in 5 years either.  It went from 2.7 to 2.9 so that isn't too significant.  I am pleased with this.  It needs to be monitored but that is okay.  I can deal with the monitoring.  I am just glad I don't have cancer.  I was very worried and I know Kathy was too.  Heather B-T drove us and we all went into the doctor's office.  I had both Heather B-T and Kathy come incase it was positive and I needed to really pay attention on what to do next.  Heather B-T and I did read up on clear cells and since my mass is only 2.9 and not 7 centimeters, we are not too worried about it.  If it grows, then we will worry about it.  I do need to have the mass re-checked in 3 months but that is okay.  I will have it done.

I don't have any lessons today.  Monday is usually a light day anyway but Bob needed to reschedule until tomorrow since he had to work this afternoon.  It won't be a problem to have his lesson tomorrow.  It will be a bit busier but that is okay.

Kathy and I went to lunch today.  We went to Chipotle.  It was the first time I had been there in about 3 weeks.  I used to go weekly but not anymore.  I am working on eating here at home more.  It is better for me and it saves me money, which is something I need to do too.  I plan to visit Kathy this summer in August for a couple of days.  We always have a good time.  I stay at a hotel because there just isn't enough room at her house for me to stay.  I try to stay at a place that has a pool so the kids can come and swim.  That is always a good thing.  It is nice to have the kids have a pool and come and swim.  They swim and Kathy and I chat.  Kathy left shortly after lunch.  It was so funny before we went.  Kathy pulled out her phone and was having trouble reading it so I handed her my reading glasses and they helped her read the phone.  She was not too happy about that so right after lunch we went and got her reading glasses.  They are similar to mine as far as the prescription goes but a slightly different style.    Hers also comes with a case just like mine do.  I also got some more tea as we were almost completely out.

I put the picture of Maisy in one of my Disney frames today.  She looks so adorable in the Winnie the Pooh frame on the piano.  She is such a cute dog.  I tell her all the time what a good girl she is and how she is the cutest little girl dog in the world.  I think she realizes that she has me wrapped around her little paw.  I just love Maisy so much.  I had no idea I would get so attached to her but I sure have.  I even have her sleep on my bed when Heather B-T and Bill aren't home.  I know, me!  Miss, I don't want a dog on my bed!  Well, I do!!  That little girl sleeps on my bed when they aren't home and I am not ready to get up yet.  She likes to sleep at my feet.  She sleeps on her back and it is so cute.  Her little paws are in the air and oh, it is the cutest thing!  Kathy FINALLY got to meet Maisy today.  Maisy was a bit nervous at first but then she came around to Kathy especially after Kathy gave her a treat.  We all giggled when Maisy stood on her hind legs to get her treat!  She looks like an Ewok when she does that!  Yes, I love that little dog so much.

I am going to take the Easter stuff down (finally) off the 2nd piano.  I know, I know, I should have done it a long time ago, but I didn't.  I couldn't find a box to put them in.  I wanted a plastic box not a cardboard box and I kept forgetting to go to the store and get one or when I got to the store I would forget to get one.  Now, I have one.  I have had it for a couple of weeks but I still haven't done it yet.  Well, I need the space for Maisy's picture so I have to do it today.  I also want both of Mom's pictures on the 2nd piano instead of one on each piano.  The one on the piano that I use the most gets pushed back and I am afraid that it will fall behind the piano and then no one will be able to get it because there is no way to get stuff from behind the pianos so I need to move the one picture.  I also want to put up the rest of my beanie babies that I am keeping back on the piano.  They look so sweet up there.  I have lots of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals that belong on the piano when it isn't Christmas or Easter.

It is a bit chilly today but I don't mind.  I have a really cute hoodie sweater that goes with all my dresses.  I did buy myself a new top today.  It was super cute and lacy at the top.  It is tan and I think It will go very nicely with the blue skirt or the coral skirt.  I do have to take the turquoise skirt and the coral skirt to Nancy to fix.  I need to do that this week if she is at work.  The seams are on the outside and I don't like that at all.  I want seams on the inside.  A few years ago, that was the style but I don't like it so since there is so much work needed to do with it, I am taking it to her.  I also will need to get some fall dresses and winter ones too since I do not plan to get any pants.  I like skirts and dresses so much better.  I also plan to make me some skirts and dresses.  I like sewing with people not so much on my own.  Star wants to do some sewing so we are going to do some together.  Last year, Aggie and I made her costume for the yomicon weekend and this year she is making it herself!  I gave her a sewing machine when she graduated high school and she is sewing the costume herself.  She helped me sew hers last year.  I wonder what she will make this year.  She is definitely going to have post a picture on facebook.

Well, time to go and put the stuff away.